5 best Roblox games for fans of horror

Take a look at these spine-chilling Horror games on Roblox (Image via YouTube)
Take a look at these spine-chilling Horror games on Roblox (Image via YouTube)

Despite Roblox's cute blocky avatars, the game has a surprisingly good collection of numerous spine-chilling and spooky horror games. While most of these games are suitable for all age groups and family-friendly, there are many petrifying horror games on Roblox that are pretty unsettling and intense.

Some are not recommended for the younger audience due to the gore and jump scares. A player should only take the initiative to play these spooky games if they don't have a faint heart and are mentally prepared to face their fears.


The titles in the list below range from games based on a storyline to adaptations of popular movies and books.

These horror games on Roblox are a hit with fans

5) 3008


The 3008 is a survival-based horror game on Roblox that was created by "uglyburger0" in 2019. It is one of the most popular horror survival game on Roblox to a certain extent. 3008 is an SCP game and is based on the classic SCP - containment breach by the SCP Foundation.

Upon starting the game, the players spawned in a vast and eerie empty IKEA store. The set goes through day-night cycles and things get worse for players at night. However, players can pick up the furniture (tables, chairs, stools, etc) and place them to build an entirely custom area.

The main threat to the players in the game is the employees known as SCP-3008-2. They are faceless humanoids wearing typical IKEA employee uniform and wandering around the place during the day. They turn hostile towards the players at night. Players who love survival games and are horror fans would love this game.

4) The Mimic


The Mimic is another one of the survival horror games on Roblox, developed by MUCDICH alone until the developer team was set up in June 2021, consisting of CactusHasDied, JustYourKarma, and Sythivo. The game is quite scary.

The story starts with a former high school student named Yasu Masashinge, who goes back to his old high school looking for his friends. The characters of the game venture into deep depths of mysterious worlds to uncover the truth. The players start as one of the characters and with other players as a team. The witch trial story follows a girl who wakes up in the forest.

Players have to look out for each other in this Roblox game as it is dark and spooky out in the woods. The game has multiple jump scares, which is not for the faint-hearted. Wearing headphones is highly recommended while playing Roblox The Mimic to add to the chills.

3) Apeirophobia


This horror Roblox game is designed, so its players are presented with thrilling games and has a multitude of jumpscares throughout. 'Aperirophobia' refers to the fear of infinity, which is exactly what the players will face in these endless, dark, empty rooms.

The game involves recording the events and exploring endless rooms with the main character of the game. Players are stuck in a room when they start the game by spawning in a room and then have to continue finding their way out. The game is a team-based escape game, but there are creepy monsters and jump scares.

Other warnings that Roblox Apeirophobia includes are flashing lights, strong images and gore, which hinders the players from completing the tasks, making this game a big yes for anyone who loves some good horror.

2) Infectious Smile


Roblox Infectious Smile is a zombie escape game created by Laughablehaha, but instead of zombies, the players are running away from smiling, creepy weirdos. The game has two teams, Smilers and another group of people trying to run away from the smilers.

Players in this game can choose which side they want to be on. However, they will need a weapon to protect themselves if they choose to run away. If a smiler gets damaged by other players, they are stunned and unable to move for a few frames.

The players have to escape the smilers and fight them off using their weapons, but if they catch the player, they better hope that they have a friend nearby, or they will be smiling in no time.

1) Break In


Roblox Break In is a multiplayer story-driven game created by Cracky4 and is inspired by the popular film franchise The Purge. The game mainly revolves around the players surviving the purge and trying to defeat the scary boss, Larry.

The game starts with all the players in the back of a moving truck. It's a moving day, and all the players are off to a new home. The players joined up with a handful of other in-game players who would've decided to either be an adult or a kid in the game. The storyline of the game changes for players depending on what they choose.

Even though the game may seem to start all bright and jolly for everyone, things quickly turn to a more horrific side. The house is dark, empty, and scary. When Villians break into the house and attack the players, the players have the option to either hide from them or defeat them. This game is a fun one to play with friends and will surely be a spooky one.

Note: The article reflects and is subjective to the writer's opinions and the games are not ranked in any specific order.

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