5 best cars in Roblox Jailbreak

Best cars in Jail Break (Image via Roblox)
Best cars in Jail Break (Image via Roblox)

Jailbreak, one of the most well-known Roblox experiences, is based on the cops and robbers genre: convicts commit crimes after fleeing the prison, while cops are tasked with halting crime and apprehending criminals. Aside from the main objectives, the gaming possibilities are practically limitless: race amazing automobiles, pet dogs, or form an unbreakable crew, it's entirely up to the Roblox players.

One of the most important components of Jailbreak in Roblox is vehicles. Vehicles are utilized for a variety of tasks, including driving about the map, chasing down players, racing, and escaping robberies. Vehicles can be purchased with in-game currency, gamepasses (the SWAT and BOSS gamepasses will grant players the SWAT Van or Celestial for 350 and 300 Golden Robux, respectively), or by reaching level 10 during an event season.


The Lamborghini is an exception: it may be rented for one real-life day for 99 Golden Robux, or it can be purchased for 100,000 game cash. Here's a list that highlights the top 5 cars for the perfect heist.

Top 5 cars in Roblox Jailbreak include Cybertruck, Delorean, and more

5) Cybertruck


It is based on the Tesla Cybertruck from 2019. In Roblox Jailbreak, the Cybertruck is an electronic pickup truck. It was first revealed on Twitter just before the 2019 Winter Update, and was later introduced in the January 2020 Update.

For the money, the Cybertruck is a fantastic vehicle. It has a top speed and acceleration that rivals the Megalodon, and it excels at off-roading and braking. It also performs admirably in terms of handling. Its reverse speed, on the other hand, is sluggish, and it can only compete with other Tesla vehicles in the game.

The Cybertruck spawns in a small parking lot behind the radio array and close to a building near the City Gun Shop. It costs 100,000 Robux. It can accommodate up to six players, with four in the cab and two in the cargo bed, making it an excellent choice for individuals who like to play with a large group of people.

The Model 3 and Roadster are two other Tesla-branded vehicles that have been added to Jailbreak in Roblox. It is frequently seen as a better option to the Pickup Truck, despite the fact that the Cybertruck is 91,000 in-game cash more expensive, and it is one of the most important vehicles for beginners.

4) Model 3


In Roblox's Jailbreak, the Model 3 is a low-cost electric vehicle. It was one of the game's first cars, with the Camaro and the Helicopter, when the game's public Beta was released. On July 2, 2020, as part of the "5 Days, 5 Vehicles" series of updates, the Model 3 was redesigned and given an interior.

The Model 3 is slower than the free Jeep without upgrades, but after attaching the level 5 engine (50,000 in-game Cash), the car's stats improve dramatically, making it almost as fast as the La Matador. Aside from high speed, the car boasts excellent acceleration and braking, with only off-roading and reverse speed being weak points.

In real life, Roblox's Jailbreak co-founder asimo3089 has a Model 3. Furthermore, asimo3089 is a huge supporter of Tesla and its inventor, Elon Musk. This could explain why the Model 3 and Cybertruck can compete with more expensive vehicles. Badimo gave Jailbreak's Rocket Fuel brand the name "SpaceZ," after Musk's space firm.

3) Roadster


When driving, the Roadster makes an electric motor noise that is quiet and high-pitched, comparable to the Model 3, Cybertruck, Volt, Icebreaker, and Volt 4X4. In February 2021, the Dogs Update added an interior to the Roadster. Its outward design stayed the same, but the interior was substantially redesigned.

The Roadster is a two-seater car that spawns next to the Model 3 at the Badimo charging station along the riverbank. The car is priced at 600,000 in-game cash, which puts it at the center of the hypercar price range.

The Roadster is well-known for its quick acceleration and launch. Except for the Volt and the Dune Buggy, it has the fastest launch speed in the game. The time it takes to reach full speed is roughly 6-7 seconds, making it one of the fastest vehicles in the game.

2) Delorean


The Delorean (also known as the DeLorean DMC-12 in real life) is a car in Jailbreak that debuted in the Winter 2020 Update. It can be discovered in the Power Plant parking lot for 175,000 in-game cash, and it replaces the Challenger's spawn point. It has the ability to glide over water, making it the first land vehicle in Jailbreak to do so. However, if players plunge into the water at a particular angle, they can go underwater.

The Delorean has two seats and opening doors. It also boasts a detailed interior, in keeping with the Jailbreak concept of giving all vehicles an interior. Due to its proximity spawn, all-around good stats, and ability to drive over water if necessary, it is a fantastic last-resort escape from the Power Plant.

Overall, the Delorean is a fantastic performer, but it is more expensive than competing vehicles like the Model 3. The car's hovering ability adds value to the purchase price by allowing players to take shortcuts that other land vehicles cannot.

However, given the current map layout of Jailbreak, the Delorean's ability to hover over water isn't much of a benefit, as most bodies of water have sandy margins, allowing other land vehicles in the water to drive onto land, and the map doesn't offer many possibilities to employ water shortcuts. Regardless, the Delorean is an excellent getaway car and vehicle in general.

1) Lamborghini


The first supercar in Jailbreak was the La Matador (previously Lamborghini), which was added in the Supercar Update on April 29th, 2017, the second significant update following the BETA release of Jailbreak in Roblox. Due to its low price and excellent stats, it is one of the most widely utilized automobiles in Jailbreak.

Several adjustments have been made to La Matador's statistics in Roblox. La Matador's top speed and acceleration were greatly enhanced in a random update in February 2020, making it one of the game's fastest cars. It was then given a makeover in the March 2021 Mid-Season Update, which included a new design and interior, as well as a performance boost.

Prior to its nerf, La Matador had a fantastic price-to-performance ratio. It is slightly faster than the Cybertruck and slightly slower than the Megalodon, with a good reverse speed and launch. Overall, La Matador is a great car, but the Surus may be a superior choice in terms of speed, off-roading, and seating capacity for only 9,000 extra in-game cash in Roblox.

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