Jonathan Gaming

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JONATHAN GAMING is a Hindi-speaking Youtube streamer with over 4 million subscribers. Although he is primarily a BGMI streamer, he also streams other games like Pokemon Unite and Clash of Titans. His videos and stream average around 1.5 million views each but he has an infrequent stream and upload schedule.

NameJonathan Amral
Year of Birth2002
BirthplaceMumbai, Maharashtra, India
ProfessionStreamer, Youtuber, Esports Player
Networth1 crore (estimated)
Subscriber Count4.11 million

Jonathan Gaming's Real Name

As one would assume, JONATHAN GAMING’s real name is Jonathan. His whole name is Jonathan Amral and is from Mumbai, India.

Jonathan Gaming's Logo

JONATHAN GAMING’s logo seems to be a drawing of him wearing an outfit inspired heavily by Kakashi Hatake, a character in Naruto. He also has sharingan on both his eyes, unlike Kakashi, suggesting that the picture is Jonathan himself. The character is holding a gun with red skin and has long red hair flowing to one side.

Jonathan Gaming's Pictures

You can find Jonathan's photos alongside live updates from him on his Instagram page. The Instagram account is managed by GodLike Esports, an Esports team in India. It not only has posts about his personal life but also about his advancements and achievements as a YouTuber alongside advertisements and collabs.

When is Jonathan Gaming's Birthday?

JONATHAN GAMING’s Birthday is on the 21st of September and since he is born in 2002, it means that as of April 2022 he is 18 years old.

Jonathan Gaming's Net worth

Although net worth is something that you can not precisely point out due to many factors including not publicly revealing the information, Jonathan's net worth is estimated to be around 1 crore rupees as of 2022.

Jonathan Gaming's SocialBlade

SocialBlade is a website that has analytics on all of the details of a content creator or YouTuber. You can access JONATHAN GAMING’s socialblade by clicking here.

Jonathan Gaming's Live Subscriber Count

Youtube stopped showing the exact number of subscribers for large channels due to heavy controversy surrounding it. Because of this, viewers have to rely on external sources for exact subscriber numbers. Socialblade is the most popular website for counting subscribers. However, there are also alternatives such as social counts and livecounts.

Jonathan Gaming – BGMI

JONATHAN GAMING is primarily a BGMI professional and he not only streams BGMI but also competes in tournaments. He is currently considered one of the best BGMI players in India and is well known in the community.

He is part of GodLike Esports, a leading Esports organisation in India and most of the content that he streams on YouTube is BGMI. Even the first video that is seen on his channel is a livestream of him playing PUBG Mobile (now BGMI) Ranked.

Jonathan Gaming's BGMI ID

Jonathan Gaming's BGMI ID is 5112616229.

Jonathan Gaming's BGMI Controls and Sensitivity

Controls, Set Up and Sensitivity settings are very important for players as adjusting to better controls give you a better playstyle. Since BGMI is a mobile game, players can easily remap the controls to any space on the screen. It is also to be noted that each person is built differently so imitating a professional will not always give you the best results. You can view Jonathan Gaming’s controls, set up and sensitivity here.

Jonathan Gaming's Discord

You can join JONATHAN GAMING’s discord server by clicking the link here. This primarily Hindi server is mostly inactive with a level 3 boost. It has over 80,000 members. This server has access to a lot of bots from where you can play games on discord.


Q. How old is Jonathan Gaming?

As of September 2021, JONATHAN GAMING is 18 years old.

Q. How many subscribers does Jonathan Gaming have?

As of 2022, JONATHAN GAMING has over 4M subscribers.

Q. Where is Jonathan Gaming from?

JONATHAN GAMING is from Mumbai, one of the biggest cities in India.

To conclude:

Jonathan Gaming has been playing PUBG and BGMI since the beginning of his channel and has not stopped doing so to date. He hangs on simply because of his sheer talent at the game, at which he is one of the best in the business. His expertise in games has helped him grow as a streamer and a YouTuber as well.

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