5 best Roblox games for UFC and wrestling fans

Awesome games for UFC fans for an immersive experience (Image via YouTube)
Awesome games for UFC fans for an immersive experience (Image via YouTube)

Roblox is one of the most popular gaming platforms. It allows players to enjoy games and unleash their creativity by developing titles that can be enjoyed by others.

Since anyone can create games on Roblox, users have a large pool of online titles to keep them entertained, with a vast range of genres and types of games. There is something for everyone on the platform, and they are assured of an amazing experience since creators of the games tend to take inspiration from the latest trends, TV shows, anime, and mangas.


One such fan base that Roblox caters to is the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). A bunch of gamers enjoy titles on Roblox inspired by UFC and get the opportunity to live out their ultimate martial arts dreams virtually.

Roblox has a great number of titles that fans of the UFC can enjoy. However, the vast range of options might end up confusing them.

Five fantastic Roblox games that UFC fans will enjoy

1) Undisputed Combat


This top fight genre game was released on Roblox by @Liliardio in 2021 and has seen 1.6 million players play the game since its release. It is a must-play for gamers who are big fans of intense MMA and UFC fights.

Undisputed Combat lets all users experience that intensity in a very realistic manner. The title has multiple octagons and makes them feel like they are truly wrestling in the ring and is an intense experience for a video game.

The game offers proper cutscenes for everything, ranging from ring entrances, a queue pad system, and a round system. It also features a simple control scheme that is currently in the works.

The latest game update came out in early August.

2) Boxing League


Boxing League is another game on Roblox that UFC fans would love and enjoy. It is a perfect combination of the speed of wrestling with the precision of boxing in a pot.

The title is a close-range fight genre game that lets players run around and then attack their opponent while maintaining stamina. Boxing League was released in 2019 and has 920,443 favorites on Roblox, showing that it is an extremely fun and immersive game.

The main motive for uses is to build unique strategies, seeing through their opponent's moves and specialties way beforehand, and overcoming and defeating them in the middle of the ring.

The game has a bunch of essential features like a leveling system that consists of attributes such as speed, strength, dexterity, and endurance, making it completely hands-on.

3) Wrestling 2X22


Roblox Wrestling 2X22 is the ultimate UFC-inspired game for fans who want to have the most realistic and original gameplay experience on Roblox. It was released on the platform back in 2018 and has over 11 million gamers who are big fans of the title.

This Roblox game consists of multiple mechanics that allow all users to grapple just like their favorite WWE or UFC wrestlers. One thing that makes it unique is that the title features a bunch of creation modes for players in-game.

This creation suite in Wrestling 2X22 allows them to create their own entrances and truly embody what being a wrestling superstar means to them. Additionally, gamers can indulge in the creation and customization of their move sets in-game.

The modes that Wrestling 2X22 features are Exhibition, Roleplay, and Real-Time Federations.



One of the most played games by fans of UFC on the platform, BOXING BETA! was released on the platform in mid-2021 and seen over 75.4 million gamers from all over the world visit, play, and love the title.

Even though it's not exactly a game that involves pro-wrestling, BOXING BETA! is a fighting game that involves focusing on timed strikes and dodging, which is something that all UFC fans understand is crucial. The title is a marriage of real boxing and wrestling, just like when Floyd Mayweather fought Big Show.

Even though it's just in its beta stage, BOXING BETA! is a pretty polished Roblox title. It lets players have complete access to the boxing gym, learn all the new mechanics, and change their attire.

The title offers them a simple gameplay design that is all about using health and stamina wisely while attacking their opponents to break their block meter, which is crucial in real-life wrestling too.

5) WWE Ultimate Roleplay 2


Although WWE Ultimate Roleplay 2 is still in its beta testing stage, the game has enough content for die-hard roleplay fans who badly want to experience what being a superstar is like. The game was released in 2020 by @444_Chat.

It offers the users over a hundred real moves and finishers, taunts, entrances, and so much more, giving them endless potential to live out their ultimate UFC-wrestling fantasy.

One unique thing about WWE Ultimate Roleplay 2 is that it allows gamers to purchase properties, buy cool rings, explore the city, and live their lives just like their favorite stars.

The General Manager mode is currently in the works, and it allows players to book their favorite types of wrestling shows and creation suites. This would make this game the go-to game for UFC fans.

Note: The games mentioned above are not ranked in any order and are subjective opinions of the writer.

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