One Piece Chapter 1049: Flame clouds created, Kaido's backstory begins, and more

Kaido's backstory and defeat both seem to appear in One Piece chapter 1049 (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
Kaido's backstory and defeat both seem to appear in One Piece chapter 1049 (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

One Piece chapter 1049 scanlations were released earlier today, bringing with them the highly anticipated events of the issue. There are several huge highlights in One Piece chapter 1049, and it genuinely feels like a chapter that is prepping viewers for the completion of the Wano arc.

However, there is one element of One Piece chapter 1049 that has fans divided as to whether it serves as a closure or a tease for something more. Regardless of one’s opinion on the matter, One Piece chapter 1049 is undoubtedly an outstanding chapter, even by the Wano arc’s standards.

Follow along as this article breaks down the chapter in detail.

One Piece Chapter 1049 highlight has fans wondering if Onigashima Raid still has more to offer

One Piece Chapter 1049: Kaido’s flashback

One Piece chapter 1049 begins with its cover page, showing Niji and Yonji’s book being burned, setting them free. This One Piece chapter is titled The World You Wish For referencing a line spoken by one of the characters in the chapter.

The chapter picks up where the last issue left off. The conflict between Kaido and Luffy continues in this chapter, as it did in the previous issue. The former congratulates the latter for coming this far, before telling him he’ll never be able to change the world. This begins the highly-anticipated Kaido flashback, which takes viewers back to his time, when he was a ten year old, in the Vodka Kingdom.

It’s established that, even at ten years old, he’s the strongest soldier in the Vodka Kingdom. The flashback then jumps ahead roughly 3 years (46 years before the current point in the story), showing Kaido as a 13 year old boy now. He’s talking to the King of the Vodka Kingdom, who is iterating that war is their only option to come up with the money for the Celestial Tribute.

Kaido asks why the king lets the Celestial Dragons order him around like that, but the king simply responds that they’ve offered Kaido up to the Marines. Kaido screams out against becoming a “government dog,” while the king explains that the kingdom simply can’t handle him.

A marine representative who's present claims that if Kaido is given to them, the Vodka Kingdom will be guaranteed a place at the next Reverie. The latter screams out that he’s not a political bargaining chip before the scene shifts to a Marine ship, where Kaido has just fled to.

Hilariously, the idea of Kaido being caught on purpose for free meals is introduced here, infuriating the Marines on board. This certainly explains why he, The Strongest Creature, would allow himself to be captured onboard a Navy ship no less than 18 times.

After that, the flashback jumps two years forward, showing a 15-year-old Kaido skirmishing on Fullalead Island. This appears to be the same island where Blackbeard was last seen, and it has been converted into his headquarters for operations. The island appears to have been a sanctuary for pirates 44 years ago.

Onlookers applaud Kaido's strength despite him being young after he appears to have won a fight in the flashback. A young Whitebeard suddenly appears, calling out to him and saying Rocks wants to talk with him. The next panel shows the Rocks Pirates Ship, as someone announces that Kaido has officially joined their crew.

Meanwhile, Big Mom visits Kaido's quarters on their ship, telling him that they must go to God Valley because it is crucial. The next panel appears to take place after the God Valley tragedy, at Fullalead Island, where the fall of Rocks and his crew is being discussed.

Rumors spread about their defeat, with one claiming that internal strife caused their downfall, while another states, correctly, that a Marine named Garp defeated them.The next panel shows a woman who is dressed similarly to how Big Mom did at the time screaming out for Kaido, asking where he went.

The flashback then leaps forward once more, this time to ten years in the future, or 34 years prior to where the narrative is now. Kurozumi Higurashi is shown conversing with Kaido, establishing his new moniker "Embodiment of Brutality." She goes on to say that cruelty has always been how humans solved their problems throughout history.

It's unclear, but Higurashi appears to be continuing, claiming that humans are just like any other animal, and that survival of the fittest is their true essence. Kaido responds that he completely agrees, implying that everything would now concentrate around the former members of Rocks' team.

Higurashi claims that weapons influence the world in which they exist, and she has a proposal for him based on this. Kaido, in what seems to be Onigashima on the Live Floor, declares to his crew his intention to demonstrate to the "peace loving" nobles the hellish reality of war. He claims that the only way to determine one's true worth is in battle, when ''everyone is equal, and anarchy reigns free."

