Every Akatsuki member in Naruto, ranked based on evilness

Every Akatsuki member in Naruto ranked based on their evil doings (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Every Akatsuki member in Naruto ranked based on their evil doings (Image via Studio Pierrot)

The Akatsuki within the anime Naruto was a terrorist organization that harbored some really deadly criminals. However, while all of these members had criminal records, many were victims of circumstances that left them with nowhere else to turn.

Thus, in this list, all the Akatsuki members from Naruto have been ranked based on how evil they were in reality. This means that the ranking will be based on whether the members truly had murderous intentions, or if they were simply a victim of fate.


The problem with Akatsuki was that the ideals of the group never justified the things they did which always led to a paradox. They wanted world peace, but their methods were not exactly legal or peaceful.

Even then, people who did something wrong or were shunned by the entire shinobi world for some reason or the other, always found a home within this organization.

Itachi Uchiha and 9 other Akatsuki members in Naruto ranked from least evil to most evil

10) Konan


Konan is one of the original members of Akatsuki back when it was formed by her friends Yahiko and Nagato in Naruto. There is no doubt that she is probably the least evil amongst every other member within that group.

Konan was someone who existed in the group because she shared the same vision as Nagato and Yahiko, which was to obtain peace in the shinobi world. She was someone who suffered right from childhood as her parents were murdered at a very young age and she became an orphan.

Since then, she only had two friends alongside her, even though Yahiko was also killed at one point. Hence, she spent the rest of her life with Nagato, her only remaining family.

In fact, it would be safe to say that Konan was probably the most calm and level-headed person amongst every other shinobi within Akatsuki.

9) Itachi Uchiha


Itachi joined the Akatsuki in the anime Naruto, after he had nowhere else to go on account of being branded a murderer by the entire shinobi world. Under the command of the Hidden Leaf authority, Itachi murdered his entire clan in order to prevent a coup by the Uchiha.

The issue is that, while the Third Hokage and Danzo Shimura knew the truth, the rest of the world looked at Itachi as a cold-blooded figure, including his brother as well. Eventually, Sasuke got to know the truth, but in the early days he saw Itachi as another evil person who was part of the terrorist group, the Akatsuki.

However, Itachi was part of the group, not because he wanted to. He thought being close to the enemy would help him gather intel on the masked man who claimed himself to be Madara Uchiha.

He thought that if he could find some crucial information then that would help to prevent any impending disaster. It was purely due to sheer badluck that Itachi got involved in so many things and was branded titles which he never deserved.

8) Pain


Pain, also known as Nagato, was someone whom many Naruto fans would brand as a villain at a first glance. Obviously, there are strong reasons to do that, since Pain killed Jiraiya sensei, destroyed the leaf village and was one of the primary founders of the Akatsuki that everyone knew was a terrorist organization.

However, Pain did not do this out of self-enjoyment, rather he did all this because he felt betrayed by the path which he tried to take several years back. Back when Nagato was a kid, he lost his parents, his best friend Yahiko and faced numerous hardships on account of political conflict between several nations.

This led him to believe that there is nothing like peace in the world and thus he adopted the persona of Pain. While many might argue that hardships are a way of life, the circumstances that Nagato found himself in during his early days never presented any legitimate routes for him to pursue.

He was someone who truly wanted to end the vicious cycle of hatred in the shinobi world, which was a noble cause. Unfortunately, his past made him commit deeds which cannot be considered noble.

7) Obito Uchiha


Obito Uchiha was also one of the members of Akatsuki in Naruto, who was not exactly evil. During his childhood, Obito was a bright and energetic kid who wanted to become a hokage.

However, things did not pan out as expected, since he got crushed under a rock, lost half his body, saw the woman he loved get killed by his best friend and was brain-washed by Madara Uchiha himself. These incidents led him to follow some convoluted ideals which led to the things he did.

He also believed that peace is something that cannot be achieved by normal means and that he needed to put everyone under a genjutsu to reach the aforementioned goal. However, if the Five Nations just agreed to this, he would happily let everyone live as he ultimately wanted everyone to be at peace, instead of at each other's throats.

6) Deidara


Deidara was probably one of the most complicated Akatsuki members within the anime Naruto. This is because, while he was part of the terrorist organization, the way he saw his opponents and the way he fought was very different from others.

He did not have any ulterior motive of obtaining peace, nor did he care about exacting vegeance on anyone. He was rather more interested in perfecting his art, which involved creating bombs using ninjutsu.

In fact, he used to treat his enemies with respect in case they ended up showing some form of art that he deemed worthy. Deidara might be considered evil, but there is no doubt that his actions were more driven by art, rather than intent for murder.

5) Hidan


Hidan was probably one of the most evil members within the terrorist gang Akatsuki in the anime Naruto. He was someone who had no remorse and no form of sympathy for anyone.

He used to torment his enemies and he took quite a lot of pride in doing so. In fact, he was someone who firmly believed that shinobi needed to kill each other and that it was the only way to live.

Hidan is a character who can be classified as insane because his method of functioning is based only on cruelty.

4) Kakuzu


Kakuzu is someone who can be considered a bounty hunter amongst the Akatsuki in Naruto. He was someone who could be considered as extremely greedy and his goals depended on what earned him the highest profits.

This meant that he would kill anyone as long as the money involved was good. He also had no sense of remorse and this behavior of his often extended even towards his own allies.

In fact, Kakuzu and Hidan disliked each other, despite both being cold-hearted killers.

3) Sasori


Sasori did not have a very pleasant childhood. He never knew his parents and was raised by his grandmother. However, he was introduced to the art of puppetry and he tried to create his parents using this art.

Unfortunately, puppets do not reciprocate love, which resulted in him becoming cold and aloof. The problem was that this cold nature of his led to the growth of cruelty within him, which in turn led to the birth of evil.

While he did consider his puppetry an art, he used the same to commit henious crimes. He was definitely loyal to the Akatsuki, but that meant he would go to any lengths to ensure its safety.

In fact, he had no attachments to his own village as well, since he killed the Third Kazekage which led to his own home descending into massive turmoil. Sasori even turned the Third Kazekage's body into a puppet for his own collection.

2) Kisame


Kisame is one of those characters within Naruto, who always loved to fight. He was always up for a battle, but when it came to dealing with his foes, he was sadistic and brutal.

In fact, there was a moment where he considered cutting off Naruto's legs while the Akatsuki were making plans to capture him. Kisame felt that it would be very easy to carry Naruto that way.

Kisame loved mutilating his enemies mercilessly, which definitely made him quite dangerous even amongst the Akatsuki. However, one thing is for sure that Kisame was also level-headed in battle and he was quite good with both his weapon as well as his movement.

Kisame also considered Itachi a great friend within the anime Naruto and was deeply saddened upon hearing the news of the latter's death.

1) Black Zetsu


The last entrant on this list, Black Zetsu is arguably the most evil Akatsuki member amongst all. This is because, Black Zetsu is basically the will of Kaguya Otsutsuki and its only purpose was to revive the mother of all shinobi.

Basically, everything that has happened within Naruto, up until the resurrection of Kaguya, was a decisive plan by Black Zetsu. This entity even brainwashed Madara Uchiha, who was actually under the impression that he was crafting all the plans.

Thus, there is no doubt that Black Zetsu is the most evil as its motives and plan led to countless deaths throughout the entire anime.

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