One Piece Chapter 1059 (Full Spoilers): Attack on Amazon Lily, a hero's capture, and more

A three-way matchup in One Piece Chapter 1059 has some major consequences (Image via Sportskeeda)
A three-way matchup in One Piece Chapter 1059 has some major consequences (Image via Sportskeeda)

One Piece Chapter 1059 full summary spoilers were released late Wednesday afternoon, September 7, much to the joy of fans everywhere. While the previously reported Amazon Lily incident in One Piece Chapter 1059 certainly isn’t all the issue addressed, it definitely seems to be a larger part of the chapter than previously suggested by leakers.

Nevertheless, One Piece Chapter 1059 appears to be a very engaging and exciting issue, making some intriguing revelations while also including some worthwhile cameos. Unfortunately, not much seems to happen in One Piece Chapter 1059 outside of Amazon Lily, contrary to what leakers had previously stated.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down the One Piece Chapter 1059 full summary spoilers in their entirety.

One Piece Chapter 1059 sees Marco’s off-screen Wano departure explained, Yamato’s logic behind changing decision, and more

One Piece Chapter 1059: Flashbacks to Wano

One Piece Chapter 1059 begins with its cover page and title, with the chapter being unofficially named The Incident of Captain Koby. The cover page, meanwhile, continues Caesar Clown's adventures in Whole Cake Island, where he’s currently trying to escape with Germa 66. To that end, he’s released a hallucinogenic gas which, as fans can see, has caused Oven and Katakuri to fight each other.

One Piece Chapter 1059 then begins its story content with a ship sailing in the seas near Sphinx Island. Fans may remember this to be the home of Whitebeard, where Marco and Nekomamushi were previously seen chatting prior to the Wano arc. Marco is seen leaving the ship and thanking the crew, while close-ups reveal them to be none other than the Red Hair Pirates.

As Marco departs, Shanks asks him if he’s going to join the crew or not. In response, he tells Yonko to stop joking, saying he’s “tired of being the babysitter of the great pirates.” Shanks tells Marco not to exaggerate, saying he’s not a handful. However, Beckman quickly tells him he is causing the crew to laugh at their captain.

The crew is then seen saying goodbye to Marco as he flies towards Sphinx Island, while One Piece Chapter 1059 begins a flashback which returns readers to the night of Ryokugyu’s attack. At the Fire Festival in Wano, Luffy and Sanji are seen lamenting Yamato’s change of heart to not become a pirate and sail out to sea with them.

Yamato says they’re sure they noticed too, but that the Ryokugyu matter was only resolved because of a stranger with powerful Haki. Yamato goes on to say that Kaido may have fallen, but she can’t go off on adventures while worrying about Wano and what enemies may continue to come for the country.

Yamato is clearly convinced of their own argument, even winking at Luffy confidently to convey that they’re sure of their path. He looks at Yamato seriously but understands, accepting their decision and leaving Momonosuke and the others in their care.

Zoro, meanwhile, asks Yamato to be careful not to hurt Momonosuke’s feelings, citing the Shogun’s strong sense of pride. Yamato affirms that they know this well, continuing that they plan to find a personal goal in Wano to fulfill themselves even more. As Yamato says this, Sanji cries about their decision, clearly distraught at losing another potential beautiful crewmate.

Suddenly, still within One Piece Chapter 1059’s Wano flashback, Marco arrives via a flight to where Luffy and the others are. He lets the Straw Hat Captain know that a suitable ship appeared near Wano and that he plans to leave the island on it. A small Marineford flashback takes place, to when Marco tells Jinbe to save Luffy after Ace’s death before returning to the original flashback.

Here, Luffy thanks Marco for helping him out during the Marineford War, as if the two were on the same page in terms of what they were thinking. Marco responds by saying that he’s sure Ace would be very happy to know how far his brother has come, with which Luffy agrees before the former Whitebeard Commander flies off.

As Marco departs, he leaves Luffy with one last message, telling him that from now on, it’s his era and that he should move forward with determination. Luffy says that of course, he will, as One Piece Chapter 1059 ends this flashback as Marco arrives at Sphinx Island. However, fans aren’t sticking around, as One Piece Chapter 1059 quickly cuts to Amazon Lily.

One Piece Chapter 1059: A massive battle with major consequences

One Piece Chapter 1059 then takes fans to Amazon Lily, the island of women where Boa Hancock and the Kuja Pirates and Kuja people have their headquarters. A section of the large mountain in the center of the island has been destroyed, with Gloriosa lamenting how men were able to invade the island so deeply for the first time.

