Warzone's Verdansk in CoD 2024 became more evident with new leaked placeholder Loading Screen

Verdansk Gora Dam in Warzone
Verdansk Gora Dam in Warzone (Image via Activision)

Fan-favorite map Verdansk's return in Warzone has become more evident with a brand new leak surfacing in the CoD community. Popular Call of Duty news account, "COD Warfare All the news," has posted a leak on their X account suggesting that there are placeholder Loading Screen dates in Call of Duty which hints at the return of Verdansk in Warzone.

If you want to learn more about the possible return of the Warzone map in Call of Duty 2024, read below.

Disclaimer: This article is entirely based on leaks. Readers are advised to take the information with a grain of salt.

Warzone Verdansk's Loading Screen leaked

In their latest X post, the leaker has disclosed that a major Verdansk POI is coming back as a loading screen in Warzone. Here are all the placeholder names that have been leaked so far:

  • loading_cp_jup_resort_bg
  • loading_cp_jup_ranch_bg
  • loading_cp_jup_port_bg
  • loading_cp_jup_dam_bg
  • loading_cp_jup_milbase_bg
  • loading_cp_jup_chemical_bg
  • loading_cp_jup_apt_bg

The leaker stated that the Gora Dam POI in Verdansk was labeled as Gora_MP for ages. Now the same POI is stated as loading_cp_jup_dam_bg. Given this information, it alludes more to the fan-favorite map's return to Warzone with Call of Duty 2024.

Previously, leakers have suggested that Verdansk will return as a part of the Black Ops 6 integration in Warzone. However, there was no evidence or placeholder names that would indicate the map's existence in Call of Duty. This new leak sheds more light on the matter and almost confirms that Activision is working to relaunch Verdansk in the CoD Battle Royale.

Keep in mind that the FPS Behemoth has yet to declare officially whether the map is coming back or not. Since the removal of the map, Warzone has seen three big battle royale maps in the game. However, none of them were taken by the community as much as the map of Warzone.

In the Modern Warfare 3 campaign, we have also seen a remastered version of Verdansk. Given that the developers have already worked on the old map, the chances of its return became more evident. Now, the leaked loading screen names almost solidify the information.

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