5 Naruto characters who can rival Jinchuriki single-handedly (& 5 who don't stand a chance)

All the Jinchuriki from Naruto, from the Naruto manga (Image via Shueisha)
All the Jinchuriki from Naruto, from the Naruto manga (Image via Shueisha)

The Jinchuriki, or Tailed Beast holders, are staples of the Naruto series. The Tailed Beasts give major boosts in power, speed, and a dazzling array of nearly godlike abilities.

Fighting Jinchuriki either requires overwhelming power or very specialized attacks with teams working in sync. The Akatsuki were able to round up the Tailed Beasts and seal them, but that was a group effort. Individuals like Pain or Madara Uchiha would be able to fight them single-handedly, but solo actors like Orochimaru wouldn't.

Here are five Naruto characters that can triumph over Jinchurki, and 5 that wouldn't.

Note: Spoilers and abridged histories included for Naruto and Shippuden.

Note 2: No fellow Jinchuriki (Naruto, Killer Bee, etc.)

5 Naruto characters who can trounce Jinchuriki:

1) Madara Uchiha

The penultimate boss of Naruto, Madara Uchiha, has a history of dealing with Tailed Beasts. He founded the Hidden Leaf with Harashima Senju, the First Hokage, and thanks to Black Zetsu's manipulations was resolved to attack the Leaf.

He used Kurama to do so, and the clash between him and the First Hokage created The Valley of the End. He also managed to rewrite his death and awaken the Rinnegan.

When he was revived, he had his Rinnegan and his Susanoo that were able to overwhelm all five of the Kage at the tail end of the Shinobi World War. He was able to fight off, or at least stop, the Tailed Beasts balls and fight and stab Naruto and Sasuke. He also sealed the Ten Tailed Beast into himself, but that was a late-stage desperation maneuver.

Bottom line, he could take on Jinchuriki himself if needed and proved it during the war.

2) Kaguya Ōtsutsuki


The Mother of All Chakra, Kaguya was sent to Earth to harvest the Chakra fruit from the God Tree. Instead, she ate said fruit, and became a god. Her chakra control and powers were so vast that she created multiple dimensions and could control multiple elements. It took her sons months to seal her up and, when Black Zetsu reawakened her, it took all of Team 7 plus Obito sacrificing himself to permanently seal her up.

To put it bluntly, her powers were nothing short of godlike. She made entire dimensions made of certain elements like Earth and ice, and threw Sasuke and Naruto through them. She very nearly killed them on numerous occasions, so she'd be more than good enough to take on the Jinkuriki even if they combined abilities!

3) Pain/Nagato

Nagato was a war orphan only kept afloat thanks to his friends Konan and Yahiko. After negotiations with Hidden Rain went sour and Yahiko died, he rechristened himself Pain and set out to deliver it across the ninja world. He killed Jiraya, nuked Konoha, and wreaked untold havoc with the Six Paths of Pain technique.

Though he was eventually brought down, eventually is the keyword. He tanked a ton of blows from one of his bodies getting disrupted and destroyed by Konahamaru's Rasengan, to Hinata destroying one, to Naruto destroying two, and then having to survive tailed beast bombs. That includes the rasenshurikens thrown at him.

Point being, if Naruto had more than a bit of trouble taking him out, any Jinchuriki would struggle against him.

4) Sasuke Uchiha


One of the last Uchiha clan members and a rather ill-tempered person, Sasuke strode for revenge ever since Itachi murdered the Uchiha clan. He'd get what he wanted, but not before betraying his friends and village. Even after all the betrayal and finally getting his revenge, he was empty and hollow after learning how deep the deception went.

Sasuke is a prodigy of a ninja, capable of devastating attacks with his lightning and fire jutsu. His real ace up his sleeve is the Sharingan eye, his clan's speciality, that allows him to copy moves, teleport, and summon flames hotter than the sun with Amaterasu.

He was able to see Kurama inside Naruto and damage him upon their second fight in Shippuden. After helping seal Kaguya (not to mention stopping Kabuto with Itachi's help), Sasuke was able to nearly kill all the Tailed Beasts in a deranged bid for power.

Naruto and Sasuke clashed multiple times, their final one destroying The Valley of the End and costing them both arms. Sasuke already took on and took down Killer Bee and, if he continued his selfish coup attempt, he would've killed the Kage and the Tailed Beasts.

