10 WWE vs NJPW must-see dream matches

The WWE & NJPW potential partnership brings a wealth of mouth-watering dream matches.
The WWE & NJPW potential partnership brings a wealth of mouth-watering dream matches.

In what may be the biggest story or non-story in wrestling this year, WWE and NJPW have been in talks about a potential working relationship. The biggest promotion in the business working with the biggest promotion in Japan brings a lot of excitement to fans everywhere for the dream matches that may come as a result.

There have been exchanges on social media and previous runs with opposing companies that may have finally come to fruition. With competitors on both sides teasing what may come, there is an opportunity to cash in on money-making matchups and feuds that are years in the making. Even AEW President Tony Khan has chimed in on the WWE/NJPW talks with a hilarious promo.

From battles between former friends to reigniting legendary rivalries, the potential in a WWE and NJPW relationship is something that has caused conversation in the wrestling community. In this article, let's take a look at the ten WWE vs. NJPW must-see dream matches.

#10 Sheamus vs. Minoru Suzuki (WWE vs. NJPW)

Minoru Suzuki is a legend in Japan and has become one of the top heels in all of NJPW. His ruthless, sadistic style in the ring has made him one of the most feared competitors in the business today. He has shared the ring with a number of WWE Superstars from AJ Styles to Riddle with everyone who has experienced his arsenal remembering their time with the leader of Suzuki-Gun.

Given his brutal nature, there are not many who can match his style in WWE quite like Sheamus. The current United States Champion is known for his stiff strikes and his enjoyment in dishing out punishment to his opponents. Sheamus has made a name for himself with hard-hitting contests and has been one of the most consistent in-ring performers of the past year.

This clash would certainly deliver a banger in every sense of the word. Minoru Suzuki is not only known for delivering pain, but for his weird obsession with receiving pain as well. His sadistic demeanor would love to be in the squared circle with a WWE Superstar who can match him strike for strike. Sheamus seems like the perfect opponent. Both men would never be the same after this confrontation.

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