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Here, you can find NFL predictions for all 18 weeks, the playoffs, and the Super Bowl. A group of people who spend days poring over stats, injuries, trends, and matchups, will give you their NFL picks and defend why they’ll be right. Make sure to come back every week to see how we do.

Free NFL Predictions

Unlike other sports, the NFL season doesn’t have a dozen games to fret over daily. There are at most 16 games in a week and only 17 for each team in the regular season. Each game holds more weight, which has played a significant part in why the NFL is by far the most dominant betting market in U.S. sports. There are so many different bets you can make on NFL games, and if you explore your options, you’ll surely find something that suits you perfectly.

Free NFL Moneyline Predictions

The most straightforward of the NFL picks, Moneyline predictions are just about picking who will win the game. Unlike betting against the spread, the margin of victory doesn’t matter, which can make it less frustrating. The Moneyline offers better odds for most underdogs than the spread, while some teams win frequently but seldom cover the spread. Moneyline predictions will be available for each game, along with the most noteworthy odds.

Free NFL Totals Predictions

NFL totals are set on a game’s final score and whether or not the total score will be over or under the set mark. Totals are fun to bet on because, from the opening kickoff until the final whistle, every play matters. Any play could be the difference between the over winning or the under hitting. Even if a game is lopsided, the total can still be a photo finish. Matchups, injuries, and weather play a big part in NFL totals predictions.

Free NFL Against the Spread Predictions

Probably the most popular way to bet on the NFL, betting on the spread is different from the Moneyline because betting on the favorite makes their margin of victory matter if they win. Oddsmakers set a spread on favorites, say -7 points, and they have to win the game by at least eight points to win against the spread. If you like the underdog to keep it closer, you bet on them and hope they either win or lose by six points or fewer. If the final score were to be 24-17, it would be a push. Betting against the spread is a way to keep things interesting for underdogs or test the might of a favorite.

Free NFL Game Predictions and Previews

For full predictions, previews, and breakdowns of this week’s slate of games, this is the place to be. Some of the things covered include score predictions, prop bet predictions, the spread, and NFL parlays. Be sure to check out our look at each game.

Free NFL Super Bowl Predictions

Check here for our NFL Super Bowl predictions. The Big Game only comes around once a year, and there isn’t a game that’s bigger for betting. Take a look at our expert insights so that you can crush Super Bowl Sunday.

Free NFL Expert Predictions

Unlike some places, our experts have predictions and insights into every game each week, not just the prime-time showdowns. We know you may want a look at every game just to see what’s available, and we have you covered. From totals to props, our experts will have the information you crave to get your betting slip perfect.

Free NFL Fantasy Football Predictions

Fantasy football and daily fantasy games are just as popular as NFL betting predictions, which is why those are covered too. We’ll have the best lineups, waiver pickups, and predictions for every week of the fantasy season so you can lift your league trophy.