5 best Roblox simulator games to check out (July 2022)

Immerse yourself in these amazing Roblox Simulator games (Image via Sportskeeda)
Immerse yourself in these amazing Roblox Simulator games (Image via Sportskeeda)

Roblox players like simulator games since they can pretend to be in their fantasy world, where they can virtually live and have fun whenever they desire. The games of this genre are designed in such a manner that players are able to almost mimic the activities from real life.

Realistic details in these games help players immerse themselves in the experience and make them feel like they are actually performing those activities. Such simulators also help Roblox players learn things.


Roblox is a gaming platform created by Roblox Corporations. It is one of those games that almost every gamer has likely played at least once, and is a timeless classic.

This article rounds up some of the best simulator games on Roblox in July 2022.

Best immersive simulator games on Roblox (July 2022)

1) Ramen Simulator


Ramen Simulator by Era Games is one of the top simulator titles on Roblox. The game was created in 2020 and over 24 million players visited the game during that timespan.

This is a must-try game for all ramen lovers and mukbang fans since all one has to do in this simulator game is eat ramen. As the game progresses, the player unlocks new ramen with different levels of heat to them. Once the player’s heat capacity is full, they can then decide to sell it in exchange for coins in-game.

Upon reaching a certain heat level while eating spicy noodles, Roblox players can blow fire from their mouths like a dragon, and perform heat jumps. Players can also opt to get them cute little pet companions on their spicy ramen-eating journey and also buy goodies for themselves.

2) Tower Defense Simulator


This game is perfect for players who love playing simulator games but also enjoy tower-defens-based games. Tower Defense Simulator is one of the most popular games on Roblox, with over 1.8 billion visits as of July 2022. This gaming experience was created by Paradoxum Games.

The game is also popular due to frequent updates, with the most recent one being the Frost Invasion update, and also due to winning the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards. The gameplay is mostly the same as any other tower defense game.

Players are required to protect their tower from hordes of enemies by placing and upgrading towers. The game ends with either the players triumphing or being overrun by multiple waves of enemies. Players receive coins, gems, and experience points once that round of the game ends. These can be used by them to build more towers. There are four gaming modes to choose from, with each having its own difficulty level and enemy type.

3) Bee Swarm Simulator


This simulator is perfect for someone who loves bees and wants to be a beekeeper. Bee Swarm Simulator has been around for a while now and attracted over a billion visits. The game has a multitude of real-time activities that have to be carried out in order to breed bees that train the players.

The motive of the game is basically to grow their swarm of bees to a huge one, collecting pollen, and finishing tasks. One can talk to the bee NPCs in order to receive tasks and rewards. The game currently has over 30 different types of bees. There are a bunch of in-game items available in the shop for players to purchase using in-game currency, such as boosts for their bees or special beans to grow unique plants.

Players start off with an empty hive and a single bee, but after putting many hours into this simulation game, they can easily end up a honey bee-llionaire, flaunting their rare bee collection.

4) Mining Simulator


Mining Simulator is currently the most popular simulator game on Roblox. The game has won multiple awards and is a player-favorite. It was created in 2018 by Rumble Studios and currently has close to 800 million visits.

The simulation game is back with a new version/sequel called Mining Simulator 2 with stunning graphics and new creatures and mines to collect. Mining Simulator is a very addictive game and is similar to other mining games such as Minecraft. Once the player starts digging, there's no going back.

Players have to keep digging downward in search of treasure, and the lower they go, the higher they level up. They can upgrade their mining equipment and gear to super destructive equipment such as nukes to get some serious digging and mining action going.

5) Pet Simulator X


This game is a must-play for all animal and pet lovers. Players get to keep different animals and creatures as their pets, even the kinds of critters they normally wouldn't pet. The game is the third iteration of the Pet Simulator series and is popularly referred to by players as PSX.

The game is a literal paradise for all animal adorers as they get to keep different breeds of pets to themselves. A player starts off their pet parent journey in Roblox Pet Simulator X by virtually buying pet eggs and hatching them. Players' pets go around the game's map and collect coins for their owner. One can use these coins to further purchase more eggs and new biomes. As players progress in the game, they unlock new worlds that sometimes unlock new features and gameplay mechanics.

Note: The above games are not ranked in any order and are subjective to the opinions of the writer.

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