She continues to say that the damage in the city is huge, with Snake Princess Boa Hancock saying that as long as she’s on the island, enemies will keep coming. She quickly enters her lovey-dovey mode as she says that she wants to be married to Luffy in light of her current life situation. However, Gloriosa points out that this is something she’s always wanted and isn’t new.

One Piece Chapter 1059 then begins yet another flashback, this one taking place during the Marines’ assault on Amazon Lily from weeks prior. The Marines are able to enter the city but are met with Kuja resistance, prompting them to dispatch new Pacifista models called “Seraphim” to the frontlines. Their recording cameras are activated as well.

The Seraphim take the appearance of little children with Lunarian-like qualities, such as brown skin, white hair, black wings, and a disappearing and reappearing flame on their backs. One of them, a little girl with star-shaped pupils, appears in front of Marguerite and Sweet Pea. The two say they don’t want to fight a child, but the girl quickly shoots a laser at them from her hand, much like the older Pacifista models.

Suddenly, the Blackbeard Pirates’ ship appears behind the Marine warships. A powerful seaquake is seen pushing the Marine ships off of Blackbeard’s (AKA Marshall D. Teach) path to the Amazon Lily, with Marines commenting that the Sea Kings will notice the seaquake. The Yonko then lands on the island with Catarina Devon and Vasco Shot, professing his desire to steal Hancock’s Devil Fruit powers before the Marines capture her.

Catarina says that she wants to keep Hancock’s wonderful face and head as a treasure for herself, with Teach telling her she can do whatever he wants as long as they get her Devil Fruit. Vasco Shot interrupts by saying it’s better to capture Hancock alive and take her with them, rather than kill her for her head and Devil Fruit here.

The Marines ask Vice Admiral Yamakaji to give the order to engage Blackbeard, but he says they have to wait for permission from headquarters. Blackbeard, meanwhile, begins assaulting the Marines with his Tremor-Tremor Fruit powers as he calls out for Hancock, telling her to show herself.

Koby, meanwhile, enters with a group of Marines into the Kuja’s city and tries to negotiate with Hancock. He says they don’t want to use violence and will leave immediately if she simply comes with them. Marigold and Sandersonia tell Hancock to stay away since they can handle the Marines, but she enters the battle anyway, saying she won’t fall into the hands of either side and bows down to no one.

Teach’s subordinates, meanwhile, are shown asking him for help against a new enemy that appeared, those being the Seraphim which also debut in One Piece Chapter 1059. An explosion is then seen caused by a laser from the Pacifistas, as Teach can see one and comments on the aforementioned Lunarian characteristics, clearly understanding what they are.

A new Seraphim in the image of a young boy arrives where Teach is, with a flame on his back and a sword similar in shape and size to Mihawk’s. Spoilers specify here that the child actually looks like the kid version of Mihawk which Oda once drew in an SBS. The Seraphim then attacks Teach, with the cut of his sword parting the island’s massive mountain into two pieces.

Teach sees PX branding somewhere on the child, recognizing him to be a Pacifista while questioning what’s going on. The Seraphim attacks Teach once more, who stops the sword swing with a Haki-coated arm before using Black Hole to absorb all of what’s around him.

One Piece Chapter 1059 then quickly shifts focus back to Hancock, who uses Slave Arrow to turn all her nearby enemies into stone, including Helmeppo and Vice Admiral Yamakaji. Koby orders the Seraphim to stop attacking since it could destroy the stone statues with their powers, as Boa Hancock uses her Perfume Femur but is shockingly stopped by someone.

An impressive double spread follows which sees Teach catch Hancock by the neck, lifting her from the ground in front of the Kuja Pirates and Koby. With Blackbeard using his Dark-Dark Fruit powers, Hancock can’t use hers, as their new bounties are revealed. Hancock’s is 1.659 billion Beri, while Blackbeard’s is 3.996 billion Beri.

Teach applauds Hancock, saying they call her Pirate Empress for a reason before realizing she turned all of his “idiots” into stone. Even Catarina Devon and Vasco Shot have been petrified, with Koby unsure of how to act in this situation. Teach then reveals that he’s been patiently waiting to get Hancock’s powers, but she responds that they’re built upon her beauty.

She then mentions that if he kills her and steals her Fruit, those who have been turned to stone will remain in that state, with even the next user of the Love-Love Fruit unable to reverse it. Koby admits that Hancock is a bigger problem than he expected, as Blackbeard begins speaking to him, saying that the situation looks like it’s not going anywhere.

