Official Black Ops 6 key art features hidden 9/11 reference

Black Ops 6 key art
Black Ops 6 key art contains 9/11 references (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty has finally dropped the Black Ops 6 key art, confirming the game's official title. Keen-eyed fans are quick to spot hidden details in the key art, including a small inscription that shows the numbers 9, 11, and 2001, a potential reference to the tragic Twin Towers attacks. Fans speculate that the tragedy may be featured in the upcoming Call of Duty title.

The developers have confirmed that Call of Duty 2024 will be set in the Gulf War. While the gameplay and story details haven't been fully revealed, players can expect more information on Black Ops 6 at the Xbox Showcase event on June 9, 2024.

Hidden Black Ops 6 key art detail hints at 9/11 mission

In May 2024, Activision finally revealed the official Black Ops 6 key art, and netizens may have found a hidden 9/11 reference. Popular CoD dataminer @BobNetworkUK posted on X a zoomed photo of the Black Ops 6 key art showing the 9/11/2001 date.

Many CoD fans speculate that the game might include references to the 9/11 attack, with some even hopeful of getting a whole campaign mission about the Twin Towers.

These speculations aren't far-fetched, considering Activision's active marketing campaign in New York. Recently, fans spotted Black Ops 6 posters and "The Truth Lies" vans roaming the streets of the city.

Moreover, Call of Duty's X account also posted snaps of Black Ops 6-related newspapers scattered in the area.

Call of Duty 2024 is set to launch in October 2024. Fans can tune in to the Black Ops 6 Direct to learn more about the game.

Players can also claim a free Sally blueprint as a reward for the game's reveal event in MW3 and Warzone.

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