One Piece Chapter 1055: Shanks flexes his Haki, Ancient Wano and Pluton unveiled, and more

Fans have now taken to calling Shanks "Haki-Man" after his impressive use of Conqueror's in One Piece Chapter 1055 (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
Fans have now taken to calling Shanks "Haki-Man" after his impressive use of Conqueror's in One Piece Chapter 1055 (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

One Piece Chapter 1055 scanlations were released in the late evening hours of Thursday, July 28, and delivered an issue that lived up to the full summary spoilers. Furthermore, to the delight of fans everywhere, One Piece Chapter 1055 proves to be as lore-heavy as initial and full spoilers suggested.

For fans, One Piece Chapter 1055 is an exciting issue that appears to set the series up for the final descent into the Wano arc. While still unconfirmed, the quick pacing of One Piece Chapter 1055 seems to indicate that creator and illustrator Eiichiro Oda is eager to start whatever comes next.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down One Piece Chapter 1055 in its entirety.

One Piece Chapter 1055 sees Momonosuke muster impressive courage and resolve in the fight against Ryokugyu

One Piece Chapter 1055: Wano’s guardians and Wano’s past

One Piece Chapter 1055, titled New Age, begins with shots of citizens in the Flower Capital celebrating before shifting the perspective of viewers to the Akazaya versus Ryokugyu combat scenes. Momonosuke continues telling Yamato that they can’t fight Ryokugyu, which understandably confuses them. However, he seems to be allowing other Akazaya to attack without issue.

Raizo is seen attacking immediately after with a fire-based Scroll-Scroll Fruit technique, which initially seems very effective against Ryokugyu. This is almost immediately revealed to be a ploy by the Admiral, however, who uses Fireproof Forest before mocking him for thinking the exploitation of such an obvious weakness would work.

Ryokugyu then impales the shinobi with one of his roots, sucking his nutrients out as he did the Beast Pirate prisoners at Udon. Kawamatsu, Denjiro, and Nekomamushi are also impaled shortly thereafter, acknowledging that his roots have a hydra-esque property before their impalement.

One Piece Chapter 1055 then shifts to Kozuki Sukiyaki's secret room, where a panel with stairs descending from the floor is seen. Sukiyaki and Robin are then seen descending the stairs, with Law joining them, explaining that he went looking for the two after noticing their absence from the festivities.

Sukiyaki explains that, despite never telling Orochi or Kaido about this secret passage, they were still able to find the Road Poneglyph in no time because of Jack's being a Fish-man. The other two ask why, but he tells them that it will become clear shortly.

Robin then asks how far down this stairway goes, to which he responds, "a few hundred years deep," clearly confusing her. Robin then sees a crawl space with a dim light shining through, to which Sukiyaki tells her to climb through and see what’s on the other side. He says they should "already be below sea level" as she does this, implying they’ve descended for quite some time now.

After she climbs through, Law teleports beside her, and the two are shocked to see what appears to be Wano but underwater. Sukiyaki then explains that they’re seeing Ancient Wano, which is the country of 800 years prior (lining up perfectly with the timing of the Void Century).

He says that he doesn’t know why it ended up this way before Robin points out that the well-preserved status of the ruins means they must not be submerged in seawater. Sukiyaki confirms this, explaining that Wano was once much larger and located at sea level at the base of Mount Fuji.

However, defensive walls were eventually erected around the island for an unknown reason, trapping any and all rainwater within and eventually submerging the entire country. Thus, citizens climbed up Fuji to escape certain death, creating what has become contemporary Wano. The group then arrive at the end of the passageway, where Wano’s Road Poneglyph awaits them.

As Robin marvels at her crew’s being one Road Poneglyph away from finding Laugh Tale, Sukiyaki explains that they’re in a cavern near the foot of Mount Fuji. He also explains that just below them lies the Ancient Weapon Pluton, but he's never seen it and is unable to show it to them.

This is because reaching the weapon would require opening Wano’s borders, which essentially means taking down the aforementioned defensive walls. This, in turn, would take away their greatest defense as well as unleash Pluton onto the world.

Robin questions why Oden would want this, and he responds that he’s told them everything he knows, and is unsure of what Oden discovered that made him want this for Wano. As he says this, One Piece Chapter 1055 briefly shows citizens celebrating in the Flower Capital once more.