Blackbeard calls him “Hero” Koby here, referencing the Rocky Port Incident in which the two worked together to defeat Wang Zhi of the Rocks Pirates. This, in turn, led to Blackbeard being able to become the boss of Pirate Island, also known as Fullalead Island. Koby sits in silence, as Blackbeard continues by asking if Koby really thinks she’ll turn everyone back if he lets her go.

Koby says that if she doesn’t turn the soldiers back to normal, it will be a major problem, with Hancock saying she’ll do it if both parties promise to leave the island. Teach squeezes her neck tighter, accusing her of lying and planning to turn everyone to stone once he lets her go. He continues that he doesn’t believe a man can’t be affected by her powers, deciding to just kill her and figure it out instead.

Koby tells him not to do it, saying the number of victims would be too high when someone with a very powerful Haki (presumably meaning Conqueror’s Haki) appears. It is revealed to be none other than Silvers Rayleigh, making his first appearance in a very long time within these retroactive events of One Piece Chapter 1059.

One Piece Chapter 1059: One hero appears as another is taken away

One Piece Chapter 1059 then sees Silvers Rayleigh make his entrance, saying he expected the Marines, but is at a loss for words with regard to the state of the island. He also comments on the landscape of the island being altered before apologizing to Hancock for being late. Blackbeard shockingly says Rayleigh’s name, as the latter draws his sword.

He then addresses Blackbeard, calling him “Whitebeard’s apprentice” and saying that, although it’s not very mature to say, he dislikes Blackbeard. Koby and Teach’s subordinates freak out as Rayleigh continues telling Hancock to return everyone to normal since he can bear witness. He also demands that everyone leave the island, as One Piece Chapter 1059 ends this flashback.

One Piece Chapter 1059 then returns to the present-day Amazon Lily, where Rayleigh and Shakky (Shakuyaku) are now on the island together. One Piece Chapter 1059 then makes a startling revelation about Shakky, revealing her true identity to be the Empress of Amazon Lily from 2 generations prior, as well as the former Kuja Pirates Captain.

Shakky comments on how advancements always bring problems, citing Vegapunk’s invention of the Seastone Warships as making the Calm Belt no longer as safe as it once was. Rayleigh comments that things have been favorable for them, admitting that in his current state he wouldn’t be able to defeat the current Blackbeard.

Rayleigh comments on the Marines believing the Seraphim can replace the Shichibukai, with Marigold and Sandersonia talking about them. They say that the two Seraphim seen didn’t have a single scratch at the end of the battle, before commenting on how one of them looked exactly like Hancock as a child.

The Seraphim’s face is shown once more, revealing her to be exactly the same as Hancock’s was when she was a child of a similar age. The only difference is that the Seraphim’s pupils are star-shaped, likely meant to be a distinguishing characteristic for the machines.

One Piece Chapter 1059 then shifts perspective to a Marine ship reporting what happened in Amazon Lily. A Marine says that they’re landing at Egg Head port, before revealing that Koby has indeed been kidnapped.

One Piece Chapter 1059’s final page shows fans a page of a newspaper with Koby’s photo. The narrator says that Captain Koby, the hero of the Rocky Port Incident, has been kidnapped by Blackbeard and his crew. One Piece Chapter 1059 ends by saying Koby’s status is currently unknown.

No break has been announced for the series next week, which is a joy for fans everywhere.

One Piece Chapter 1059: In summation

One Piece Chapter 1059 is an incredibly engaging and exciting chapter, marking some truly interesting developments in the world during the Straw Hats’ time in Wano. Easily the most intriguing aspect of One Piece Chapter 1059 is the Seraphim, and why they look like Lunarian versions of the Warlord’s younger selves, as well as how they were given Lunarian features.

One Piece Chapter 1059 subtly introduced the lore behind the Rocky Port Incident, which is also incredibly intriguing. Prior to One Piece Chapter 1059, fans had only heard of the event once when Law was being reintroduced as a Shichibukai in Dressrosa. Here, he was called the “mastermind” of the incident, which apparently saw Blackbeard and Koby work together, creating some interesting discrepancies as a result.

One Piece Chapter 1059’s reveal of Shakky as a former Snake Princess and Kuja Pirates captain was also incredibly welcome, as were cameos from her, Rayleigh, and Blackbeard. One major question from the issue is why Blackbeard wants Hancock’s powers so desperately, with him deliberately having targeted her for them. It’s possible that the Love-Love Fruit serves a much greater purpose than fans currently know.

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