5 times the fans provoked WWE Superstars

The Rock with a confused look on his face
The Rock with a confused look on his face
Abhilash Mendhe

Professional wrestling is a sport that has seen several ups and downs over the course of the past few decades. During the Rock 'N' Wrestling Era, ratings were at an all-time high and fans were coming in flocks to witness the action unfold.

By the mid-90s, fan interest began waning which led to the dawn of The Attitude Era, reinvigorating fan interest. Promotions always strive to please the fans as the business can't run if the fans won't buy tickets and attend shows. Also, the fans make it a point to let the promotion know when they feel like they aren't getting their money's worth. In some cases, the fans join in on the drama and end up taking over the show.

Let's take a look at 5 instances when the fans inside the arena ended up provoking the wrestlers, because of their antics.

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#5 Batista shows the middle finger to the fans

Batista's face run went nowhere in 2014
Batista's face run went nowhere in 2014

Batista returned to WWE in 2014 as a babyface. The original plans for him were to square off against a heel Randy Orton at WrestleMania 30. The fans were having none of it and the Yes Movement was the talk of the town.

Bryan was put into a storyline with The Wyatt Family and the fans weren't ready to see him anywhere else other than the main event. Batista won the Royal Rumble match to a chorus of boos.

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After winning the match, a genuinely pissed off Batista proceeded to show the middle finger to the audience inside the arena. Reportedly, backstage personnel wasn't too thrilled by Batista's heelish actions.

The Animal not just flipped off the fans, he proceeded to have a war of words with a couple of them. The push was later scrapped after negative reaction and Bryan went on to win the WWE title at WrestleMania 30.

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#4 Undertaker gives back to the fans

The Biker Taker was a no-nonsense guy
The Biker Taker was a no-nonsense guy

During the early 2000s, The Biker persona of The Undertaker was in a feud with Ric Flair.

On an episode of Monday Night Raw, the duo went back and forth on the mic. By this time, the "What?" chants, that were originated by Stone Cold Steve Austin, were being chanted on a regular basis.

These chants used to make wrestlers forget their lines and piss them off. As Undertaker was trying to speak to Flair, the fans were interrupting him after every sentence with the "What?" chants.

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Suddenly, he went off script during the promo and asked the fans to chant "What" if they were into incest. The fans didn't have the time to think fast and replied with another "What?", realizing their mistake a fraction of a second later. The chants didn't stop but The Undertaker surely ended up owning the audience that night.

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#3 The Rock is surprised by the anti-Roman crowd

Probably the only time The Rock failed to change the crowd perception
Probably the only time The Rock failed to change the crowd perception

By the time Royal Rumble 2015 rolled around, the fans had had enough of Roman Reigns, after realizing that WWE was shoving him down their throats.

After Bryan was eliminated early on in the match, the fans didn't care one bit and booed the entire locker room out of the building. The end saw Roman Reigns being manhandled by The Big Show and Kane, with The Rock himself coming out to his cousin's aid.

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Rock's surprise appearance did get a loud cheer, but as soon as Reigns won the match by eliminating Rusev last, the boos resumed immediately. As The Rock held Reigns' hand high, he heard the entire arena booing him, and it could be clearly seen that The Rock wasn't too thrilled with the reception.

WWE tried to bring in The Rock to raise Reigns' hand so that the boos would stop, but the plan backfired and The Rock was visibly pissed off. He was reportedly pissed off at WWE too, for going ahead with the plan.

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#2 Triple H is unable to speak amidst a sea of cheers

The Game delivering a Pedigree to Bryan
The Game delivering a Pedigree to Bryan

By the time TLC 2013 was on the horizon, Daniel Bryan had been sent back to the mid-card and the fans weren't having any of it.

In a Raw segment that involved a bunch of former World champions, Bryan was cheered heavily to the point that Triple H looked legitimately pissed, and not in kayfabe.

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The segment was a way to promote John Cena vs Randy Orton at the PPV. Triple H kicked off the segment with a failed attempt at addressing the crowd. The crowd began chanting for Bryan loudly, as he took it all in, with Mark Henry encouraging the fans to cheer more.

At one point, Triple H's face displayed genuine anger over the consistent interruption, and it took his friend Shawn Michaels' plea to stop the fans and get the segment rolling. This was an indication that fans badly wanted Bryan in the main event scene.

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#1 Randy Orton throws a tantrum backstage

Orton has a history of outbursts
Orton has a history of outbursts

The Raw after WrestleMania 29 saw one of the absolute best crowds in the history of professional wrestling.

The fans were completely engaged throughout the night and took over the show on multiple occasions. In a match pitting Randy Orton and Sheamus, the fans began voicing their displeasure almost immediately. The chants included the likes of "Mike Chioda", "We want Ziggler", "RVD", "JBL", "Jerry Lawler" and "CM Punk".

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The chants continued throughout the match and it was clear as day that the WWE Universe didn't want to see these two Superstars wrestle in front of them. The Big Show interrupted the match, taking out both the wrestlers. This earned him a "Thank you Big Show" chant.

Reportedly, Orton threw a major tantrum backstage after the match and was genuinely pissed off at the fan response.

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