WWE RAW Results: Two top superstars injured; Edge set to face former teammate in grudge match - Winners, Recap, Grades & Highlights (August 8, 2022)

We got some big surprises on tonight's episode of RAW!
We got some big surprises on tonight's episode of RAW!
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Bayley, Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky kicked off RAW, and Bayley said she was disappointed with the sorry state of women's division on the red brand. Bayley added that it was only Bianca and Becky fighting over the title for months and both of them had become rather uninspiring.

Can't think of a better way to kick #WWERaw!

Bayley and her faction, aka Control, were on track to revive the division before Asuka, Alexa Bliss & Bianca Belair walked out to interrupt them. The babyfaces said that they were not afraid to take on Control right then and there, and the two teams booked a match at WWE Clash at the Castle.

A brawl broke out shortly after and it headed outside before we saw Bliss hit a dive off the barricades before we headed for a break.

Seth Rollins vs. Angelo Dawkins on RAW

Rollins got the early advantage despite Montez Ford's running interference from ringside but Dawkins managed to get some shots in off the distraction. Back after a break on RAW, Rollins got an STO in the corner before Montez ran into the ring with a steel chair.

The referee ejected Ford from ringside before Dawkins came back with some big moves and a flying senton to the outside. Rollins missed the stomp twice before Dawkins got a spinebuster for a near fall. Rollins attempted to pin with the stomps but couldn't get the job done and resorted to the Pedigree to pick up the win.

Result: Seth Rollins def. Angelo Dawkins

Has @WWERollins gotten inside the heads of the #StreetProfits? πŸ€”#WWERaw

Grade: B

The Mysterios were backstage when Edge came over to apologize for hitting Dom with a spear last week. He said it was an accident but Dominik wasn't pleased and went after the Hall of Famer. Rey made Dominik back off and told him it was a mistake before the latter stormed off.

WOW! @DomMysterio35 sends a message to @EdgeRatedR on #WWERaw.....

Ciampa was backstage and said that he had the spirit of Harley Race watching over him which meant that he was not afraid to face Lashley tonight.

Kevin Owens vs. Ezekiel on RAW

UPDATE: @IAmNotEliasWWE was brought to a local medical facility and is being evaluated.#WWERaw

The match started rather abruptly and Owens was dominating off the bat. Owens ran through Zeke, barely letting him recover before sending him into the announcers' desk and viciously hitting a powerbomb on the apron. Ezekiel was having trouble getting back on his feet and the referee stopped the match before Zeke was stretchered away.

Result: D.N.F

Remember how VICIOUS @FightOwensFight can be! 😲#WWERaw

Grade: C

Finn Balor was out next and told the Mysterios that he was a 'danger' and warned them about the match tonight. Priest challenged Edge to a singles match in the Hall of Famer's hometown of Toronto before threatening to end him.

BREAKING: @ArcherofInfamy just challenged @EdgeRatedR to a one-on-one match in two weeks when #WWERaw returns to Toronto!

Meanwhile, backstage, Rey could not find Dominik and Edge offered to be at ringside for his match with Balor but the luchador declined.

Rey Mysterio vs. Finn Balor on RAW

Balor had the early advantage and Rey came back with some high-flying moves. Rollins went for the three amigos but Rey blocked the third suplex. Finn tried for an electric chair but the luchador reversed it into a wheelbarrow bulldog for a near fall.

Rey set up for the 619 but Priest got in the way and blocked it with his own face. Back after a break, Rey sent Balor into the barricades before Priest got in his face. Rey attempted to get back in the ring but Priest got a cheap shot and dropped him on the apron.

Edge came out and attacked Priest, taking him out before getting a near fall with a sunset bomb. Rhea Ripley came out, carrying Dominik on her back, and dropped the young superstar on the entrance ramp. Balor took advantage of the distraction and hit a Coupe de Grace for the win.

Result: Finn Balor def. Rey Mysterio

Grade: B+

Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky vs. Dana Brooke & Tamina - Women's Tag Title Tournament on RAW

Dana and Dakota kicked off the match and Tamina was tagged in early before she dropped Dakota on the mat and sent her outside. Brooke came in with a big dive from the top rope before we headed for a break.

If there's anything @itsBayleyWWE absolutely DESPISES more than anything, it's the boos and jeers from the @WWEUniverse!#WWERaw

Back on RAW, Dana took a double team beatdown before Sky hit her with a double knee in the corner. Dakota came in and took a powerbomb for a near fall before Tamina snuck in a tag before taking the fight to Iyo Sky.

Dana went for a cartwheel splash on Dakota on the outside but Bayley dragged Kai out of the way. In the ring, Tamina hit the Samoan Drop on Sky and got a near fall. Kai came in with a scorpion kick before Sky got the moonsault for the win and advanced to the next round of the tag team title tournament.

