Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator codes (July 2022): Free boosts & honey

Redeem codes in Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator for free boosts and honey. (Image via Sportskeeda)
Redeem codes in Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator for free boosts and honey. (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Roblox Bee Simulator is an online multiplayer game developed by @Onett in 2018, with nearly 2 billion visits. The motive of Roblox players playing Bee Swarm Simulator is to hatch bees, use them to create swarms, collect pollen, and use it to make honey.

First-time players of the game will automatically be welcomed with a pouch, a basic egg, and a scooper.

Players can make use of honey to buy tools, eggs, accessories, and other items to further progress in the game. The game has eight types of eggs with 45 types of bees, 44 of which can be obtained by players without spending any robux.

The description of the game reads:

"Grow your own swarm of bees, collect pollen, and make honey in Bee Swarm Simulator! Meet friendly bears, complete their quests and get rewards! As your hive grows larger and larger, you can explore further up the mountain. Use your bees to defeat dangerous bugs and monsters. Look for treasures hidden around the map. Discover new types of bees, all with their own traits and personalities!"

Roblox: Bee Swarm Simulator codes for the latest free-bees (July 2022)

Active codes


The process of redeeming codes in Roblox is usually easy, but sometimes it ends up being tricky. Codes with just alphabets and numbers are easier to redeem as compared to codes with special characters on the other hand.

Another issue that makes a valid code look like an invalid one is when Roblox players type in the code and end up making a silly, innoticeable mistake. A simple solution to this is to just copy and paste the active code to avoid any form or error. Players should redeem these codes as soon as possible, as they tend to be invalid once their expiration date has lasped.

The steps to redeem the Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator are given at the end of the article. Below we have the active, working, and valid codes for Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator for July 2022:

  • WalmartToys - Redeem for Free boosts
  • Thnxcyastoybox - Redeem for Free items
  • DarzethDoodads - Redeem for Free buffs
  • 1MLikes - Redeem for Ticket, Treat, Bitterberry, Sunflower Seed, Strawberry, Blueberry, Pineapple, Moon Charm, Cloud Vial, Ant Pass, Field Dice, Micro-Converter, Coconut, Stinger, and Gumdrops
  • 500mil - Redeem for Bamboo Field Boost, 5 Field Dice, 5 Gumdrops, 5 Jelly Beans, 5 Wealth Clock
  • Banned - Redeem for Stubborn Bee Jelly and buffs
  • BeesBuzz123 - Redeem for Cloud Vial, 5 Gumdrops, 3 Jelly Beans
  • Bopmaster - Redeem for 5 tickets
  • Buzz - Redeem for 5,000 honey
  • CarmenSanDiego - Redeem for 7-Pronged Cog, Rose Field Code Buff 30 Minutes
  • Cog - Redeem for 5 tickets
  • Connoisseur - Redeem for 5 tickets
  • Crawlers - Redeem for 5 tickets
  • Cubly - Redeem for Bumble Bee Jelly, 10 Bitterberry, Capacity, Micro-Converter
  • Dysentery – Redeem for buff and 7-pronged cog
  • GumdropsForScience - Redeem for 15 Gumdrops
  • Jumpstart - Redeem for 7-Pronged Cog, Dandelion Field Code Buff 30 Minutes
  • Luther - Redeem for 7-Pronged Cog, Blue Flower Field Code Buff 30 Minutes
  • Marshmallow - Redeem for Marshmallow Bee, 1hr conversion boost
  • Millie - Redeem for 7-Pronged Cog, Dandelion Field Code Buff 30 Minutes
  • Nectar - Redeem for 5,000 honey
  • PlushFriday - Redeem forMarshmallow Bee, Neonberry, Micro-Converter, Conversion Boost 1 hour, Pine Tree Forest Code 1 hour, Rose Field Code 1 hour, Dandelion Field Code 1 hour, Activate Super Smoothie
  • Roof - Redeem for 5 tickets
  • SecretProfileCode - Redeem for 1 ant pass, 1 shocked bee jelly
  • Sure –Redeem for 2,500 honey, 3 dandelion field boost, 30 minute conversion boost
  • Teespring - Redeem for 1 Marshmallow Bee, 3 bamboo field boost, 3 bamboo field winds
  • Troggles - Redeem for 7-Pronged Cog, Clover Field Code Buff 30 Minutes
  • Wax - Redeem for 5 tickets, 5,000 honey
  • Wink - Redeem for 5 tickets, 5,000 honey, Black Bear morph, 7 dandelion field boost
  • WordFactory - Redeem for 7-Pronged Cog, Pine Tree Forest Code Buff 30 Minutes

