WWE Raw: 5 reasons why Bobby Roode is now Robert Roode

Bobby Roode is now Robert Roode
Bobby Roode is now Robert Roode
Abhilash Mendhe

Tonight's edition of Monday Night Raw came in the wake of last week's Superstar Shake-up, which ended up completely changing the landscape of both brands. The biggest acquisition for Raw turned out to be The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles.

Although SmackDown Live lost its most popular Superstar, it landed The Big Dog, Roman Reigns, touted by Mr. McMahon as being "the biggest acquisition in SmackDown Live history".

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The Glorious One, Bobby Roode remained on the red brand, and this left the fans of the former TNA Superstar in worry. Roode's talent had been wasted on the main roster and he desperately needed a switch. Although the switch didn't happen, Bobby Roode ended up getting a character change!

Before his match against Ricochet, Roode stated how Chad Gable was nothing but dead weight and he sees Ricochet as being a lot like his former partner. Roode's new persona included a mustache and a brand new name, "Robert Roode"! Let's look into 5 reasons why Bobby Roode became Robert Roode.

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#5 The right look

The right look for a heel
The right look for a heel

Roode is now a heel, as was displayed by his comments on his former partner before his match against Ricochet. What better way to make him look like one than trimming out the extra hair and leaving a snarky mustache?

The fans had become used to seeing Roode as a babyface, and this facial hair change was a much-needed alteration to his persona.

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One look at the new Bobby Roode screams nothing but dastardly heel! The mustache gives off the perfect heelish vibe that his brand new character desperately needs if he wants to ascend to the main event scene on the red brand.

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#4 Down with the TNA name

Roode in TNA
Roode in TNA

There was a time when TNA was dubbed as being WWE's competition. Bobby Roode was one of the most popular Superstars in the promotion at the time. When he came into WWE, the name stayed with the charismatic Superstar. His move to the main roster didn't do him any favors and Roode became just another mid-card guy.

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A possible reason why Roode's name was changed could be WWE wanting to completely erase the memory fans had with the name "Bobby Roode". It's no secret that Bobby Roode enjoyed his best run as a part of the TNA roster, whereas the character failed gloriously on the WWE roster.

Although WWE can't claim him as being a homegrown Superstar, it's trying to change his persona as well as his name to completely erase the name of Bobby Roode, former TNA Superstar.

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#3 This move is way better than a brand switch

Roode's SmackDown debut
Roode's SmackDown debut

Before the Superstar Shake-up, the WWE Universe was clamoring for a possible brand switch for Roode. His star had been fizzling rapidly ever since he arrived on the Raw roster last year.

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Roode spent the better part of 2018 dangling in the mid-card with Chad Gable. Let's be honest here. Another switch couldn't have done any favors for Roode. He would have been sent to SmackDown Live again and would have ended up suffering the same fate as he did on Monday Night Raw.

Now though, the Superstar is equipped with a fresh character that seems to have potential. He can still be saved and turned into one of the biggest Superstars on the red show if the new gimmick is handled properly by the higher-ups.

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#2 The Glorious gimmick had run its course

WWE dropped the ball with the Glorious gimmick
WWE dropped the ball with the Glorious gimmick

Remember how over Bobby Roode was when he was in NXT?

He was given the gimmick of "The Glorious One", and he ran with it. Roode made one of the most memorable entrances in NXT history when he came out to "Glorious" at NXT TakeOver: Toronto.

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Then, Roode got called up on the main roster and his downfall kicked off. Roode's "Glorious" gimmick had tons of potential to make him a top star on the blue brand, but the character needed to be handled well.

Roode lost his WrestleMania 34 match and was soon drafted to Raw, where he was put in a makeshift tag team with Gable. The creative had managed to ruin the gimmick by turning Roode into another NXT call-up who wasn't pushed on the main roster.

The gimmick was beyond saving at this point and this character change was the best thing to happen to Roode.

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#1 A natural heel

Roode as a heel in NXT
Roode as a heel in NXT

When Bobby Roode made his way to the main roster, he came out as a babyface. This didn't sit well with the fans as the guy was a natural heel. There are some Superstars who are destined to play the heel character, and they never work as a babyface. Roode is one of those Superstars.

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The babyface Roode didn't do much for the fans on the blue brand, but WWE kept trying the same when he switched to Monday Night Raw. Now, Robert Roode is a full-fledged heel, the way he was always supposed to be.

His promo before his bout with Ricochet reminded fans of why they loved him as a heel. This heel turn was a long time coming and there's still hope for Roode. If the creative runs with this gimmick, it has the potential to turn Roode into one of the most hated heels on the Raw roster.

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