Roblox Legends ReWritten codes: Free Blessings, Hats, and more (July 2022)

Redeem these codes in Roblox Legends ReWritten for free Blessings(Image via Roblox)
Redeem these codes in Roblox Legends ReWritten for free Blessings(Image via Roblox)

Roblox Legends ReWritten is a role-playing type of anime-inspired game where players are required to fight off bosses and their enemies in the open world to get loot drop boxes and level up their Magic skills, such as Artifacts and Spells. They are required to mine resources such as ore and use them to craft weapons and armor.

Scrumptious Studios published the title in January 2021, and during the last year and a half, it has had over 16 million users from all over the globe visit and play. The game also currently has 182,257 favorites.


Roblox Legends ReWritten features a rolling system through which gamers can obtain magical powers and explore the vast map filled with dangers in search of various artifacts to train and better their Magic. With enough experience and the proper gameplay, anyone can max out their characters and become powerful.

Below is a list of all the active codes that readers can redeem to have a better gaming experience and get the upper hand over others.

Roblox Legends ReWritten codes to be more powerful

Active codes


The process of redeeming codes in any Roblox game is seemingly straightforward, but it can sometimes be tricky when the code is not simple. For instance, players can redeem a code with just alphabets and numerical values more easily and without any confusion than redeeming a code with special characters.

Similarities between any two characters in a code might cause frustration and confusion for users since the differences go unnoticed to the naked eye and might only be visible upon a closer look. This might cause an active code to be shown as invalid when entered incorrectly.

It can be avoided by simply copying and pasting the code into the code redemption box, eliminating any chances of an error.

Given below are all the active, valid, and working codes in Roblox Legends ReWritten as of July 2022:

  • 60KBLESSINGCODE - Redeem for 9 Blessing Codes (New)
  • 15MVISITSHAT -Redeem for the Fire Fist Hat (New)
  • MARINEFORDRAID2022 - Redeem for 5 Blessing Codes (New)
  • CLFGS55K - Redeem for the Flame Great Sword
  • ANNIVERSARYBLESSING - Redeem for ten free blessing rolls.
  • ANNIVERSARYPARTY - Redeem for a Teal Party Hat
  • 30KLIKES - Redeem code for 3x Blessing Rolls
  • 6MVISITS - Redeem code for 6x Blessing Rolls
  • THXFOR150K - Redeem code for 15x Blessing Roll
  • 50KLIKESFLAME - Redeem code for a Flame Staff

Just like any other redeem code in Roblox, the creators of Legends ReWritten also added an expiration date to these active codes, making them time-sensitive. Since they have not released any information about their expiration, gamers are recommended to redeem these codes soon.

Once these Roblox codes lapse, readers won't be able to redeem their freebies and rewards.

Expired codes


If players have been trying to redeem a code on Roblox Legends ReWritten, but it is being shown as invalid or an error pops up, the chances of it being expired and on the list below are high.

Here is a round-up of all the expired and invalid codes in Roblox Legends ReWritten as of July 2022:

  • PATCHCOMPLETE—Redeem for 10x Free Blessing Rolls
  • 2MVISITSAWARD—Redeem for a Sakuna
  • 15KCODE—Redeem for a Chopper Hat
  • HALFWAYTO100—Redeem for 10x Free Blessing Rolls
  • 10KLIKES—Redeem for 3x Free Blessing Rolls
  • LRW5KLIKES—Redeem for 5x Free Blessing Rolls
  • BEASTAKIPGAMINGSETUP—Redeem for 4x Free Blessing Rolls
  • SDSUPDATE—Redeem for 12 Blessing Rolls
  • MELIOOFUS—Redeem for 7 Blessing Rolls
  • 45KVIDEO—Redeem for 5 Blessing Rolls
  • TENMILLIONVISITS—Redeem for 10x Blessing Rolls
  • 1YEARANNIVERSARY—Redeem for 7x Blessing Rolls
  • HAPPYNEWYEARS2022—Redeem for 5x Blessing Rolls
  • WEHIT40KLIKES—Redeem for 4x Blessing Rolls
  • CHRISTMAS2021EVENT—Redeem for 10x Blessing Rolls
  • PATCHED—Redeem for 5x Blessing Rolls
  • 100KFAVORITES—Redeem for 10x Blessing Rolls
  • SUB2OGVEXX—Redeem for 5x Blessing Rolls
  • 4MILLION—Redeem for 4x Free Blessing Rolls
  • 25KLIKES—Redeem for 5x Free Blessing Rolls

Steps to redeem codes


The process of redeeming codes in Legends ReWritten is as simple as in any other Roblox game. However, users may continue reading if they do not know how to do so.

The steps to redeem the codes in Legends ReWritten are as given below:

  • First, download the Roblox application from the App Store or Play Store on your PC or mobile device.
  • Log in to the account; in case readers don't have a Roblox account, simply sign-up for one on the home page.
  • Type "Legends ReWritten" don'tthe search box and click on the enter button to search the game.
  • Click"on the relevant s"arch result, load it and wait for it to launch.
  • After the title has launched, click on the "Options" icon on the left side of the screen.
  • A code box should pop up on the "creen; "nter the desired code here by copying and pasting it from the list of active codes given codes.
  • Press the Submit button.

Gamers can now claim their promised freebies and rewards.

More codes and information

Players can get their hands on the latest codes early, learn more about the title, and stay updated with all the information on the game by following the developergame'se game, BeasTakip, on Twitter.

Users should subscribe to their YouTube channel, "BeasTakip." They up' te their 'oyal community with the updates and new codes upon reaching a milesto"e and are"pretty interactive with fans.

Gamers may also join their official Discord server for the game to get news and all the latest updates, socialize and stay connected with the game's community.

Note: If any of these codes do not work anymore, or if newly released ones were missed, do igame'sthe community by commenting below.

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