One Piece Chapter 1050: Demise of the Yonko, Wano's new shogun, and more

One Piece chapter 1050 proves itself to be one of the most divisive issues in the series (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
One Piece chapter 1050 proves itself to be one of the most divisive issues in the series (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

One Piece Chapter 1050 scanlations were finally released last night, and with them came a development in the Wano arc that has split the fandom in two. It seems that Big Mom and Kaido are defeated. While that can change as quickly as within one chapter, most fans believe that this One Piece Chapter 1050 is indeed the end of the two Yonko.

This news has obviously upset a large portion of the fan base, with One Piece Chapter 1050 being given unfavorable reviews in retaliation. While an adequate issue overall, One Piece Chapter 1050 can’t help but be divisive based on the news it implicitly delivers.

Follow along as this article breaks down One Piece Chapter 1050 in its entirety.

One Piece Chapter 1050 is potentially the most divisive issue in the series’ history

One Piece Chapter 1050: Wishes granted and revised

One Piece Chapter 1050 opens immediately where the previous chapter left off, showcasing Kaido’s descent through the Wano mainland into its depths. He’s seen transforming back into human form here as a map pops up, showcasing exactly where the two Yonko impacted and how far they’ve fallen.

Per the map, it seems that the two hit the ground with such impact that they went right through the earth into a subterranean magma chamber beneath Wano’s mainland. The chamber is shown having cracks which seem to spill out into the waterfall basin of Wano, potentially hinting at later developments.

The panel immediately after the map shows Kaido breaking through the ceiling of the magma chamber, while the following panels show Yamato catching Luffy from the sky. Kaido and Luffy are seen knocked out after their bout, before the narrator announces that the winner of their battle has been revised. Momo is also seen resting here.

Momotaro as seen in One Piece (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
Momotaro as seen in One Piece (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

Meanwhile, in the Flower Festival, Wano citizens continue to celebrate without realizing that many have just had their wish of freedom and sovereignty granted. A panel quickly cuts back to where Onigashima landed, showing Yamato yelling out in joy that she can’t believe the Straw Hats, saying they really are something.

Readers join the Fire Festival in its final moments, seeing Toko and Tenguyama Hitetsu watching the Sky Lanterns fly. A flashback begins showcasing what happened earlier in the festival. The former is seen asking the latter about her father. Toko says that she heard someone say that Yasuie let himself get caught and die because he knew they’d kill him for his former status and glory.

Toko asks Tenguyama why her father let himself get caught, visibly shocking and saddening Tenguyama as she asks this. A flashback to Yasuie’s death scene is shown, before he answers that Yasuie died to give Wano one last chance at freedom.

He says that, without her father’s sacrifice, the country’s “embers of hope would’ve been snuffed out,” and that he sacrificed himself for the future of Wano. A mini-flashback plays which sees Toko eating the SMILE Fruit for the first time, with Yasuie asking her if she ate it or not. Upon realizing that she has, in fact, eaten it, he also eats it in solidarity with his daughter.

Back in the overarching flashback, Tenguyama adds that Yasuie sacrificed himself for Toko’s sake, in the hopes that she could one day live happily. Upon realizing that her father sacrificed for her, she changes her sky lantern message for her father to something which makes Tenguyama begin crying.

He says that there is no greater honor for a samurai, as her sky lantern message changes from “I want to see you daddy” to “thank you, daddy.” Toko and Tenguyama’s happy faces are seen, as they smile and watch her sky lantern fly above the Flower Capital along with everyone else's.

One Piece Chapter 1050: A victory announcement and apparent death

One Piece Chapter 1050 then returns to the site of Onigashima’s landing, where Nekomamushi is watching the sky lanterns float in nostalgia. He quickly turns his attention to the forces present at Onigashima’s landing site, announcing that Luffy has drilled Kaido straight down into the ground and that there’s no doubt of the former’s victory.

He adds that Momonosuke has also safely landed Onigashima via his SMILE Fruit powers. Some samurai are seen expressing their shock over the pink dragon being Momonosuke, which is quickly interrupted by Nekomamushi’s formal victory announcement.

The samurai on the Live Floor are seen happily celebrating the news, alongside Scabbards, Law, and Kid. Apoo is also shown here, but she has an expression of disbelief in regard to Luffy’s victory against Kaido.

Various Straw Hats and samurai are seen celebrating, while Usopp and Franky are shown delivering Okiku and Kin’emon, and Zoro, respectively, to Chopper. Miyagi jumps in to help the lattermost, who begins complaining that too many casualties are coming in.

Back outside Onigashima, One Piece Chapter 1050 shows Momonosuke calling out to Zunesha, telling him that he’s decided not to open the borders just yet after much thought. Zunesha says that they trust his judgment, and they’ll follow his lead. He thanks and apologizes to them, before feeling a rumbling and questioning if it’s an earthquake.

Beast Pirate fodder suddenly appears with weapons in hand, reminding their enemies that they still have a numbers advantage and are willing to fight. They express their disbelief in Kaido’s loss as tension mounts between the two parties, when Yamato suddenly steps in.

She reminds the Beast Pirates that their lives were already spared once during the battle, since they were just saved by their enemy via Onigashima’s safe landing. She then says that she’ll personally fight anyone who’s still looking to cause trouble, which seems to calm the situation for now.

One Piece Chapter 1050 then cuts to a zoomed-out shot of Onigashima, where more speech bubbles discussing the possibility of an earthquake are seen. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on who’s reading, Big Mom and Kaido are then seen being completely submerged by magma underground.

One Piece Chapter 1050 then shifts perspective yet again to Udon prison where Babanuki is being alerted of strange ocean activity by his men. Suddenly, a massive volcanic explosion pops out of the sea from an underwater volcano, as the narrator formally announces Luffy’s victory.

Babanuki and his men are seen with shocked reactions to this latest development, while Luffy is sleeping safe and sound with a smile on his face. Meanwhile, citizens at the Flower Capital have also noticed this explosion, and they wonder if Kaido and his men are up to something.

Momonosuke then suddenly appears to calm his countrymen down, but they hilariously believe him to be Kaido upon first seeing him. Thankfully, the panicked citizens calm down once they hear that he isn’t the Yonko, and that their former tyrant’s defeat was the cause of the explosion and noise they’re hearing.

One Piece Chapter 1050 then begins its final pages by showing Momonosuke transforming into human form with a puff of smoke, from which Hiyori walks out. Citizens nearby comment on her having to be a ghost or a fake, with jokes about her beauty worked in here as well reasoning why it can’t be a fake.

Denjiro then walks out as well, causing citizens to recognize him as Kyoshiro and ask what happened to his pompadour. In One Piece Chapter 1050’s final panel, he begins the group’s story by announcing the introduction of the new shogun of Wano, who is presumably Momonosuke. One Piece Chapter 1050 announces no series break for next week.

One Piece Chapter 1050: In summation

One Piece Chapter 1050 is certainly a divisive chapter. The review and reception of the issue is indicative of the split fandom, based on the interpretation of its content.

For fans who’re happy that Kaido is defeated this way, the chapter feels like the start of an amazing celebration. Toko and Tenguyama’s flashback discussion is the first heartwarming portion and it is enhanced by the grandeur of the rest of the events. For those fans who aren’t happy with these latest developments, One Piece Chapter 1050 is an incredible letdown.

The formal announcement of Luffy’s victory removes much hope for Kaido not being defeated, as does the latter’s being submerged in magma. Although an enjoyable chapter overall in objective terms, the reception of the issue ultimately comes down to how fans feel about One Piece Chapter 1050’s developments, as well as that of recent prior issues.

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