Top 5 Roblox games for Spider-Man fans

Roblox games to live your web-slinging dreams (Image via mortaleiros/sketchfab)
Roblox games to live your web-slinging dreams (Image via mortaleiros/sketchfab)

Roblox players have a huge pool of games from all sorts of genres to choose from. There have been titles made by creators specifically for fans of movies and TV shows, easily making them one of the more popular offerings because of their vast fandoms.

Action games are easily one of the most played categories on Roblox since everyone seems to enjoy them. Thanks to Roblox Studios, users can create any title they desire and cater it to others on Roblox.

Games on Roblox are created by individual gamers, ensuring diversity in categories on the gaming platform.

Speaking of action, Spider-Man has been an all-time crowd favorite superhero for everyone. Since Spider-Man's addition to Avengers, he has become an absolute staple in all fans' lives.

Every kid has shot fake spider webs from their hands and has dreamed of being the ultimate Spider-Man.

Luckily, to help those children, and adults who dreamed of the same as kids but are now all grown up, there is quite a big pool of Spider-Man games on the internet. However, this huge variety can confuse and overwhelm the fans.

Roblox: Five awesome Spider-Man games on Roblox satiate fans' web-swinging dreams

1) The Amazing, Spectacular, Sensational Spider-Man


This Spider-Man-inspired adventure Roblox game was created by @AmazingSpiderMan2012 in early 2011. It has bagged over 3.7 million visits and has nearly 25,000 favorites.

The title is based on the hit Marvel Heroes Arcades Universe's third episode by Stan Lee, which is The Amazing, Spectacular, Sensational Spider-Man. Hence, the name of the game.

Peter Parker, a first-year student at Midtown High School, with the aid of the Oscorp equipment, has been given special powers, turning Peter Parker into Spider-Man. He is one of the nine Avengers (Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, and Black Widow).

After being bitten by Oscorp's radioactive spider, Spider-Man realizes he must only use his powers for good, and his team helps accomplish his goals.

The above is exactly what this Roblox game is based on and is inspired from.

2) Miles Morales - The Amazing Spider-Man


Miles Morales had no idea his life would completely change. It took a 180-degree turn when he went into a posh prep school with his best friend, who had a fantastic mother and father, which sometimes got to him.

He later got bitten by a spider. This radioactive insect bestowed upon him all of Spider-Man's abilities, as well as a poison blast and invisibility.

Miles didn't want the powers at first, was skeptical about them, and was not excited to be Spider-Man. Then it all changed one night when Peter Parker was assassinated. After Peter's funeral, Miles fought with all of the Ultimates for justice.

The above is precisely what this game is about. Players get to live their spidey lives on Roblox Miles Morales - The Amazing Spider-Man.

3) Spider-Man Homecoming


Spider-Man has arrived at Roblox to assist in saving the city from battling the evil Vulture. The latter is after the alien Chitauri weapon technology and wants to obtain it.

Users can help Spidey keep the nefarious Vulture away from the alien weapons technology and defeat him once and for all.

Upon succeeding, they will receive a rare gift to honor their efforts.

The Roblox title is wholly designed for the movie and follows the same storyline. The developers have worked a lot on the game, and it does look pretty smooth and sleek.

New updates will introduce various game modes and fun events through which the gamers can earn different items.

4) The Spectacular Spider-Man


The Spectacular Spider-Man is another game inspired by this hero, with the pivotal story concluding in his fourth arc.

In this narrative, he deals with Gwen Stacy's deal, comes face-to-face with his soon-to-be great opponent, and puts a complete end to his arch-nemesis, also known as the Green Goblin. Spidey also surprisingly stops his old buddy and journalist, Eddie Brock Jr., now known as Venom, in the storyline.

Fans should play this thrilling and action-packed game to find out if he makes it to the end while handling the pressure and whether he will be able to make it to the very top. The beauty of this title is that it contains a very popular story in an engaging manner, making it fun for fans.

The game is just stunning with all of the VFX work in it and is also pretty enjoyable for every age group.

5) Spider-Man


The Roblox game commences with Peter being a child in Queens, New York. He grows up and later becomes an Avenger and one of the most amazing superhuman agents in S.H.I.E.L.D. He is also an ally of the Fantastic Four, a protegee for the great Iron Man, and causes chaos as the wall-crawler in NY.

As the title progresses, gamers tend to become attached to Spider-Man as he grows up as a human and Spider-Man.

Spider-Man, who has appeared in many events like the Civil War and Age of Ultron in-game, is not just any superhero but a symbol of heroism in all of the Marvel Omniverse.

Users enjoy playing this title not only because they get to play the college student-turned superhero story but also because they get to play shoulder to shoulder with other superhero allies such as Captain America and the infamous Iron Man.

Note: The above Spider-Man-influenced games are not ranked in any particular order and are subjective to just the opinions of the writer.

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