Top 5 realistic games in Roblox

Featured image of the best realistic games (Image via Sportkskeeda)
Featured image of the best realistic games (Image via Sportkskeeda)

Roblox is a well-known gaming platform for its sandbox-based texture art and gameplay experience. Most Roblox enthusiasts would know that the metaverse uses a low-poly structure for most gaming titles. However, there are several games that offer a high-definition gameplay experience.

The realistic touch of these titles can easily make players think the game isn't developed using the essential Roblox software. Of the numerous high-textured titles, only a handful stood out due to their in-game features and unique environmental design.

Furthermore, the gameplay of these titles will give the players memorable moments. Learn about the top 5 realistic games in the metaverse by scrolling down.

Note: This article is subjective and solely represents the author's views.

Paris and 4 other best realistic games in Roblox

1) Frontlines


Frontlines is one of the, if not the best, games belonging to the First-person-shooter (FPS) genre in Roblox. It drew inspiration from the legendary Call of Duty franchise. In this multiplayer title, players are divided into two teams and are tasked with eliminating each other in a classic FPS shootout mode. COD veterans and FPS fans will thrive in the action-packed realm of Frontlines.

They can also try other modes and engage in different challenges to level up their in-game characters. Frontlines garnered positive feedback from the community and notable streamers due to its refined design and texture art. Check out our Frontlines article to learn more about the game.

Significant features:

  • Different types of weapons and gadgets
  • High-tempo shootout experience in a realistic environment
  • Alluring in-game soundtrack

2) Frigid Dusk


The world of Roblox even has horror titles built around realistic surroundings on the platform. Frigid Dusk falls under this category, as players need to survive horrific experiences with their friends. Gamers are tasked with retrieving a bio-weapon without getting killed by the monster.

The gameplay has a dark theme where individuals can have an authentic survival-horror element. They must explore an abandoned factory and solve puzzles to progress in-game. Hence, Frigid Dusk is a must-try title for horror-genre fans.

Significant features:

  • Smooth mechanics
  • Players can have a fun horror experience with their friends
  • The game can be pretty challenging and requires constant communication

3) Beyond the Dark


Beyond the Dark is one of the most underrated games in the metaverse. The spectacular graphics and intriguing gameplay earned it a small cult following. Beyond the Dark takes place inside a space rig and is set in the future. Players must explore the spaceship and uncover mysteries along the way.

Furthermore, they are also given a tremendous assignment of decoding energy readings from Cygnus X-1, the black hole. Players who love to play solo campaigns must check out Beyond the Dark.

Significant features:

  • Rich storyline and interactive challenges
  • The game is suspenseful
  • Fantastic environment (several beautiful places to visit in-game)

4) Rolling Thunder


Roblox Rolling Thunder provides gamers with war-based FPS action with a polished texture and a clean soundtrack. Players can even hunt down their enemies using weapon-mounted vehicles. If you are looking to have a tranquil shooting experience with your friends, then Rolling Thunder is your game.

Individuals can also use a range of classic weaponry and bombs to annihilate their in-game foes. Additionally, gamers with quick decision-making and shooting skills will easily spend countless hours in Rolling Thunder.

Significant features:

  • Competitive multiplayer mode
  • Realistic war-based fighting
  • Weapons with different damage output and fire rate

5) Paris


Roblox Paris is a town and city game where players can visit the virtual city of Paris. They can stroll the beautiful streets or climb the roofs of buildings with their friends. The gameplay may not offer many storylines, but players can set their sagas in the City of Lights.

Players can also explore the mop and ascend the Eiffel Tower in the simulated metropolis. Serious players can take a break from competitive gaming and relax with their friends in the high-detailed environment of Paris.

Significant feautres:

  • Best graphics and smooth models
  • Immersive RP
  • User-friendly UI

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