Roblox Malgamation’s Island codes: Free Amber and more (August 2022)

Redeem these codes in Malgamtion's Island to gather Ambers (Image via Roblox)
Redeem these codes in Malgamtion's Island to gather Ambers (Image via Roblox)

Roblox Malgamation's Island is an all-genre survival game on the platform with a server size of 30, created by lilithn in August 2020. The entire genre itself has bagged over 9.8 million visits, 76,949 favorites, and has 91 active users as of August 2022.

Amber can be found in small quantities in Malgamation's Island. Upon obtaining the currency, players get a chance to unlock quirky creatures, some of which are stronger than others, with a few being weaker than the rest.


The main objective of beginners in the game is to acquire and save up an adequate amount of Amber to purchase any creature they desire.

To help the general community gather enough Amber, we have gathered all the active codes for this game that they can claim for free rewards.

Roblox Malgamation's Island codes to acquire your dream creature (August 2022)

Active codes


Given below, we have a roundup of all the active, working, and valid codes on Roblox Malgamation's Island as of August 2022:

  • 1mil! - Redeem code for lots of Amber
  • welcome! - Redeem code for 100 Amber (can't expire)

Similar to many other games on Roblox, the developers of Malgamation's Island have not revealed the expiration date of these codes. Since they might expire at any time, we highly advise that players redeem these codes as soon as possible and get their hands on all the rewards and freebies.

Players must be cautious while redeeming the codes. Even though the process of redeeming codes in the game is easy, it can be tricky at times, and might leave gamers frustrated.

This usually happens in scenarios where Roblox players make a typo while entering the codes. They can resolve the above stated problem by using the copy-paste technique to enter codes.

Expired codes


As stated above, redeem codes on Roblox expire after the date set by the game's developers (usually unknown) passes.

If there are any specific codes that you have been trying to redeem from the list of active codes which are being shown as invalid, its chances of being on the list below are high.

Given below is a list of all the expired and invalid codes for Malgamation's Island codes as of August 2022:

  • happynewyear – Redeem code for 350 Amber
  • Italy – Redeem code for 2 Amber
  • Greenland – Redeem code for 2 Amber
  • Russia – Redeem code for 7 Amber
  • nocturne! – Redeem code for Nocte Stinger
  • playantheria – Redeem code for 150 Amber
  • RatFilth – Redeem code for Decka
  • winteriscoming – Redeem code for 300 Amber
  • seasonsfrightening – Redeem code for 300 Amber
  • Walkeri – Redeem code for 30 Amber
  • Welcome – Redeem code for 50 Amber
  • Test – Redeem code for a reward
  • Poland : Redeem this code and get the reward
  • stinkertimeover – Redeem code for 1,000 Amber
  • tubstinky – Redeem code for 500 Amber

Steps to redeem codes

The procedure to redeem codes in Malgamation's Island is as easy as it is in any other Roblox game.

If readers are unaware of the redemption process, they can continue reading the steps given below:

  • Download the Roblox app from Appstore or PlayStore or just simply launch the app on your PC or mobile device.
  • Login using your username and password if you already have an account, if you don't have an account simply sign-up for the same on the homepage.
  • Type in Malgamation's Island into the search box and hit enter.
  • Click on the title, load it and wait for it to launch.
  • Once launched, press on the gear (settings) icon.
  • Withing settings, press on the huge large promo codes redemption text box.
  • Enter all the working codes into the text code redemption box by copying them from the source and pasting them.
  • Click on the Enter button.

Gamers can now enjoy their promised freebies and rewards immediately and have a fun-filled gaming experience.

More codes and updates


Players can join Roblox Malgamation Island's official Discord server to get their hands on more active codes early on. The developers tend to release new codes once they reach a milestone such as hitting a high favorite mark or getting a certain number of visits. Gamers shall also get updates about the game on the Discord server.

More about Roblox Malgamation's Island

The game has been blowing up recently amongst players of all age groups. Roblox Malgamation Island is an "All Genres" game based mainly on survival, as stated previously. The title consists of a number of creatures that gamers can use to play with, each having their own playstyles and quirks.

Players who have engaged in any sort of survival game previously must be aware that they comprise on choosing a desired creature and then nurture it. Roblox Malgamation's Island is just the same. The game's setting is based on a cool outer space alien planet, which gives it amazing visuals.

There are a variety of custom animals and creatures available in the game for players to choose from. The starter creatures are freely available for beginners and are namely: Hoopy, Adreio, Fern Stalker, and Tarvaeus. Gamers have to start off by using these options to progress by simply gaining and obtaining Amber (in-game currency).

A few creatures have special abilities that only they hold, for instance, the creature Kenomo. Many of these creatures have specific abilities that they can use to attack, track, or even escape from predators.

Note: If any of these codes do not work anymore, or if any newly released codes were missed out, do let us know by leaving your thoughts in the comments section below!

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