Human race in Roblox Blox Fruits: Versions, pros and cons, and more

Human race in Roblox Blox Fruits
The Human Race and facts about it in Roblox Blox Fruits (Image via Roblox)

Roblox Blox Fruits allows players to spawn into four races, including the Human race. Blox Fruits is a popular pirate-inspired adventure game available on the gaming platform. It is based on the classic One Piece franchise and was released by creator Gamer Robot Inc. in January 2019. Since the title was published, it has attracted over 6.6 billion visits from players all over the globe, and over four million users have favored it.

Like many other games on the platform, Blox Fruits plays on the concept of "Fruits" or "Devil Fruits" to evolve and empower its gamers.

Players are spawned as one of the four "Races" in the game. Races are said to be a core mechanic in Roblox Blox Fruits and let users have modest variations and buffs on each other, depending on which Race they are.

Races are randomly generated in Blox Fruits when gamers first spawn. Four spawning options are available for them upon joining the game for the first time: Human, Fish, Sky, and Mink.

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Human Race versions

Every stage of the Human Race will give players buffs but won't make any visual changes to their avatars, unlike the other Races in Blox Fruits. Each stage of the Race is carried over to the next one, i.e., at Version 3, users shall get buffs from Versions 2 and 1.

Below are the versions, along with their buffs (if any):

Stage Buffs
Version 1No Buffs
Version 22 Buffs
- Flash Step range is doubled and it's cooldown lowered by 15 to 10 seconds
- Permanent extra dodge on Observation (even when switching to other races.)
Version 3Unlocks an ability named Last Resort. While activated:
- User deals more damage depending on how low their health is during the ability (2.25% - 52.5% more damage).
- Has a 20 seconds cooldown.
-Lasts for 5 seconds.
- 1.5x Observation range

Pros of Human Race

  • Great damage level while gamers use the Last Resort (from 50% hp or lower).
  • At version, the Race has a much greater Flash Step range and cooldown reduction.

Cons of Human Race

  • The Race has no buffs except the utility ones.
  • The Last Resort is highly risky in PvP, which ends up making the player extra vulnerable to damage when they are weak and have a low HP.

Obtaining versions

When players change their Races in Blox Fruits, they have a 25% chance of getting the Human Race, which they can do in three different ways:

  • Users can buy a Race Reroll from Norp for 3000 fragments.
  • Readers can opt to purchase a Race Reroll from the shop for 90 Robux.
  • Gamers can also buy Race Rerolls from certain event NPCs in-game, e.g., Magic Elf or Death King (currently unobtainable).

Obtain V2

Players can further evolve the Human Race in Blox Fruits to its V2 stage by simply completing the Alchemist's Quest. To take the quest, they have to first complete the Colosseum Quest.

Obtain V3

Users can evolve the Human Race to its V3 stage by simply completing Arowe's quest, which tends to vary depending on the race. To complete the Human Race V3 quest, they have to do what's stated below:

  • Kill Diamond.
  • Kill Jeremy.
  • Kill Fajita.

All gamers must ensure they grab the quest every time they join the game. Else it will reset when they rejoin.

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