4 Chainsaw Man characters whose age is known (and 4 whose age is a mystery)

Chainsaw Man (Image via MAPPA)
Chainsaw Man (Image via MAPPA)

With the rising popularity of Chainsaw Man, viewers are becoming more attached to the characters on a daily basis. However, many fans across the world know very little about their favorite characters, particularly their age. While the ages of several of the characters have been disclosed, the ages of others have remained hidden.

Season 1 of Chainsaw Man ended on October 12, 2022, and now its fans can't wait for season 2. The first season of Chainsaw Man concluded with a new character teasing Denji, signaling the start of another adventure for the surviving squad, who had just begun to regain their breath from the events in the previous episode.

The main episode concluded with Denji and Aki getting their vengeance on the Katana Man by beating him around, tying him up, and not allowing him to draw his katanas after Denji cut through him. Makima provided a full report on Akane's passing, the state of the Katana Man, and the situation of the Gun Devil in front of a high-level official.

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Denji and three other Chainsaw Man characters whose age is known

1) Denji

Denji is the main character in the manga and anime series Chainsaw Man. In the anime series, he is 16 years old, although, in the manga, he has already celebrated his 17th birthday. As a young boy, Denji took over his father's debts to the Yakuza. When he meets Pochita, he decides to become a devil hunter for the Yakuza to try to pay off his debts.

However, when the Yakuza, led by a devil, betrayed him, he died, and Pochita became his heart. Denji is now known as the Chainsaw Man and has become a Public Safety Devil Hunter after encountering Makima.

2) Captain Kishibe

Captain Kishibe, who is in his early 50s, is next on the list. He was officially introduced in episode 10 of Chainsaw Man and Chapter 29 of the manga. According to Makima, Kishibe is Tokyo Special Division 4's most powerful fighter, followed closely by the Angel Devil.

Kishibe has contracts with at least three devils, all of whom have been considered dangerous. He believes that the most dangerous devil hunters are not courageous or strong, but crazy because they are fearless. At first, Kishibe wasn't thought to be anyone special, but he ended up beating two monsters that worked for Quanxi without much trouble.

3) Kobeni Higashiyama

Kobeni Higashiyama (Image via MAPPA)
Kobeni Higashiyama (Image via MAPPA)

Kobeni Higashiyama, who is 20 years old, comes next in the Chainsaw Man character list of characters whose age has been revealed. She was a Public Safety Devil Hunter who began her career as a fresh recruit with Makima's experimental team and resigned when she fought against the Darkness Devil in Hell. She's portrayed as incredibly cowardly, with only occasional displays of bravery.

When she fought Katana Man and Akane Sawatari, she was shown to be cool-headed and efficient, forcing both of them to retreat; however, when the fight was over, she started to panic once again.

4) Aki Hayakawa

Chainsaw Man's Aki Hayakawa (Image via MAPPA)
Chainsaw Man's Aki Hayakawa (Image via MAPPA)

Aki Hayakawa worked for Makima's special unit as a public safety devil hunter. If his age is taken into account, Makima indicated that he entered the public safety agency three years before Denji. Given that he joined the department at the earliest age of 15 in order to assassinate the Gun Devil, he would be 19 to 21 years old.

In the story Chainman Saw, Aki was under contract with not only the Fox Devil but also with the Curse Devil and the Future Devil at one point in his life. He was slain and possessed by 20% of the Gun Devil in the Gun Devil arc, becoming the Gun Fiend's host. He was a deuteragonist of the Public Safety Saga's introductory arc through the International Assassins arc and an unsuspecting major antagonist of the Gun Devil arc as the Gun Fiend.

Four Chainsaw Man characters whose age has not been revealed

1) Makima

Chainsaw Man's Makima (Image via MAPPA)
Chainsaw Man's Makima (Image via MAPPA)

Makima was a high-ranking devil hunter for the Department of Public Safety, and she took Denji in as her human pet. She is eventually revealed to be the Control Devil, who represents the fear of control and never truly ages. She appears to be in her early 20s, but her age has never been revealed.

While it is unknown how old she is, she recalls World War II and the rise of the Nazis. Upon her death, she is reborn as Nayuta. Makima has shown over and over again that she is a very clever, manipulative, and smart person. Like Gun Devil, Makima comes to terms with the fact that she is not a decent person and instead sees herself as a necessary evil, a weapon under the command of the Japanese government.

2) Power

Power (Image via Chainsaw Man)
Power (Image via Chainsaw Man)

Power's age is also not known in Chainsaw Man. In her Blood Devil form, Power takes the shape of a towering humanoid with four limbs and a mainly pale physique, while the corpse she inhabits is that of a young lady or girl with long hair. Her head is pointy and crimson, with sharp fangs and two round eyes with cross-shaped pupils.

Power is a frequent liar who acts like a spoilt child and is motivated almost completely by her own selfishness and greed. Power suffers from severe PTSD after returning from Hell. Upon witnessing the impact of the Darkness Devil, she is convinced that she would be consumed by the Darkness Devil if she is alone.

3) Quanxi

Quanxi's age, like the ages of numerous other characters, is not revealed in the Chainsaw Man manga. She is a tall woman with cream hair pulled back in a ponytail, an eye patch over her right eye, and a brown left eye. If one were to guess, she may be 50 years old or older.

Quanxi, widely known as The First Devil Hunter, is a Crossbow Devil hybrid and a well-known Chinese devil hunter. She plays a key role in the International Assassins storyline and a supporting role in the Control Devil narrative. Quanxi encountered Kishibe while he was young while working as a devil hunter.

4) Reze

Last on the list is Reze, also known as Lady Reze or Bomb Girl, who is a Soviet Union Bomb Devil hybrid in Chainsaw Man. Reze seems to be a young lady or girl with a thin physique. She has purple hair and emerald-green eyes. She is depicted to be 18 or 19 years old but her age is not revealed in the manga.

Reze is introduced as a compassionate and charming girl who treats everyone with respect and is excited about everything. However, it was subsequently discovered that this was all part of her plan. Reze is the main antagonist in the titular Bomb Girl arc and a minor antagonist in the Control Devil arc. She was dispatched to Japan with the aim of stealing the Chainsaw Man's heart.

This is far from a complete list of notable characters in Chainsaw Man. While the anime is known for its strong material, some recurring anime-only characters have minimal roles in the manga. Similarly, many who will play important roles in the story are yet to be introduced in the anime, and it will be intriguing to watch how fans react to Chainsaw Man season 2.