5 best towers in Roblox Tower Defense Simulator

best towers in Roblox Tower Defense Simulator
Best towers to kill all the enemies in the game (Image via Roblox)

The tower-defense game Roblox Tower Defense Simulator was created by Paradoxum Games. To keep waves of foes from reaching the route's endpoint, players in the game must construct towers and carefully arrange them.

To buy additional towers, enhance current ones, or buy specialized goods, players can use the money they gain from fighting foes.

The only way to deal with opponents is with towers. They are necessary for a player's gameplay and loadout. Every tower has a unique set of skills, a different price to buy it, and upgrades exclusive to it. While most towers are meant for attacking and damaging, some towers may provide support in their own way.

The top towers in Roblox Tower Defense Simulator to keep the enemies away

Each tower has a unique strategy linked to it, and the majority of towers can perform to their highest capacity when used in conjunction with other towers or against a particular enemy. Here are the top towers in the game:

1) Hunter towers in Roblox Tower Defense Simulator


This beginning tower called The Hunter is available from the store for 850 coins. Despite having a hellishly slow firerate, the Hunter has a large range and does a respectable amount of damage.

It needs time to target before attacking, but gets the job done. At level 0, it can engage in aerial combat, and at level 2, it acquires hidden detection. Hunter is a reasonably good early-game tower, despite the fact that there are better towers later in the game.

2) Rocketeer towers in Roblox Tower Defense Simulator


The intermediate ground tower known as the Rocketeer, formerly known as the Rocketer, deals splash damage. It costs 2,500 coins to buy it in the store. The Rocketeer is a splash damage tower that has a wide radius of decent damage to foes.

The tower's explosion is separated into two spherical layers. While the damage in the outer sphere is linearly reduced, enemies in the inner sphere will get 100% of the specified damage. The Tuber from Tower Battles serves as a very informal inspiration for the Rocketeer.

3) Turret towers in Roblox Tower Defense Simulator


The Turret is a superior tower with a large range and quick shooting that deals tremendous damage. It cannot be bought from the game store. Players must instead reach Level 50 or buy the gamepass for 800 Robux.

Due to the high placement cost, Turret is not recommended for use in the early stages of the game. Yet, after receiving this upgrade, Turret has done extremely well against Hidden Bosses and Shadow Bosses.

Despite the explosive warhead that the Level 4 upgrade icon depicts, the Turret is unable to do splash damage at any level.

4) Commander towers in Roblox Tower Defense Simulator


The Commander is a powerful support tower that lowers the rate of fire for towers inside its line of sight. It costs 3,500 coins to buy it from the game store. Until its 'Call to Arms' ability is engaged, the Commander cannot attack foes directly.

In most games, the Commander serves as the main announcer. A textual conversation that corresponds to specific wave appearances appears next to the Commander. Regardless of whether a Commander tower is visible on the map, this conversation will still appear.

5) Ace Pilot towers in Roblox Tower Defense Simulator


The Engineer is a hardcore tower with the capacity to construct sentries that will also harm foes and attack enemies with a long nailgun. At level 60, players can buy it for 4,500 gems from the game shop. A gamepass costing 4,000 Robux will also provide players access to the Engineer.

The Engineer has three range rings: the blue ring represents the Engineer's attack range, the yellow ring represents the area where sentries can be placed, and the red ring represents the area where the Engineer cannot fire and where sentries cannot be created.

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