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WWE RAW: 5 reasons why Seth Rollins asked his faction to stay away

  • Why did The Beastslayer keep his team away?
Amit Shukla
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Modified 11 Mar 2020, 09:43 IST

This is personal
This is personal

This week's episode saw the fallout from the Elimination Chamber event, and Seth Rollins got the upper hand on his nemesis during the closing moments of the show. It was an attack that no one saw coming as Seth Rollins asked Murphy and AOP to stay away as he delivered two stomps to Kevin Owens.

The WWE Universe has seen Seth Rollins fall to Kevin Owens' stunner in the past, but this week the situation changed when KO was on the receiving end. It is a tale between two of the best Superstars in the company right now, and with WrestleMania fast approaching, one can expect nothing but sheer brilliance by these two individuals.

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Kevin and Seth have a long and storied history, and with it coming into play again, the fans have a treat by their side. We know that there is no line that they can't cross and no act that they can't perform between the ropes to entice the fans and make this storyline more engaging.

Seth Rollins as the Monday Night Messiah and Kevin Owens as his opponent is a good idea, but why did he ask his faction to stay away as he attacked KO. I list down my thoughts and welcome yours in the comments section.

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So without further ado, let's get down to it:

#5 Set An Example


When you lead a group, you need to set an example for the others to follow, and Seth Rollins decided to do the same this week by taking out Kevin Owens with two devastating curb stomps. The former Universal Champion has triggered as well as carried out various storylines in the past, and he did the same this time too.

The Monday Night Messiah wanted to show his disciples that you need to fight your own battles, and this one required his attention more than anyone else. Seth didn't hesitate from putting out the former Universal Champion, because as a leader, you need to set an example that becomes the path for your team to follow.

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Published 11 Mar 2020, 09:43 IST
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