Sailor Moon: The 10 strongest Senshi, ranked

All the Sailor Senshi, circa Sailor Moon Crystal season 3 (Image via Sailor Moon Crystal, Kodansha, Toei Animation)
All the Sailor Senshi, circa Sailor Moon Crystal season 3 (Image via Sailor Moon Crystal, Kodansha, Toei Animation)

Sailor Moon is a very iconic magical girl series with exceptionally powerful protagonists and antagonists. Even those that aren't planet busters can hold their own against various threats to the Earth.

The entire point of the show is that nobody can do anything alone, even Sailor Moon herself needed help from Tuxedo Mask, Luna, and the other Senshi after a while.

That apart, there's something to be said for how all of these characters start and where they finish. This list will indulge in that, detailing where these Senshi started and how they ended the series.

Note: Due to the nature of a list like this, spoilers abound for Sailor Moon including details of the final arc. This list will not include characters from that final arc, however, as they were only introduced in and around that part. This article also contains only the author's opinion.

Chibiusa and 9 of the other strongest Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon, ranked from weakest to strongest

Honorary mention:

Tuxedo Mask


If there was ever a Senshi of Earth itself, Tuxedo Mask would be it. While he's not on any of the Senshi's level of power, his aid was invaluable during the early days when Usagi could barely function as Sailor Moon.

With his roses stopping airplanes, and later his magic being able to stun and obliterate enemies, Mamarou Chiba/Tuxedo Mask is considered an honorary Senshi and an irreplaceable part of the series.

10) Chibi Moon

Chibiusa may be Sailor Moon and Tuxedo's Mask's future daughter, but she had a long way to go at the start of the series. Her own magic, including her signature Pink Sugar Heart Attack, was barely able to stun enemies in the original anime when she started. Meaning that she wasn't useful in combat except as support with healing and distractions.

Crystal remedied this a bit by having that magic be powerful, but needing more work to control and utilize as it got absorbed by a villain. Throughout the series, however, she got strong enough to attain her own super form which doubled her powers, damaged Mistress 9 when the other Senshi were unable to, and forced one of the villains to power up or be killed.


All of that is without mention that Chibiusa is the heir to the future title of Sailor Moon. She may have had a long way to go when starting out, but anyone that can calm down Sailor Saturn is worthy of her tilte of Sailor Senshi.

Weak though she may have been at the start, Chibi Moon proved that Sailor Senshi shouldn't be underestimated. Her enemies, and future parents, learn this the hard way.

9) Mercury


Ami Mizuno is the smartest of the Sailor Senshi, being a straight A student with an IQ of over 300 according to her peers. Though Mercury is usually considered the most mediorce of the Inner Senshi power wise, her support skills have proven invaluable to the rest of the team. Her standard attack was a battlefield-concealing bubble spray that confused the enemy.

Whilst she dislikes conflict, Mercury stepped up in several major ways throughout the anime. This happened from developing her own super move that nets her a kill against a monster weak to ice and saving the rest of the Inner Senshi in the process, to gaining her own super form and being able to defeat an enemy herself when she was all alone and sick in bed.


By the end of the series, her attacks became larger and more elaborate with ice attacks, water-enveloping globes that surrounded enemies, and her ultimate attack was played with a harp that sent a spiraling torrent of water at her enemies.

Don't mess with the strategist and genius. Also, don't get bad grades like Usagi or Mercury will never let you hear the end of it.

8) Mars


Shrine Maiden Rei Hino started Sailor Moon already aggressive, she had to be owing to her shrine being vandalized many times over. She already had some special abilities, and she has limited precognitive abilities and the ability to dispel evil spirits. She's also an expert archer, which came in handy more than once.

Mars is a Sailor Senshi that's capable of handling their own without necessarily needing Sailor Moon to back her up. She's considered a rather strong contender otherwise as she broke herself out of ice before getting her powers, she broke a demon in half using a steel folding chair in cviilian form, and killed a demon upon getting her powers.


By the end of the series, her powers were enough to destroy a dimension she was trapped in, one-shot four Eternal Sailor Senshi when mind controlled, and completely obliterate one of Amazon Quartet's powerful minions.

Just don't get her angry, you won't like her when she's angry.

7) Venus


She is the veteran Senshi of Sailor Moon's prequel Codename, Sailor V. Minako Aino aka Sailor Venus has the most experience of the Inner Senshi. She's the most capable of handling herself, given that she did so for well over a full year before joining the others.

While normally a kind person, and a lousy student, she's downright scary to villains due to her pragmatism and powers as a Senshi.

This is helped by her being Usagi's body double and, in the manga as well as the Crystal anime, the actual leader of the Sailor Senshi. Her superhuman atheticism includes the ability to leap onto a two-story balcony with nothing but pure strength, send people flying with a kick, outrun a car after surviving an attack, and tear through metal shackles unmorphed.


When she was morped, she she was able to kill a demon with a kick, killed Queen Beryl, with sword strikes in the Sailor Moon manga. She also has the highest body count of the Inner Senshi including her own love interest.

If Rei is scary when she gets serious, Venus is worse as the Dark Kingdom found out multiple times. Likewise, she's also the biggest eater after Usagi.

6) Jupiter


Now the power really starts amping up, as Makato Kino is the most physically powerful of the Inner Sailor Senshi.

Whilst Venus may have technical skills and finesse on her side, Jupiter brought the power game up a notch by being a Japanese martial artist, breaking bricks, judo throwing monsters, was number 1 in a strength test, and getting the job done on multple demons without Sailor Moon's help.

