Roblox Super Doomspire codes (August 2022): Free Crowns, stickers and so much more

Redeem these codes to be undefeatable and claim freebies in Super Doomspire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Redeem these codes to be undefeatable and claim freebies in Super Doomspire (Image via Sportskeeda)

Super Doomspire is a fighting game on Roblox's gaming platform and has only recently started gaining popularity and has been a hit amongst gamers ever since. Created by doomsquires, it was released in 2014.

The title has had over 180 million gamers enjoy it worldwide, with around nine lakh favorites and nearly 1,313 active players as of August 2022.

Roblox Super Doomspire is a modern take on the cult classic Roblox hit called "Doomspire Brickbattle" and is like a remastered version. The gaming experience has various game modes and objectives, making it fun for players and ensuring one never gets bored.


To progress further in the title, players are required to empower their avatars to stand the ultimate test of time and war. Users can get an easy boost in this Roblox fighting game by simply redeeming the active codes in this article.

One does not have to be a veteran, nor do they have to grind all day to redeem these resources and be pros at the title. They can use these redeem codes to gain the upper hand on other users and compete in spectacular fights with veterans even while they are beginners in the game by redeeming these incredible free crowns, cosmetics, and tools!

Roblox: Stay unconquered and demolish enemy spires using these free Super Doomspire codes (August 2022)

Active codes


While redeeming codes is usually said to be one of the most manageable parts of Roblox's gameplay, this seemingly straightforward process sometimes becomes tricky and frustrates gamers.

For instance, when redeeming codes in any Roblox game with special characters like @ or $, they might enter the code incorrectly while typing it out.

On the other hand, codes with just alphabets and numbers are relatively easy to redeem since there is no factor causing any confusion, but they, too, can be tricky.

For example, suppose there is a numerical value of "0" in the code. In that case, any player might mistakenly confuse it with the alphabet "O" due to their similarity. When players accidentally enter the wrong code in the manner stated above, they get an error message and might think the code is incorrect.

However, this mistake is entirely avoidable, and users can simply just copy and paste the desired code into the blank redemption bar. This method is highly recommended and should be the only method through which anyone can redeem a Roblox code since it eliminates any chance of errors.

The steps in the process of redeeming codes are given at the end of this article.

Given below is a round-up of the working, valid, and active redemption codes for Roblox Super Doomspire as of August 2022:

  • SMUGCAT—Redeem for the Smug Cat Sticker (New)
  • HOLLYJOLLY—Redeem for 1k Crowns and a Gift Bomb Tool
  • ROBLOXROX—Redeem for a Dance Potion Sticker
  • EXISTENTIALHORROR—Redeem for 900 Crowns and the Oh Nooo Sticker
  • ITSFREE—Redeem for 200 Crowns and Stickers
  • MARCHAHEAD—Redeem for 500 Crowns
  • Thanks—Redeem for 10 Crowns
  • Nonbinaryrights—Redeem for 30 Crowns and a Pride N Sticker
  • Panrights—Redeem for 30 Crowns and a Pride P Sticker
  • Transrights—Redeem for 30 Crowns and a Pride T Sticker
  • Gayrights—Redeem for 30 Crowns and a Pride G Sticker
  • Birights—Redeem for 30 Crowns and a Pride B Sticker
  • Lesbianrights—Redeem for 30 Crowns and a Pride L Sticker
  • Please—Redeem for 50 Crowns
  • ADOPTME—Redeem for 100 Crowns and Adopt Me Stickers
  • REDRULES—Redeem for a Red Leader Sticker
  • YELLOWFROG—Redeem for a Yellow Frog Sticker
  • BLUEBUSINESS—Redeem for a Blue Executive Sticker
  • GREENMAGIC—Redeem for a Green Scientist Sticker

Users are recommended to redeem these active codes as soon as possible since, like most other Roblox game developers, the developers of Super Doomspire have also not disclosed their expiration dates. It should be noted that after the expiration date for the specific code lapses, these codes aren't valid and don't work anymore.

Expired codes


Sadly, as mentioned above, after the expiration date of the codes set by their developers passes, they don't work anymore and are invalid. Users cannot redeem freebies or rewards using these codes.

If gamers have been trying to redeem a code for a while and it is constantly being shown as invalid, the chances of the code being in the list below are pretty high. Given below is a round-up of all the expired, invalid, and codes not working in Roblox Super Doomspire as of August 2022:

  • RATTLEMEBONES—Redeem code for a 500 Crowns & a Skeleton Laugh Sticker
  • INTHEDARK—Redeem this code for a Darkheart Sword
  • Frozen—Redeem this code for a Ice Sword
  • Present—Redeem this code for 200 Crowns

Steps to redeem codes

The process of redeeming codes in Roblox Super Doomspire is as straightforward as in any other game on the platform. However, if one does not know how to redeem codes on Roblox, they can calm down and simply keep reading.

Given below are the steps for players to redeem codes in Roblox Super Doomspire in August 2022:

  • Download Roblox from the App Store or Play Store and log into the account using the password and username or sign up for a new one.
  • Search for the game by typing "Super Doomspire" in the search bar.
  • Click on the game, load it and wait for it to launch.
  • Once launched, find the green shop icon with a bag on the Menu screen.
  • Proceed by pressing the green button, and gamers should be taken to an extensive menu.
  • They should see the codes option with an icon of a keyboard on the new menu.
  • Click on that button, and the text area that says "Enter Code" should now pop up on-screen.
  • Copy one of the listed active codes from the above list and paste it into the blank code redemption area.
  • Ensure to hit the confirm button once the code is pasted in.

Players can now enjoy their promised freebies and make their gaming experience more fun and engaging.

Roblox gamers can use these codes to stand face to face with veterans who grind for hours to make the gameplay difficult for others and stand a chance to improve themselves while having a tremendous and fair gaming experience.

More codes and updates in Roblox Super Doomspire

Players can follow the Twitter accounts of the game's creators, @blutreefrog1 and @tylermcbride, to stay updated with the latest updates and codes.

Players can also opt to get their hands on the latest codes up first and learn about the title's features and updates by joining the official Brickbattlers Studio's Discord server. They update their community with updates and new codes and are pretty interactive with fans.

Note: If any of these codes are not working for readers, are not valid anymore, or if there are any newly released codes we might've missed out on, do comment below with any information about the same!

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