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Minecraft Igloos

If you are ever trekking across a frozen tundra in Minecraft, keep your eyes peeled for igloos. These naturally generated structures can help keep you safe as well as provide some loot if they are generated with a basement. Igloos can also be found as part of villages in snowy biomes. These snowy structures can be helpful to find if you are lost and need a place to stay for the night.

Minecraft Igloos

Where to find Igloos in Minecraft?

Igloos will only spawn in specific snowy biomes. You can find them in snowy tundras or snowy taigas, but you cannot find them in ice spikes, snowy mountains, or snowy taiga hills. Keep your eyes peeled for an out of place rise of snow to spot igloos. The interiors are relatively cozy with carpeted floors, a bed to use, a furnace, and a crafting table.

Snowy Tundra

You may find that the furnace is cooking something when you arrive. This will melt the ice windows of the igloo and seems to be an intentional interaction.

Types of Igloos in Minecraft

There are three types of igloos in Minecraft. They all look visually similar on the outside, but only igloos with underground basements hold plentiful loot. You can find a regular igloo without a basement, a village igloo, and an igloo with an underground basement. To see if an igloo is generated with a basement, break the carpet in the middle furthest from the entrance to see if there is a trapdoor.

Snowy Tundra


These igloos hold some secrets, and someone had to be here originally.

What do Igloos have in Minecraft?

If you find an igloo with a basement, head down the ladder to unearth its secrets. When you arrive in the basement, you will be greeted with what seems to be an abandoned experiment.

Minecraft Igloos with basement

In the basement you will find a chest with a golden apple, a villager with a random profession and a zombie villager imprisoned by iron bars, and a brewing stand. This seems to be a naturally generated way to teach players about curing zombie villagers. If you happen to find an igloo with a basement you can use this as an opportunity to generate a specific villager inventory. You can take advantage of the arrangement of the villager and its proximity to a zombie by converting him to a zombie and back to a regular villager to get discounts on his trades.

The brewing stand contains one splash potion of weakness and the chest contains one golden apple so you can cure the zombie villager immediately if you would like.

Splash potion of weakness in Minecraft

You can also keep this area marked as a trading site as the villagers cannot go too far from the basement of the igloo.


Igloos are the first naturally generated structure that uses signs that have text on them.

Due to the generation of igloos, if an underground structure contains a bed and a villager, players can unknowingly cause raids to spawn.


Do Igloos melt in Minecraft?


You may find that the ice window has melted, but you cannot melt snow blocks even with fire or lava. The water from the ice window can be problematic, but you can remedy this by simply removing the window entirely.

Does every igloo have a basement in Minecraft?

Only half of every igloo contains an underground structure. Check underneath the carpeted floors of an igloo to confirm whether it contains a basement or not. If you see a trapdoor you have found an igloo with a basement, if you only find snow blocks it is best to move on.

Why are there villagers trapped in the basement of igloos?

There is no confirmed answer as to why there are villagers kept captive in igloos. We are left to make our own conclusions. It seems that Mojang added these to teach players about how to cure zombie villagers in a contained setting. Anything further than that is up to the player to decide.

Igloos in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

Igloos in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

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