Without transforming, she was able to destroy demons with kicks and punches and curbstomp three delinquents by tormenting Usagi in her debut in the 90s anime.

Jupter was able to punch Zoisite in the face hard enough to leave a bruise and throw a demon over her shoulder before transforming. Afterward, well, things got electric.


Jupiter's electric powers have shown themselves capable of defeating multiple demons by herself, even two of the DD girls in the original Sailor Moon anime by sacrificing her life to do so.

She's also the team's mom, loves to cook, and is very sweet towards Chibiusa. At Once, she even destroyed a demon despite being weak from blood loss.

5) Pluto


One of the first of the Outer Senshi to be introduced, and the Guardian of Time, Sailor Pluto aka Setsuna Meioh is arguably one of the more powerful Senshi to live. She's practically immortal and guards the space/time door to the future, but forbidden from doing three things:

  1. Don't let anyone use the Door of Space-time.
  2. Don't leave her post at The Door of Space-time.
  3. Don't stop time.

Naturally, as one of the key elements to saving the future and present, Sailor Pluto did all three of those things during Sailor Moon's Black Moon Clan arc. The ability to stop time itself is already notable for being rather deadly in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and other shonen anime.


She proved her power with her staff and her only offensive ability: Dead Scream. It was used to stop all the Senshi from going into the future and kill a powerful monster. She also sealed Pharaoh 90 in the Space/Time Door with it, and even freed Sailor Moon and the others from entangling energy vines summoned by Galaxia.

Pluto is also one of the only Senshi to fully embrace the soltitude her job affords her. Her only real friend before Sailor Moon was Chibiusa. Thankfully, she got more friends when she was reborn after dying when she stopped time.

4) Neptune


Sailor Neptune, aka Michiru Kaioh, was introduced alongside Uranus as a duo of the Outer Senshi. She's also leagues above the Inner Senshi, and tends to be vastly underestimated given her elegance as opposed to her partner or Pluto. Rest assured, this violin playing Senshi is not to be trifled with.

Her first appearance had her bring the Inner Senshi down with barely a song from her violin in Crystal. She has also shown the ability to paralyze even strong opponents with her music and illusions. She's gotten physically strong enough to restrain Sailor Moon.


One of the other feats that Neptune and Uranus did was deceive Galaxia into thinking they'd switched sides and then attempt to strike her, it's one of the reasons Galaxia targeted them.

Her precognition abilities trump Sailor Mars and her control over water vastly eclipses Mercury's. She also rivals Venus and Mercury in swimming.

She's also the most snarky, even if she hides it behind a pleasant smile. Her and Uranus' relationship is also notable as being very romantic, though Neptune is prone to making Uranus more flustered when she explicitly flirts.

3) Uranus


If Sailor Moon had an elite squad, Uranus and Neptune would be it. Uranus in particular is arguably considered the aggressive one of the two, fighting with a literal sword and extremely powerful attacks that can one-shot many of their enemies.

Uranus is more pragmatic than the rest of the Senshi, often charging into battle to overwhelm the enemy. Her powers have included her World Shaking, which is capable of causing an earthquake with the energy it puts out. Her Space Sword Blaster can destroy multiple enemies at once.


She also stood her ground against Galaxia, among other threats to the Solar System. Every time she shows up, villains have to flee or readjust their strategies or else get wiped out.

Unfortunately, Uranus also had to learn the hard way, multiple times, that trying to solo with her epically powerful partner doesn't always work and has almost killed many, including Saturn and Pluto. Aside from learning this lesson, she's also a huge flirt and has done so with Sailor Moon, Michiru, and other girls multiple times.

2) Saturn


When Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn all agreed that they needed to kill Hotaru Tomoe so that Sailor Saturn didn't get unleashed, the audience realized that Saturn is Sailor Moon's ultimate devastator.

In the past, Saturn destroyed the Moon Kingdom and all life likewise. In the present, she would've destroyed everything were it not for Super Sailor Moon and Chibiusa and was Mistress 9's and Pharaoh 90s puppet until they helped her out.

Sailor Saturn's powers are strong enough to damage and destroy an entire planet, but she's best compared to a controlled burn to destroy old and rotting things so that new things can grow.


She was able to obliterate Pharaoh 90, do extreme damage to Nehellenia, and was more than a threat to Galaxia, such that she targeted Saturn first out of all the Outer Senshi.

She's also rather kind and shy, and believes in Sailor Moon harder than the rest of the Outer Senshi. She also gets more cheerful around Chibiusa, and got adopted by the other Outer Senshi when she was reborn after killing Pharaoh 90.

1) Sailor Moon


Usagi Tsukino was a major klutz at the start of Sailor Moon, a failing student, and more interested in sweets than anything else. That is, until one day she helped a small cat named Luna and Usagi's life changed forever. As Sailor Moon, she's been through everything from barely being able to function as a hero to saving the entire universe.

For comparison, upon her first transformation, she was able to unleash a supersonic cry that disoriented the villains and her most powerful attack was throwing her magic tiara to purify the demons. It's a vast gulf of difference to the end of the series.


At the end of the series, Sailor Moon moves at Faster Than Light speed, survives black holes, tanks attacks that would otherwise obliterate her unmorphed, and destroys many villains with her attacks and combination attacks that make a Spirit Bomb look tame.

In the name of the Moon, Sailor Moon will punish anyone and everyone who dares threaten the Earth. All that power, and still a good enough person to be there for her friends and have extreme empathy to save Galaxia.

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