Jose Altuve’s Contract

Jose Altuve
Jose Carlos Altuve, Source- Jose Altuve’s Instagram- josealtuve27

Jose Carlos Altuve is a Venezuelan professional baseball player in the Major Leagues Baseball. He plays the position of a second baseman for the Houston Astros. Altuve was born on 6 May 1990 and is a native of Maracay, Venezuela. He made his MLB debut in 2011 with the Astros and has been playing for the team ever since.

Altuve first connected with Salvador Pérez, a future major leaguer who played catcher for the Kansas City Royals, when he was seven years old. Starting in Maracay, the two participated in competitions together, frequently in American League games.

Altuve is renowned for being a great hitter and has many accolades to his name. The second baseman is an eight-time All-Star, two-time World Series Champion, six times Silver Slugger award winner, and was the AL Athlete of the Year in 2017.

Jose Altuve’s Contract Breakdown

YearBase SalarySigning BonusCap HitDead CapYearly Cash

How much is Jose Altuve getting paid?

Jose Altuve signed a $163.5 million contract extension for a duration of seven years with the Houston Astros in 2018. The signing bonus on the contract extension was a whopping $21 million. Altuve had an average annual value of $30.5 million on the contract.

The second baseman made his first contract with the Houston Astros back in 2007 when he was only 16 years old. The contract was worth $15,000 (which is $21,000 today). Currently, with his new contract, Altuve is earning $26 million yearly from his contract.

Jose Altuve signed a 7-year / $163,500,000 contract with the Houston Astros, including a $21,000,000 signing bonus, $163,500,000 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $23,357,143. In 2024, Altuve will earn a base salary of $26,000,000, while carrying a total salary of $29,000,000.

How much does Jose Altuve make in a minute?

As per his current contract with the Houston Astros, Jose Altuve’s annual salary is $26,000,000. To get what Altuve makes in a minute, we have to divide this amount by the total number of minutes in a year (i.e., 525,600 minutes), we get an idea of how much Jose Altuve makes in a minute per year, which is $49.4.

Jose Altuve’s Career Earnings

Jose Altuve’s estimated total career earning is $134,945,289 for the duration of his entire career (which is 13 seasons with the Houston Astros). In the 2022 season, his total earning was $26 million, it is also the same for the 2023 season which makes his combined earning for the 2022-23 seasons to be around $52 million.

What are the terms of Jose Altuve’s contract?

Jose Altuve made a contract with the Houston Astros in 2014 which was worth $12.5 million and lasted from 2014-2017. It had a signing bonus of $750,000 and an average salary of $3.1 million. Then in 2018, Jose signed an extension to the contract which will add an additional $151 million making it a $163.5 million contract. He received a signing bonus of $21 million and an AVV of $30.5 million. The contract ensured that he will receive $6 million in the year 2018 and $6.5 million in the year 2019. Jose will then receive $26 million yearly from the season 2020 to the season 2024.

How much of Jose Altuve’s contract is guaranteed?

Jose Altuve’s current contract is guaranteed for a duration of seven years. The contract is worth $163.5 million and his annual average is guaranteed to be $30.5 million.

Jose Altuve’s Contract History

2008: Jose Altuve signed up with the Houston Astros for $15,000 and debuted his Minor League career.

2011: Altuve signed up again with the Astros for $$414,000.

2012: The second baseman continued with the Astros and was paid $483,000.

2013: He received a salary of $505,700 for the 2013 season.

2014: Jose Altuve made a contract worth $12.5 million with the Houston Astros for the duration of four years. It had a signing bonus of $750,000 and an average salary of $3,125,000.

Altuve signed a contract extension with the Houston Astros for additional 5 years which was worth $151 million making the whole contract $163.5 million. He received a signing bonus of $21 million and his AVV is $30.5 million.


Q. Will Jose Altuve retire with the Houston Astros?

A. Jose Altuve has expressed the desire to retire with the Houston Astros but nothing is confirmed for either party.

Q. How much money does Jose Altuve make in a year?

A. With his current contract with the Houston Astros, Jose Altuve made $26 million in the year 2020 and will make the same amount till the 2024 season.

Q. How long is Jose Altuve’s contract?

A. Jose Altuve made an extension to his contract in 2018 for the duration of five years which means his current contract will last the year 2024.

Q. Who has the longest contract in the Astros?

A. Jose Altuve has the longest in the Houston Astros. In 2018 he got a contract extension which was worth $151 million making his total contract amount around $162.5 million.

Q. How old is Jose Altuve?

A. Jose Altuve is 33 years old as of 2023.