5 easiest Roblox games for beginners to try out 

Games for beginners (Image via Roblox)
Games for beginners (Image via Roblox)

With games ranging across every genre out there, Roblox games cater to a wide audience. While some include action, some have roleplay, and some are simple iterations of anime, Roblox can be challenging as well.

In this article, we'll go over a list that will be a guide for anyone who has just started playing Roblox. These games are easy, straightforward, and do not require a lot of analysis. This way, players can get accustomed to the platform and understand the basics like, common gaming controls, what Robux is, how to make friends and many more.

Roblox games are free, so it's easy to explore and find a game everyone will love. However, some games cost Robux and it's up to players if they want to buy upgrades.

5 Roblox games that beginners that will not be disappointed with

1) Work at a Pizza Place


Work at a Pizza Place is a humorously engaging simulator game created by Roblox user Dued1. Its purpose is simple: operate the pizza shop. Fill orders, supervise employees, deliver the correct pizzas, and avoid burning down the restaurant.

Despite its simple concept, it's yet another Roblox blockbuster hit, with over 3.7 billion views and 13,590 active players.

In the pizza parlor, players can play a variety of roles, each of which is unique. They can either play as the cashier, accepting each customer's order and seeing how they react, or as the chef, preparing the pizzas and delivering each order.

Players can also choose to act as a pizza boxer, a delivery man, a supplier, or a supervisor. Each function has its own peculiarities, demands, and difficulties.

2) Murder Mystery 2


Murder Mystery 2 is an excellent choice for players searching for a simple Roblox game with some obstacles to play with their buddies. Players can choose between becoming a killer or a policeman in the game. They will be handed a weapon but others will be unaware of it. If players wish to play as a murderer, their goal will be to kill everyone without being discovered.

If they opt to be a policeman, they will be responsible for apprehending the murderer while also safeguarding the innocent. Murder Mystery 2 is filled with mayhem, laughter, and terror. Everybody has the same goal in mind: to continue living. It is quite difficult. Since it is one of the finest games for increasing excitement, it appears that many people enjoy it.

On the official Roblox website, it currently has a 92 percent rating, which shows that it is such a famous game and has so many fans. The game has over 8 billion views with 41,059 active players.

3) Jailbreak


Jailbreak is classified as a roleplaying game. With over 4.6 billion visitors, this game is massively popular.

Players must pick between being a thief or a policeman in the game. They will have to flee imprisonment if they choose to be criminals. If they want to be a cop rather than a thief, all they have to do is stop the criminals. Any convict who safely gets out of prison will have the opportunity to enjoy the city.

Overall, it's a nice game with a somewhat easy premise and solid entertainment. Players will also get access to some very exciting vehicle pursuit options as well as a large open world to roam. The game has over 5.7 billion views with 10,327 active players.

4) Welcome to Bloxburg


Bloxburg, like Adopt Me!, is a lovely, slow-paced roleplaying game that emphasizes involvement and promotes a lot of ingenuity.

Players essentially live in a fantasy world (Bloxburg) and must complete realistic daily tasks such as finding employment, buying a house, purchasing an automobile, and so on. Of course, the majority of these jobs necessitate the use of assets.

It's a realistic simulation, similar to The Sims, but with much easier and uncomplicated "quests." The gameplay is fairly smooth in terms of content. Players can choose from a variety of jobs, each of which has its own set of "quests." The town is absolutely worth exploring, and there are plenty Bloxburg users which is reassuring as you'll find plenty of interesting folks along the way.

There are numerous categories and goods to pick from when it comes to home design and decoration. The game has over 5.9 billion views with 39,631 active players.

5) Adopt Me!


Adopt Me! by DreamCraft is a strong contender for the most popular game on Roblox right now, according to players. Despite the fact that it's focused on a somewhat younger crowd than the majority of games on the platform, it's reasonable to see if older gamers want to see what all the excitement is about.

Although Adopt Me! is nominally about parents and their adopted children, and the game's main emphasis these days is on collecting pets. Players can now adopt practically any animal they choose from the list of pets, which has grown far beyond the charming norm of dogs and cats. The game has over 28.3 billion views with 91,988 active players.

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