5) Minato Namikaze


The Fourth Hokage was so quick and deadly he earned the name "Konoha's Yellow Flash." He was able to fight Obito and Kurama, driving Obito out of the village and managing to (with his wife Kushina's help) seal the fox into Naruto. He was able to take on well over 100 ninjas during the Third Great Ninja War without breaking a sweat, and continued to innovate with such jutsu as the Rasengan.

When he was revived, he and Naruto shared some of Kurama's chakra and wreaked havoc on Madara and Obito's plans for the Ten Tailed Beast. The legacy of the Yellow Flash is hard to top, even with the other Hokage in line. Any jinchurki that encountered him would've been downed quicker than they could blink.

5 Naruto characters that would be beaten by Jinchuriki

1) Orochimaru


As one of the Legendary Sannin, Orochimaru is the craftiest and sneakiest ninja. His snakelike abilities have enabled him to survive many blows that would otherwise be fatal. He's lived fighting Jinchuriki more than once and has made genjutsu pills specifically designed to knock out jinchuriki and their tailed beasts.

The only problem? He hasn't triumphed over Jinchuriki without trickery. True, he messed with Naruto's seal after his summoned snake swallowed him during the Chunin Exam arc, but he had to run in Shippuden when Naruto went to Four Tailed Fox mode on him. He even said that, without the sudden Rashomon Gates to protect himself, the Tailed Beast Ball would've killed him.

2) Kabuto Yakushi

Orochimaru's second in command/assistant isn't a pushover either. Kabuto's knowledge of medical ninjutsu, coupled with his time as part of Danzo Shimura's Root, made him a lethal threat.

The fact that he was able to slip by people who were technically stronger or more skilled than he was proved he could handle himself, seen during the Chunin Exams arc in Naruto or even crippling Tsunade via slitting his own wrists to paralyze her with hemophobia. He even managed to sever Naruto's heart muscles when he was slammed by Uzumaki's Rasengan, but was barely able to move afterward.

So, if that's the case, why is he here? Well, despite several impressive close-quarter feats and his own version of Sage Mode, he couldn't get the job done on any of the Jinchuriki.

Maybe if his Sage Mode had been perfected and hadn't been stopped by Sasuke and Itachi, but that didn't happen. His version of Sage Mode came far too late to make any difference to the near godlike power Naruto and other Jinchuriki were tapping into by that point in the Fourth Great Ninja War.

3) Zabuza Momochi

Zabuza is akin to Dragon Ball's Raditz or Nappa, a major threat when first appearing but looks less and less as the heroes go on.

Zabuza was one of the deadliest swordsman alive, one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist that terrorized the world following the Third Great Ninja War. His sword, Kubikiribōchō, drank the blood of its victims to sustain itself and Zabuza was a skilled assassin and water jutsu user.

While he was brought down with Kakashi disabling his arms and later succumbing to his wounds upon killing his corrupt employer, Zabuza never had a chance to lock horns with a Jinchuriki. Considering Kakashi was able to disable him and later seal him back when he was revived, it's doubtful he'd be able to kill or beat a jinchuriki, especially at the time of the Shinobi World War.

4) Rock Lee


The hotblooded, bushy browed, taijutsu specialist of the Hidden Leaf Village is not an opponent to be underestimated.

Rock Lee was able to outspeed Sasuke, easily kicking Naruto down during the Chinin Exams and able to hold his own against Gaara in preliminary exam fights. The Eight Gates technique and removing his weighted clothing makes him even faster and gives him more striking power, but also drains his body's stamina and causes him injury.

Lee has already tried fighting a jinchuriki, Gaara, in the original Naruto's Chunin Exams arc. It didn't go well for him, resulting in Lee being disabled while he recovered from his left arm and leg being crushed.

This wouldn't go well if he had to fight another, since his fight with Kimmimaro required Gaara's help, trying to stop the pseudo Jinchuriki Sora didn't go well, and whilst he ran interference during the fight with Madara, he would've died on his own.

5) TenTen


Much like Lee, TenTen is not to be underestimated. She's the Hidden Leaf's weapons master, has several sealing jutsu she can use in conjunction with her weapons, and her scrolls are more than capable of putting everything from large bodies of water to entire ships in them. She also possesses a keen eye and pinpoint accuracy with the weapons as well.

The problem is, much like Lee, she hasn't faired well against Jinchuriki or her own battles. She was knocked out in the Chunin Exams quick by Temari, she wasn't able to do much against Guren and the Three Tails, and was only able to keep the revived Kinkaku distracted so everyone else could get into position to seal him. The Treasured Tools of the Six Paths gave her an edge, but ultimately used up far too much chakra to be viable.