5 best Roblox games for kids that have no blood or violence

Top blood-less and non-violent Roblox games for kids to enjoy (Image via Roblox)
Top blood-less and non-violent Roblox games for kids to enjoy (Image via Roblox)

Roblox is definitely one of the most well-known and trending gaming platforms around. It was created by Roblox Corporation in 2004 and later released in 2006.

However, the games on Roblox are not created or developed by Roblox Corporation and are mostly developed by other gamers on the platform. This provides it with a wide variety of authentic titles ranging from role-playing, action, and fashion offerings all the way to horror games.


Roblox was originally intended to be a gaming platform for teenagers and adults and hence has a bunch of games made for them and also by them. Many of these games are "13 years+" and tend to consist of gore and violence due to the preferences of the playerbase they're meant for.

On the flip side, there are also Roblox offerings that do not involve any violence or bloodshed and can be played by young gamers and may even help them develop certain skills.

5 best non-violent, kid-friendly games on Roblox

1) Welcome to Bloxburg


Welcome to Bloxburg is an open-world life simulation game on the platform and a role-playing Roblox experience created by Coeptus in November 2014. It has bagged over 5 billion visits from players all over the world, making it one of the most popular RPG games in spite of having a paid access costing 25 Robux.

The title throws players into the fictional city of Bloxburg. They have to look after their characters by fulfilling their needs and moods. One can also build and customize their homes and other buildings on their house plots in Bloxburg using the Build mode.

There is a lot for young gamers to do in Roblox Welcome to Bloxburg that could help nourish their creativity. Players can start off by getting a job in-game, earning money from the same, and also learning how to manage their money. They can utilize this money to purchase homes and other in-game items.

Remember that a player will earn less for the same amount of work if they are in a lower mood compared to when in a higher mood.

There are currently 12 jobs in the game for one to work. Kids can also develop social skills by interacting with other players in the title.

2) Adopt Me


Roblox Adopt Me is another role-playing offering that is more of a slow-paced game set in a virtual world known as Adoption Island. The title offers an opportunity for young players to adopt pets, customize homes according to their liking, and also explore the vast island.

Adopt Me features two game modes for players to choose from: the Baby mode and the Parent mode. In the parent mode, the player takes care of the baby, and in the Parent mode, it's the opposite.

Kids can indulge in hours of immersive and fun role-playing and enjoy in-game moments along with their friends.

The title also features a home design feature that is primarily pet-focused. One can customize their house to their taste and preferences in order to create the perfect residence. Then, they can move on to finding and housing their own cute little critters that make up the Adoption Island. Apart from the home design feature, the game also consists of hobbies, a trading system, and more.

Roblox Adopt Me is one of the best games for kids as it has no violence and encourages creativity and decision-making. It is said to be a spiritual successor to the numerous Adopt and Raise games.

Adopt Me, since its release way back in 2017 by DreamCraft, has been at the top spot for a long time, and due to its long-term popularity — with over 29 billion visits — it is now considered a "classic" game on Roblox.

3) Theme Park Tycoon 2


Theme Park Tycoon 2 is a customizable Tycoon game on Roblox created by Den_S in 2012. Young players in the game can start off by building themselves a magnificent theme park on a budget, either solo or with their friends. The title is said to be similar to the RollerCoaster Tycoon series.

One can choose their own rides that they want in their theme park, such as the classic roller coasters, bumpy cars, and more. Players can earn money by way of rides, stalls, and the entry fee set by them for their theme park. Players have five types of rides to choose from in Theme Park Tycoon 2:

  1. Roller coaster rides
  2. Gentle rides
  3. Intense rides
  4. Water rides
  5. Transport rides

Each category consists of a variety of different rides that a player can place in their park to increase park ratings. They have the ultimate control over the customization of the rides, ranging from the color of the rides to the price of each ride. Stalls can also be set up by players to sell hats, snacks, drinks, and more to earn money in the game.

Upon collecting enough money, players will get to buy more decorations, add more unique rides and stalls or even further expand their theme park. Gamers just have to keep customer satisfaction in mind in order to best serve them and construct the ideal version of their theme park.

Players can grant other gamers on the server building rights so that they can work together on the same theme park. This title can enhance business and artistic skills along.

4) Work at a Pizza Place


Work at a Pizza Place is a simulator game on Roblox that is highly addictive. The game was created by a user known as Dued1. Players in this game simply have to just manage the pizza shop. This includes fulfilling orders, managing workers, delivering the right pizza, and managing the kitchen.

The simple pizza shop-inspired Roblox game dates way back to 2008 and has reeled in nearly 4 billion visits so far. One can choose from numerous roles in the pizza parlor. As a cashier, the player will have to take customers' orders and observe their reactions. As a cook the players will have to make every customer's order according to the given specifications, and the player playing as the delivery guy has to deliver orders to the right customers on time.

Apart from the above-stated roles, there are a bunch of other roles in the game as well, such as pizza boxer, supplier, manager, and more. Each role has its own unique set of requirements, quirks, and challenges.

As players level up in Roblox Work at a Pizza Place, the challenges get tougher. Upon completion of tasks, gamers get coins as a reward that can be used to upgrade their home. This title encourages kids to see things from an entrepreneurial perspective, make decisions faster, explore, and develop a sense of responsibility.

5) Hide and Seek Extreme


Hide and Seek Extreme is a fun, multiplayer adventure game on Roblox created by Tim7775 in January of 2015. The game has been a favorite of over 2 billion players in seven years since it's release. It is easily one of the most popular hide and seek-themed titles on Roblox, regarded as a rework of the TwoShue's Hide n' Seek XL: Living Spaces.

The server size of Roblox Hide and Seek Extreme is 14 players. Just like the classic hide and seek games, 13 of these players are supposed to hide from the seeker for a certain amount of time in order to win. This title can make older players feel nostalgic while being the perfect virtual version of a kid's everyday hide and seek game.

The hiders have sixty seconds to find their best hiding spot in a round. They can also have a look at how many other players are alive as well as how far the seeker is from them in the white rectangle in the top right corner. The seeker, on the other hand, is frozen for the first minute of the game while the hiders hide and then has a total of four minutes to find them.

The seeker is also given one of four sets of special abilities: Glue, Camera, Sprint, and Stun. The seeker can win the game by finding all the hiders, and the hiders can win the game by staying hidden for four minutes. Either way, this simple yet thrilling game is a great game for kids. It teaches them strategic thinking and planning in an easy and fun way.

Note: The above list of games is not ranked in any order and is subjective to the opinions of the writer.

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