These codes work, but require players to be in the Bee Swarm Simulator Club:

  • 5MFavorites - Redeem for Free Boosts
  • ClubBean - Redeem for Magic Bean, Pineapple Boost
  • ClubConverters - Redeem for 10 Micro-Converter
  • RedMarket - Redeem for Pepper Patch Boosts, Capacity
  • 10mMembers - Redeem for 10 Neonberries, 10 Strawberries, 10 Blueberries, 10 Pineapples, 10 Sunflower Seeds, 10 Gumdrops, 10 Moon Charms, 10 Haste, 10 Focus, 10 Red Boost, 10 Blue Boost, 10 White Boost, Black Bear Morph, Conversion Boost 1 hour, Pineapple Patch Code 1 hour, and Pepper Patch Code 1 hour
  • FourYearFiesta - Redeem for Free items

Expired codes


If the code you are trying to redeem is being shown as invalid, chances are it is in the list of expired codes given below:

  • Mocito100T Redeem for Stingers / Gumdrops / Coconuts / Coconut Field Capacity / Inspire / Coconut Field Boost
  • RedMarket Redeem for Pepper Patch Boost / Capacity / Market
  • MondoOutage Redeem for Micro-Convertor x3 / Moon Charm x10 / Neonberry x1 / Marshmallow Bee x1 / Mountain Top Field Code Buff / Purple Potion Buff
  • Discord100k Redeem for Marshmallow Bee Buff / 3x Rose Field Boost / x3 Pine Tree Forest Boost / +300% Pine Tree Forest Pollen / Spider Field Boost x3 / 3x Jelly Beans / 3x Gumdrops / 3x Moon Charm / 3x Tickets
  • 38217 Redeem for Ticket x5
  • Bopmaster Redeem for Ticket x5
  • Buzz Redeem for 5,000 Honey
  • Change Redeem for Royal Jelly x1
  • Cog Redeem for Ticket x5
  • Connoisseur Redeem for Ticket x5
  • ClubJellies Redeem for Royal Jelly x3
  • Crawlers Redeem for Ticket x5
  • DontUseThisJelly Redeem for Basic Bee Jelly x1
  • Marshmallow Redeem for Marshmallow Bee / One-Hour Conversion Boost
  • Meow Redeem for Ticket x5
  • Nectar Redeem for 5,000 Honey
  • OnettJelly Redeem for Exhausted Bee Jelly x1
  • RoofX Redeem for Ticket x5
  • SecretProfileCode Redeem for Ant Pass / Shocked Bee Jelly / Oil Buff / Glue Buff / Enzymes Buff
  • Soup Redeem for 5,000 Honey / Royal Jelly x1 / Ticket x10
  • Starch Redeem for 300 Gumdrops
  • Sure Redeem for 30-minute Conversion Boost / Dandelion Field Boost Γ—3 / 2,500 Honey
  • TeeSpring Redeem for Bamboo Field Boost x3 / Bamboo Field Winds x3 / Marshmallow Bee x1
  • Wax Redeem for Ticket x5 / 5,000 Honey
  • Wink Redeem for Tickets x5 / 5,000 Honey / Black Bear Morph / Dandelion Field Boost x7

Steps to redeem codes

The process of redeeming the code in the Bee Swarm Simulator is the same as redeeming codes in any other Roblox game. However, if you are unaware of the steps to redeem the code, keep reading:

  • Login to your Roblox account on your mobile device or PC.
  • Type "Bee Swarm Simulator" on the search bar and hit the search button.
  • Click on the Roblox game, load it and wait for it to launch.
  • On starting the game, tap on the gear icon on the left side of the screen.
  • You should have a promo code pop-up box on your screen.
  • Copy and paste in one of the active codes from our list above and hit the redeem button.

If you are looking to buy some eggs and accessories, cultivate some healthy hives, and make speedy progress with Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator, then be sure to redeem the codes and make your gameplay easier than ever.

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