One Piece Chapter 1055: Momo’s new move

The focus then returns to the battle between the Akazaya and Ryokugyu in One Piece Chapter 1055. As this happens, the latter is seen explaining that no single man can stand against the "forces of nature" alone, saying that if Kaido was still in charge, he wouldn’t have come here.

He continues that, while living under his regime was likely horrible, his presence deterred any outside threats from making a move on the country. He then demands Luffy’s head once more, saying he’ll leave as soon as he has it. Yamato tells Momonosuke that they should summon the Straw Hat Pirates, but he refuses, finally explaining why.

The new shogun essentially says that he doesn’t want to taint their send off (with Yamato now being a Straw Hat), emphasizing that those staying behind have to be able to repel threats. He continues that they can’t rely on Luffy, Zoro, Yamato, and the others to defend the country anymore, since they’ll eventually leave (adding that this is what they should do).

He ends by emphasizing that if they depend on those who’ll eventually leave until they leave, they can’t look them in the eyes and promise the safety of Wano as they depart. As Momonosuke orders Ryokugyu to depart, the Admiral mocks him, calling him a spoiled brat despite his draconic appearance.

However, the shogun once more demands his enemy’s departure, as a Blast Breath launches from his mouth unexpectedly. This shocks Ryokugyu and seemingly does enough damage to at least deter him for the moment. He then launches yet another Blast Breath, with the Scabbards expressing their amazement and pride in him (albeit while criticizing his aim).

Despite the fact that the second Blast Breath appears to be incredibly effective, Ryokugyu instead regrows himself from a sprout which seemingly came from the original tree-body. He questions if Momonosuke intends on burning the entire area down before threatening to skewer him from head-to-tail while mocking his Kaido impression.

Suddenly, however, One Piece Chapter 1055 shows fans the distinct black lightning bolts of Conqueror’s Haki emanating from the seas around Wano all the way to Ryokugyu. He begins crying out in pain, seemingly paralyzed from whatever offensive is being launched here.

He correctly deduces that the Red Hair Pirates are here, as One Piece Chapter 1055 cuts to the Red Force itself. On the ship, it seems Shanks’ officers are reprimanding their captain for using his Conqueror’s Haki without warning the crew, as their rookies are now foaming at the mouth.

Shanks, however, seems to ignore this, instead saying he won’t call the Marines cowardly or underhanded for going after Luffy and the others right now. However, he does say it’s “bad form” to target the next generation so shortly after they’ve made pirate history, referencing their defeat of the Beast Pirates and two of the Yonko.

As he says this, flashbacks of his time with a young Luffy, Momonosuke, Hiyori, and even Uta are shown as he questions if the new age frightens Ryokugyu that much. Interestingly, Uta seems to be receiving a Shiki treatment here, being brought into the canon as an existing character while the events of the film she appears in are still considered non-canon.

Nevertheless, One Piece Chapter 1055 then shows Ryokugyu retreating as the Akazaya and Momonosuke celebrate their victory with tears in their eyes. One Piece Chapter 1055 then shifts perspective back to the Flower Capital, where Nami, Chopper, Hiyori, Franky, Otoko, and Brook are seen celebrating.

One Piece Chapter 1055 then shows Luffy, Jinbe, Zoro, and Sanji all on the outskirts of the Flower Capital, expressing relief and joy that Momonosuke and the Akazya handled Ryokugyu. They seemed to have been ready to go at a moment’s notice if their help was needed, which obviously ended up not being the case.

The group then addresses the powerful Haki they just felt, wondering exactly who could’ve produced such a powerful force. While no one gives any definitive answers, Luffy says that a familiar face popped into his head as One Piece Chapter 1055’s final panel seemingly shows Shanks departing the seas around Wano.

In summation

One Piece Chapter 1055 is, overall, a fairly engaging and exciting issue that is filled with lore and significant character and event developments. It seems that Oda is intent on quickly wrapping up whatever remains of the Wano arc, with all the major information fans needed from the arc finally having been revealed.

While it’s possible that the Wano arc continues beyond One Piece Chapter 1055 for a good number of issues, this will likely only be to expand on previously known information. Fans can most definitely expect no additional plotlines to be introduced beyond this point, with the series seemingly finally poised to depart from Wano once and for all.

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