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The Top 5 questions and their answers
The frequent 5 questions that are asked by players and their parents. (Image via Roblox)

Roblox is a gaming platform that was created by Roblox Corporation in 2004. It allows users to create games and play them while chatting with others online.

The games on Roblox are officially called “experiences” and are divided into many genres. While the platform itself is free, one can make purchases within each experience.


Players can socialize and build their own spaces in these experiences. They can even earn and spend virtual money known as Robux. One can choose any genre they like, including roleplay, adventure, fighting, obby (obstacle courses), tycoon, and simulator.

Roblox is a huge platform, and its users are bound to have a lot of questions about a myriad of things. This article takes a look at the top five questions that are frequently asked about the platform.

How to stop children from spending money on Roblox and 4 other frequently asked questions about the platform

1) Can I get free Robux?


This is the most common question about Roblox on the internet. The answer to this question is no; it is not possible to get any free Robux.

Robux is the in-game currency of Roblox, and there are a couple of ways to earn it:

  • Purchase Robux on the mobile, browser, and Xbox One apps.
  • Purchase a Roblox premium membership and receive a Robux stipend. Members can sell clothing items and get a percentage of the profit
  • Develop experiences that have game passes to earn Robux. However, accounts without a membership will get a smaller percentage of the profit.

Many bloggers and YouTubers often post about something called a Robux Generator, which is completely fake and is likely a scam. Such posts should be reported via the official Report Abuse system so that others don't fall prey to them.

2) What can I do to secure my child’s Roblox account?


This question comes from concerned parents of Roblox players. In today’s world of the internet, no one can guarantee 100% security. However, it's always best to take precautions to avoid any mishaps online.

Here are some tips that can keep your child out of harm's way:

  • Use a unique password that has a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters.
  • Change the password every fortnight.
  • Never share your password with anyone, even if it’s your next-door neighbor.
  • Install a good Antivirus software and routinely check for any kind of infiltration attempt.
  • Never share your real name, email, address, phone number, or real-life photographs.
  • Enabling the two-step verification feature will prevent strangers from accessing your child's Roblox account.

Always remind your little one to take a break at regular intervals because too much gaming will divert your child's attention from other things that life has to offer.

3) How can I stop my child from spending all my money on Roblox?


As funny as it may sound, this is a matter of deep concern for most parents out there. Parental Controls is the answer to this question. It can be found in the settings section.

Check out the options listed below and mirror them to save your hard-earned cash:

  • Set monthly spending restrictions on under-13 kids’ accounts.
  • Select the option to receive email notifications from Roblox on all kinds of spending activities to keep track of your child's purchases.
  • Set up a parent PIN of four digits that will prevent your child from altering the settings, providing an additional layer of security.
  • Restrict access to 13+ games from the list of experiences.
  • Keep an eye on the chats and friend lists.

Roblox also includes features like payment verification charges, in which parents may be asked to verify micro-transactions to ensure payment security.

4) Is it safe to share my Roblox account?


It is very common for friends and siblings to share their Roblox accounts.

The platform does not encourage account sharing. This practice may put your account at risk as other users can make changes to it like changing your password, spending your currency, or even trading your hard-earned items.

Roblox accounts are absolutely free to make, so it's best if every player has their own.

5) How do I make my own Roblox game?


This is a question that has been asked on numerous forums on multiple occasions. It practically takes about 15 minutes to create your very own Roblox game. You can follow the steps given below to do so:

  • Download Roblox Studio from the official website and launch it.
  • Click on the New tab when Roblox Studio is open. Look for the option at the top for All Templates.
  • From the list of templates, select Obby and wait for the game to load.
  • A big green block will appear that says Start. This is where you will spawn when you start the game. Use the arrow keys and your mouse to move around and explore.
  • Personalize your game with custom colors. Click on any one of the gray blocks after the green Start block. In the Home tab, select Color, and a drop-down box will appear. Click on the color of your choice for the block. Then, repeat this for as many blocks as you want afterward.
  • Resize the blocks as per your requirement by clicking on the Scale tool to increase and decrease the size. Then, use the Move tool to position these blocks accordingly.
  • Customize the speed of the required obstacles by selecting the Speed tool and change the value to either speed up the block or slow it down
  • Design player-harming obstacles that are red in color.
  • Enhance the appearance of an obstacle or tilt it using the Rotate tool.
  • Test your game by clicking the blue Play button at the top of your screen.

These are all the most frequently asked questions about Roblox. The platform is accessible on mobile, PC, Xbox, Mac, and Fire OS.

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