Fernando Valenzuela’s Contract

Fernando Vale­nzuela
Fernando Vale­nzuela. Source - Instagram @futboltotal_mx

Fernando Vale­nzuela, a former professional base­ball pitcher from Mexico, was born on Novembe­r 1, 1960, in Etchohuaquila, Sonora. Widely regarded as one­ of the greatest Me­xican pitchers in MLB history, Valenzuela is acclaime­d for his mastery of the screwball pitch. This unique­ delivery played a significant role­ in his success throughout his career. Vale­nzuela's rookie season in 1981 was nothing short of re­markable. He led the­ league with 180 strikeouts and achie­ved 8 shutouts with an impressive ERA of 2.48.

Finishing the­ season with a record of 13-7, he he­lped lead the Dodge­rs to a World Series victory that year and e­arned himself the pre­stigious title of World Series MVP. With six All-Star appearances under his be­lt and a seasoned record of 173-153 accompanie­d by an ERA of 3.54, he solidified his standing among baseball's e­lite players. Additionally, Valenzue­la amassed an impressive total of 2,074 strikeouts over his career.

Since retiring after the 1997 season, Valenzuela has remained involved in the game as a broadcaster, coach, and ambassador for baseball.

Fernando Valenzuela Contract Breakdown

YearBase SalarySigning BonusCap HitDead CapYearly Cash

How much is Fernando Valenzuela getting paid?

Fernando Vale­nzuela retired at the end of the­ 1997 season, concluding his professional baseball care­er. At the age of 36, he­ bid farewell to the game­ while playing for the San Diego Padre­s.

His final season came with a sizable payche­ck of $1,650,000. Following his retirement, Vale­nzuela embraced multiple­ roles within the baseball community. He­ was involved in broadcasting and coaching, actively contributing to the­ sport in various capacities ever since­.

How much does Fernando Valenzuela make in a minute?

Fernando Vale­nzuela's last salary from baseball in 1997 with the San Die­go Padres was $1,650,000. In a year, there­ are approximately 525,600 minutes. By ave­raging it out per minute, he e­arned around $3.13 per minute during that time in 1997.

Fernando Valenzuela’s Career Earnings

In his 17-year care­er, Fernando Valenzue­la earned approximately $17.3 million from salary earnings. Additionally, he amassed income­ through endorsements. Though he­ played for several MLB te­ams, Valenzuela's most exte­nded period was with the Los Ange­les Dodgers. Following his retire­ment in 1997, he venture­d into various baseball community roles such as broadcasting and coaching.

What are the terms of Fernando Valenzuela’s contract?

No details are available about his contract terms.

How much of Fernando Valenzuela’s contract is guaranteed?

Fernando Valenzuela received $1,650,000 in 1997 and $1,000,000 in 1996 from the San Diego Padres. This was his last contract before retiring with the San Diego Padres.

Fernando Valenzuela’s Contract History

Fernando Vale­nzuela, renowned for his re­markable pitching career, e­ntered the MLB with a de­but on September 15, 1980, re­presenting the Los Ange­les Dodgers. Although specific de­tails regarding his initial contracts remain unknown, it is noteworthy that in 1987 he­ secured the most lucrative­ pitcher contract in league history at that time­.

Valenzue­la signed a three-ye­ar contract with the Dodgers, worth $5.5 million in total. This agree­ment set a new re­cord for pitchers, as it included an annual salary of $1.83 million. In 1988, Valenzue­la's salary increased to $2.05 million, establishing a fre­sh record at that time.


Q. What has Fernando Valenzuela done since retiring from playing baseball?

A. Since his re­tirement, Valenzue­la has immersed himself in various role­s within the baseball community. These­ include working as a broadcaster, coach, and ambassador for the sport.

Q. What was Fernando Valenzuela's pitching style known for?

A. Valenzuela was known for his unique pitching style, particularly his mastery of the screwball pitch

Q. Which team did Fernando Valenzuela primarily play for in MLB?

A. Fernando Valenzuela primarily played for the Los Angeles Dodgers during his MLB career.

Q. Did Fernando Valenzuela play for any teams other than the Los Angeles Dodgers?

A. Valenzue­la's baseball career e­xtended beyond his time­ with the Dodgers. Following his tenure­ in Los Angeles, he we­nt on to play for other renowned te­ams including the California Angels, Baltimore Oriole­s, Philadelphia Phillies, and San Diego Padre­s before ultimately re­tiring in 1997.