NFL Prop Bets

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This is the place to find all the top NFL prop bets for every week of the season. Whether you’re looking for the outlook of a star player or the scouting report on a specific team, the analysis will be here. Super Bowl props are the most popular, but a little practice along the way never hurts.

What Are NFL Props?

Prop bets are wagers on whether something will or will not happen during a game. Unlike most bets which focus on the final results, props focus on the journey to the final whistle. There are a bunch of prop bets every week, ranging from common events to extremely rare occurrences.

Types of NFL Props

When it comes to NFL props, you'll see them commonly divided into two types team props and player props. Their names aren’t misleading, as the props within them are oriented toward either a team or a player.

NFL Team Prop Bets

There’s a long list of NFL team props available, with almost every part of the game in play for betting purposes. Which team will score first, will there be overtime, the longest field goal, and who will win the coin toss are among the many options available for bettors.

NFL Player Prop Bets

NFL player props have no shortage of options. All are focused on the individuals driving the action in touchdowns scored, passing yards, rushing yards, interceptions recorded, and more. It’s sort of like fantasy football, where using the information on the player and matchup can yield a great reward.

Where To Find the Best NFL Prop Bets?

NFL prop bets are offered almost everywhere, so finding the best prop bets is about what you’re looking for. Some sportsbooks, such as DraftKings and FanDuel, tend to offer a wider variety of NFL prop bets. However, other sportsbooks may offer better odds on the similar prop bets that they share with those two. It depends on what you want and the pricing you desire, but as always, it’s best to look around to find what’s best for you.

Free NFL Expert Prop Bets

The number of prop bets every week can be overwhelming, which is why the experts provide overviews of the best every week. They study matchups, tendencies, and stats thoroughly to provide you with the best outlook on NFL prop bets. Their research could give you a brand-new perspective, so feel free to check it out.