Kaido is then seen back in his throne room, telling King that Yamato mentioned Joy Boy, somehow learning the name. He continues, saying that Oden wanted to open Wano for Joy Boy’s arrival. As the flashback ends and One Piece chapter 1049 returns to the present, he tells King that he knows who Joy Boy is.

One Piece Chapter 1049: Onigashima falls?

One Piece chapter 1049 then returns to the present, where Luffy and Kaido are continuing their clash of attacks with Haki. The CP0 agent with the flowery mask is seen escaping from Onigashima at this time, likely having collected all the information he needs and surmising the outcome of the battle.

Meanwhile, Momonosuke expresses his faith in Luffy, while Yamato advises him to "do it," referring to creating his own flame clouds. As images of the Flower Capital and the interior of Onigashima are visible, he screams for his flame clouds to obey him, but to no avail.

Kawamatsu’s group is seen looking at a section of Onigashima castle, which seems to be still on fire. Then Raizou and Jinbe appear, the former declaring that the water of Zou will save everyone. Robin and Brook are seen unconscious in the water, due to their Devil Fruits and Zou’s water being ocean water.

Other characters, such as Law and Apoo, are seen being swept away by the water or allowing it to pass them by as it erupts near Kawamatsu's party. Usopp, Kin’emon, Okiku, Nami, Otama, and Chopper are seen in the next two panels, before the water is seen rushing out and off of Onigashima.

Sanji is seen still with the geisha from before and her mouse, Osome-chan, as are Franky and Zoro, where the former seems to hilariously yell at others for getting washed away. One Piece chapter 1049 then shifts viewpoint to the Treasure Hall, where Denjiro embraces Hiyori and lauds her for her years of silent suffering.

Onigashima, on the other hand, begins to fall as Kaido's flame clouds fade away. Yamato and Momonosuke are taken aback by this development, knowing full well the ramifications of Onigashima's lack of Flame Clouds. The focus of One Piece chapter 1049 goes back to the Kaido against Luffy segment, with the former having a question for the latter.

He asks his opponent what kind of world he wishes to make, while their clash of attacks and Haki rages on. Perspective then bounces back to Momonosuke, who once more commands flame clouds to appear, with this attempt being successful, shocking himself as much as he shocks Yamato. With this, Onigashima is secured, and Kaido can be defeated without worry.

One Piece Chapter 1049: A knockout blow?

The focus of One Piece chapter 1049 shifts back to Kaido and Luffy, who appear to be nearing the end of their battle. He responds that he wants to create a world where his friends can eat as much as they want as his fist breaks through the former's offensive.

Luffy screams how that's the kind of world he'd enjoy as he fully lands his punch on Kaido. The former is launched at rapid speed into the ground of mainland Wano, where he collides with such force that a dragon-shaped hole forms around him.

Continuing their flashback conversation from earlier, Kaido tells King that Joy Boy is the man who can defeat him. King responds that he doesn’t think he’ll ever appear if that’s the case, as Onigashima is seen descending safely to mainland Wano.

Citizens of Wano are seen smiling and happy, as two sky lanterns are seen, which read “please vanquish the scary dragon” and “restore the Kozuki clan.” In One Piece chapter 1049’s final moments, Onigashima safely lands, as Momonosuke and Luffy both pass out from pure exhaustion. Unfortunately, the series is set to go on break next week.

One Piece Chapter 1049: In summation

Despite all signs pointing to Kaido versus Luffy ending as of One Piece chapter 1049, there are some fans who believe that the fight isn’t quite over yet. One significant piece of evidence to support this is that the narrator has not officially declared Luffy the winner. This has been the case for every Onigashima fight so far, including the first round of their fight where Kaido won.

Additionally, fans feel that Kaido’s flashback isn’t quite over yet, and still has more to show via an additional round of their bout. Fans believe that Kaido’s Awakening will finally and formally be announced here, with him using it as a means of revival for the next round of his fight with Luffy.

While it’s possible that One Piece chapter 1049 marks the end of their battle, the lack of a formal announcement from the narrator is certainly odd. Eiichiro Oda, the series' author, is meticulous in his attention to detail and would not have overlooked something that happened in every other fight.

Regardless, One Piece chapter 1049 is a fantastic chapter that either finishes or sets up the Onigashima Raid's conclusion. Be sure to keep up with everything One Piece related, be it anime, manga, film, video game, and live-action news as 2022 progresses.

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