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Satire: Conversation between Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar after CLT20 final

Tendulkar: Well, this is where it all ends, huh?

Dravid: Dude, you’re still playing Test cricket. Stop this drama.

Tendulkar: Why do you look so sad, Rahul?

Dravid: All my career, I was overshadowed. And today too. Despite giving my 100%, I am never in the limelight.

Tendulkar: Sorry, mate. I don’t do it on purpose all the time.

Dravid: Oh Sachin! I’m talking about Harbhajan. He overshadowed both of us today.

Tendulkar: Aila! Facepalm.

Dravid: I think I should have batted further down the order, Sachin.

Tendulkar: Didn’t you already bat at No. 8? What, you wanted to even send Shilpa Shetty to bat ahead of you? Come on, man.

Dravid: Nice joke, Sachin. But aren’t you sad you didn’t contribute to the team’s success as much as you’d wanted to?

Tendulkar: Not at all. Both of us contributed a lot for our team’s success, Rahul. If we hadn’t gotten out that early, others would not have got a chance to score runs at all.

Dravid: True. So, what plans for the future, huh?

Tendulkar: First, I need to pick the venue for my 200th Test. Please come and watch me play. Won’t take much of your time. With the kind of form I’m in, you might just have to come down for a couple of minutes.

Dravid: Oh sure. It would be a pleasure.

Tendulkar: So, what about your plans for the future?

Dravid: Probably train my son so well that your son doesn’t overshadow him during his playing days.

Tendulkar: Haha! Come on. I always wanted to ask you something. Why did you declare when I was on 194? Couldn’t you have waited for some more time?

Dravid: Blame it on Ganguly. He fired the bullet with the gun on my shoulder.

Tendulkar: No worries. I’ve moved on. So near yet so far from winning a trophy, huh? I wish Rohit was kind enough to let you and me lift the CLT20 trophy together.

Dravid: But then, after yesterday’s performance, we should have let Harbhajan lift the trophy. Where on earth did he come up with such a performance? Haha!

Tendulkar: Ah, don’t worry about him. He would have been busy lifting Mrs Nita Ambani anyway.

Dravid: Who do you think will be the next Tendulkar and Dravid for Team India?

Tendulkar: I believe I still have 3 years of Test cricket left in me, mate! Why do you want another Tendulkar just yet *wink wink*. The next Dravid, I guess there can’t be anyone. You’re a thorough gentleman. You command respect.

Dravid: That’s so sweet, Sachin. Thanks.

Tendulkar: Ok, I need to spend time with my kids. See you around. Bye.

Disclaimer: This article is a piece of fiction and should not be confused with reality.

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