Result: Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky def. Dana Brooke & Tamina

WOOHOOOOOO! @itsBayleyWWE is ecstatic right nowwwwww!#WWERaw

Grade: B

Kevin Owens was being interviewed backstage and threatened Kevin Patrick before reminding us all that RAW was still the 'Kevin Owens Show.'

There was a car crash in the back with Nikki ASH and Doudrop standing around but no one mentioned it.

We saw Rey Mysterio and Dominik in the doctor's office after the attack on Dom earlier.

THIS is what happens after @RheaRipley_WWE finds you......@DomMysterio35 #WWERaw

Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Ciampa - United States Title match on RAW

Lashley got the early advantage and went for a stalling vertical suplex before Ciampa got out of a powerslam and hit some big chop blocks. Lashley got a huge elbow strike before Ciampa fled the ring to regroup. Lashley followed him out and lifted Ciampa before dropping him on the Miz.

What. A. Match.As @NXTCiampa & @fightbobby clash over the #USTitle on #WWERaw, @mikethemiz & @AJStylesOrg get into a clash of their own!

Back after a break on RAW, Ciampa got some big moves in and got a near fall but failed to get The Fairytale Ending. Lashley came back with a spear but the Miz put Ciampa's foot on the ropes to break the pin. AJ Styles rushed Miz at ringside and sent him over the barricades before Ciampa tried to roll Lashley up off the distraction.

Styles and Miz ran through the ring and Ciampa sent Lashley into an exposed turnbuckle before getting a near fall. Ciampa reversed the Hurt Lock and locked in the DIY but the champ got out. Ciampa got the Willow's Bell before getting another near fall. Lashley locked in the Hurt Lock and that was it as Ciampa submitted to the champ.

Result: Bobby Lashley def. Ciampa to retain the United States Title

Grade: A

We saw footage of AJ Styles and The Miz brawling backstage as the match was ongoing and they were booked in a no-DQ match later in the night.

TONIGHT on #WWERaw@AJStylesOrg vs. @mikethemizWho does the stipulation favor?

Omos vs. Promotional Talent on RAW

Who is this team? Wrong answers only.#WWERaw

Omos was out next for a 2-on-1 handicap match against some local competitors. Omos dominated the match and tossed his opponents around before getting the double chokeslam and the pin with one foot.

Result: Omos def. Promotional Talent

Grade: D

Seth Rollins was backstage and said that he was done with Riddle. Rollins mocked Riddle and called himself the 'gatekeeper of WWE'. The Visionary wanted the former US Champion to retire or he will make him do so like he did to Cody Rhodes.

Chad Gable vs. Dolph Ziggler on RAW

Can the hometown boy @HEELZiggler take down @WWEGable on #WWERaw in Cleveland?

The two traded holds early on before Gable got some big moves and took control of the match. The Alpha Academy member got a few near falls before Dolph dodged a moonsault before hitting a DDT.

Gable got the Ankle Lock in before Dolph rolled out of it but missed the Famouser. The former got the Ankle Lock once more before Ziggler broke out, dodged the Angle Slam, and hit a Superkick for the win.

Result: Dolph Ziggler def. Chad Gable

Grade: C

The Miz vs. AJ Styles on RAW - No Disqualification Match

Does @mikethemiz have a strategy against @AJStylesOrg in this No Disqualification main event on #WWERaw?

The match went outside early on and Miz sent Styles into the steel steps before Miz found a kendo stick and The Phenomenal One got a steel chair. They headed to the announcers' desk and climbed onto it before Miz dropped Styles from the top and sent him over the barricades.

Back after a break on RAW, Styles set up a table at ringside before the A-Listerattacked him with a kendo stick before using the weapon to lock in a crossface. Styles recovered and attacked Miz with the kendo stick before getting a low blow with it.

Ciampa interfered and tried to suplex The Phenomenal One through the table outside but Styles knocked him off the apron and Ciampa went through the table instead.

Such a satisfying table break!@AJStylesOrg #WWERaw

Miz used the direction to try for a rollup but AJ kicked it. The Miz dodged the forearm before getting the Skull Crushing Finale for a near fall. Miz was kicked into a steel chair in the corner before AJ got the Styles Clash for the win.

Result: AJ Styles def. The Miz

What is Dexter Lumis doing on RAW?
What is Dexter Lumis doing on RAW?

Dexter Lumis from NXT was spotted in the arena for a split second and was dragged away by cops as the show went off the air.

Grade: A

Episode rating: B

The Women's Tag Title Tournament kicked off tonight on RAW while Bayley and her faction Control set up a match at WWE Clash at the Castle.

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Edited by Debottam Saha
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