5 Roblox games to play once you get bored of Adopt Me!

Try these games after Adopt Me! (Image via Roblox)
Try these games after Adopt Me! (Image via Roblox)

Roblox Adopt me! is a wonderful game about building homes and raising and dressing cute pets. However, taking care of pets can be a bit monotonous. Sometimes, players need to mix it up. Maybe spend some time going on missions, building a killer character, or solving a few murder mysteries. Whatever the choice, Roblox has some of the best genres to offer if one gets bored of Adopt me!

Roblox games to try once you get tired of Adopt Me!

5) Brookhaven


Brookhaven is one of the most popular and well-known Roblox role-playing games based solely on its concurrent player count. Even if it lacks the appeal of some of its competitors, it's quick and easy to get into. However, for younger minds, the dollhouse technique may be the best strategy to adopt. There's no one to hold hands with, and the game doesn't say what players can and can't do.

A tab in the shape of a house will appear on the screen. Obtaining a home in Brookhaven is simple and free. Getting a car is also uncomplicated and free of cost. Simply go to the Vehicle tab, select the vehicle, and that's that. Players are free to travel wherever they wish in that car.

To get a house, players must first discover an empty plot. They must look around till they discover it. A Vacant icon with a Billboard of Brookhaven Houses would appear on the screen if the plot was unoccupied. Players must select the residence they desire as their own by clicking on the Vacant icon.

4) World Zero


World Zero deconstructs the Roblox foundation's famous and instantly recognizable design, replacing boxy figures with more realistic models with more joints. It's also enough to make it stand out on a crowded website with thousands of other comparable creations competing for the player's attention.

World Zero is a robust Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) based on the Roblox platform. And one that is significantly more comparable in scope and quality to the MMORPGs that took years to develop in the early 2000s.

This instantly available and unexpectedly attractive role-playing game is something kids and their game-playing parents can share together because it does not require a day-long download and an installation technique that most youngsters these days would be far too scared by. Once unlocked, there's a wide range of combat types to choose from and several options to design the avatar and a world that's simple to join and explore.

3) Anime Fighting Simulator


Although Anime Fighting Simulator appears to be treading a delicate line between infringement and homage, we believe it does enough with its original material to be worth mentioning. It's transformative, and although that doesn't make it ethical from a game production standpoint, it does emphasize the team's talent and attention to detail.

Due to its pet-like battle system, Anime Fighting Simulator distinguishes out in a sea of anime-inspired games. Instead of embodying a classic anime hero, it puts the players' Roblox avatar in charge of a small squad of these all-stars, and it's up to them to micromanage their abilities to defeat powerful bosses.

The environments are meticulously recreated from the shows they're based on, but most importantly, it's simple to find enjoyment in the game's goal.

2) Natural Disaster Survival


Natural Disaster Survival has a strong resemblance to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG). Prepare to urgently huddle for dear life in any shelter that can be found against the weather. At least, that's how PUBG is played. In this Roblox game, players won't be fighting each other, but they will be trying to hide from numerous natural calamities that are specifically designed to kill them.

During testing, players had to scramble to the top of a glass skyscraper to avoid a flash flood in the opening round. Then, during a subsequent round on the same map, they shot back to the top, only to discover that an earthquake had forced them to keep a safe distance from all tall structures. As a result, the avatar disintegrated into a zillion bits.

1) Jailbreak


Jailbreak is the closest Roblox games will get to the GTA 5 RP world. Players must first choose between two roles: a police officer or a criminal. Alternatively, players may spend the rest of their days at the restaurant or on the trampolines in the yard, which is also entertaining.

Players need a keycard to get out, something the cop captors would prefer the players didn't have. The pickpocketing mechanics in this Roblox game will be familiar to anyone who has played Fallout or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Meanwhile, as a cop, players will be armed with a pistol, a taser, and a set of handcuffs to deter their irate inmates. If they manage to flee, the game's scale expands to become an open world. The police pursuer, who is the most persistent, is then forced to play a massive game of hide-and-seek.

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