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'I want to be a fly on the wall when Ricky Ponting and R Ashwin confront each other on Mankading' - Aakash Chopra

Aakash Chopra believes that there should not be an ethical debate on Mankading
Aakash Chopra believes that there should not be an ethical debate on Mankading
Kartik Iyer
Modified 22 Aug 2020, 10:31 IST

Former Indian opener Aakash Chopra has expressed his wish to be in the Delhi Capitals' (DC) dressing room when Ravichandran Ashwin and Ricky Ponting have a debate over Mankading.

Aakash Chopra voiced his opinion on the much-debated Mankading issue while speaking on his YouTube channel, in the context of DC Head Coach Ricky Ponting's recent statement that he would not allow the form of dismissal.

"Ricky Ponting, the Australian captain is saying that it is against the ethics, that you should not Mankad anyone and his team will not be doing that and he would be talking with Ravichandran Ashwin regarding that."

The reputed commentator recalled that the mode of dismissal had come into focus when Ashwin had dismissed Jos Buttler is last year's IPL encounter between Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab.

"The story started last year when Rajasthan Royals was playing Kings XI Punjab where Ravichandran Ashwin stopped in his action, took a long pause during which Buttler left the crease and Ashwin removed the bails and he got given out in the end."

Aakash Chopra observed that the ICC had initially sided with the bowler but changed their views subsequently by stating that Ashwin had waited too long before removing the bails, something the third umpire had not felt at the time.

"Initially MCC mentioned that that it was absolutely correct but later changed their verdict that he had waited for too long. That decision of run out was referred to the third umpire and he did not feel that Ashwin was dodging by waiting too long."


Aakash Chopra's take on the Mankading issue

Aakash Chopra mentioned that the Mankadng dismissal should be credited to the bowler
Aakash Chopra mentioned that the Mankadng dismissal should be credited to the bowler's account

Aakash Chopra observed that the major talking point is if the mode of dismissal is right or not.

"But the big debate is if this is correct or not. So what Ricky Ponting is saying, is that correct or Ashwin's stand is correct."

The 42-year-old mentioned that Ricky Ponting's opinion is that the batsman is not trying to take undue advantage and should be warned before the dismissal is effected, while adding that the contrary belief is that a warning shouldn't be given when it is within the laws of the game.

"Ricky Ponting is coming from the perspective that you are taking a little start and not trying to steal a single and it is the duty of the bowler to warn the batsman."
"But the other side is that there are some laws of cricket. So if the law has been made that when you go out, you can be dismissed from behind, then why a warning in such a case."

Aakash Chopra went with the second opinion while stating that the dismissal cannot be against the spirit of the game when it is within the laws of cricket.

"I am also on that side because I feel if something is within the law, how can it be against the spirit of the game. I don't like the ethical debate on Mankading one bit."

Aakash Chopra also concurred with Sunil Gavaskar's views that the dismissal should be called Browned after the name of the batsman who was dismissed, rather than being named after Vinoo Mankad.

"Mankading also was named after Vinoo Mankad, although the batsman's name was Brown. He was taking a start and Mankad dismissed him and it has been given the name Mankading since then. I feel it should be called Browned, as Sunil Gavaskar also says."

Aakash Chopra said that he agrees with the suggestion of crediting Mankading to the bowler's account, which would cause all the bowlers to talk in favour of the dismissal.

"I saw someone saying on the internet and I feel it is said correctly that the Mankading wicket should be credited to the bowler and not given as a run out. Then we will see how many bowlers talk about ethics and how many say that it is going into their account, so why they should let it go.

The former KKR player feels that this change would help remove the stigma associated with this mode of dismissal.

"Then the stigma or taboo will be removed because you are dismissing a batsman through a legitimate way."

Aakash Chopra expressed his wish to be a fly on the Delhi Capitals' dressing room wall when Ashwin and Ponting have a debate on the matter.

"But now I want to be a fly on the wall when Ricky Ponting and R Ashwin confront each other on Mankading. I know Ashwin, he is a very strong character who sticks to his beliefs, so he is going to have an objection and Ponting is not going to allow it."

Aakash Chopra signed off by stating that there is the likelihood of a heated debate in the Delhi Capitals' camp over this subject.

"So there could be a conflict of sorts brewing in the Delhi Capitals camp."


As mentioned by Aakash Chopra, it would be interesting to see how the matter pans out in the DC dressing room, with their head coach and senior bowler having conflicting opinions on the subject.

Published 22 Aug 2020, 10:01 IST
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