Australia vs New Zealand Head to Head

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Australia and New Zealand have been facing each other in the game of cricket since 1946, and have played a total of 196 matches against each other. Australia has been the dominant team of the two and it can be seen by having a quick glance at AUS vs NZ Head to Head stats.

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  1. AUS vs NZ Head to Head Stats
  2. AUS vs NZ Head to Head Stats - Tests
  3. AUS vs NZ Head to Head Stats - ODIs
  4. AUS vs NZ Head to Head Stats - T20Is

AUS vs NZ Head to Head Stats

As of now, Australia vs New Zealand head-to-head matches have taken place on 196 occasions in all three formats. Australia has won 139 matches out of 196 while the Black Caps have managed a victory in only 57 matches. This shows the dominance of Australia cricket team in the Oceanic Region but New Zealand has shown a considerable improvement in the past few years.

Matches played4213416
Australia Won349510
New Zealand Won8395
Australia Win %80.95%70.89%66.66%
New Zealand Win %19.04%29.10%26.66%

AUS vs NZ Head-to-Head Stats - Tests

Australia and New Zealand faced each other in Test matches in 1946 for the first time which resulted in an Australian victory. However, the match results always remained in favour of Australia until 13 March 1974, when the New Zealand cricket team won its first match against Australia.

So far, the two teams have played 42 matches and Australia has won 34 of them. With only 8 victories in Tests against Australia, the Black Caps stand nowhere close to the Baggy Greens. In the last 3 clashes, the Australian team leads 3-0.

Matches Played42
Australia Won34
New Zealand Won8
Australia Win %80.95 %
New Zealand Win %19.04 %
Draw %0%
First Played OnMarch 1946
Last played OnJanuary 2020

New Zealand v Australia - ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

AUS vs NZ Head to Head Stats - ODIs

The Baggy Greens and the Black Caps have faced each other on 134 different occasions in One Day Internationals. The Aussies have won 95 matches while the New Zealand team is yet to complete a half century of its victories against Australia with only 39 victories so far. Both the teams have been winning their respective host Chappell-Hadlee Trophies from 2014-15 edition of the series.

Matches Played134
Australia Won95
New Zealand Won39
No Result7
Australia Win %70.89 %
New Zealand Win %29.10 %
First Played OnMarch 1974
Last played OnSeptember 2022

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AUS vs NZ Head to Head Stats - T20Is

Australia had started off with a victory against New Zealand in T20I format right from 2005. The Black Caps were made to wait for a victory in T20I format for 11 years. But, Australia gained momentum quite fast and has made sure that it was its only clear loss in the format against New Zealand. In the 15 matches played between the two teams, Australia has won 10 and New Zealand 4, out of which one match was tied.

Matches Played16
Australia Won10
New Zealand Won5
No Result0
Australia Win %66.66 %
New Zealand Win %35.71%
First Played OnFebruary 2005
Last played OnOctober 2022