The Hothead god roll guide for Destiny 2 (2022) 

Hothead Nightfall Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie)
Hothead Nightfall Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie)

The Hothead in Destiny 2 has climbed the usage charts, mainly due to Acute Burns implementation in PvE. Legendary Rocket Launchers are slowly entering the high-tier PvE meta, with Palmyra-B taking center stage since the release of The Witch Queen. However, The Hothead has always flown under the radar.

The Arc Rocket Launcher is in the loot pool this week, where you can collect it by running any of the Strikes in the Grandmaster list. Typically, the Adept version of this weapon will have a chance to drop on Platinum completion.

Shanksgiving has come early this year.This week's Nightfall is Fallen S.A.B.E.R.

With perks such as Vorpal Weapon and Explosive Light, this weapon is one of the best choices for boss DPS in PvE. The following article will guide you through the best perk combinations for The Hothead in PvE.

Disclaimer: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinion.

Best perk combinations for The Hothead in Destiny 2 PvE

1) In-game usage

The Hothead Rocket Launcher (Image via Bungie)
The Hothead Rocket Launcher (Image via Bungie)

Like most Rocket Launchers in Destiny 2, The Hothead deals a ton of damage from its Blast Radius alongside the velocity of its projectile. Being an Adaptive Framed weapon, this Arc weapon can be tweaked with many PvE-friendly perks that are all optimal for many bosses.

Typically, Rocket Launchers aren't the smartest choice for PvP. Heavy ammo is hard to come by, and the weapon type can only store one ammo, putting players in a high-risk situation. Other Rocket Launchers, such as the Gjallarhorn, can guarantee a kill almost every time someone shoots a projectile towards a player.

Reminder: In Season 15, two weapons from D1 will be making its Destiny 2 debut. The Hothead (RL)The Comedian (Shotgun)In s15 Nigthfall rewards, will be featured in pairs of two (one old weapon and one new weapon.) The new rotation will be 2/2/2/2 moving foward.#Destiny2

With some specific perks, The Hothead is ideal for sustained DPS on Raid and Grandmaster bosses, especially with the Acute Burn modifier. For example, Nightfalls such as The Scarlet Keep and Fallen SABER consist of Acute Burn, where players can deal 15% extra Arc damage to enemies.

The Hothead with Vorpal Weapon and Explosive Light adds up to 25% and 40% damage to bosses.

2) PvE god roll

The Hothead god roll for PvE (Image via Destiny 2)
The Hothead god roll for PvE (Image via Destiny 2)

Before getting into the perks, one thing to note here is that The Hothead standard version shares the same perks as The Hothead Adept. So while picking up an Adept Hothead might be a better choice, a standard god roll Hothead will still prove better.

The best perk combinations for Hothead inside Destiny 2 PvE are as follows:

  • Quick Launch for a significant increase in Handling and Projectile Speed.
  • High-Velocity Rounds to a substantial rise in Reload and Projectile Speed.
  • Impulse Amplifier for a massive increase in Velocity, or Auto-Loading Holster to auto-reload the weapon during boss DPS.
  • Lasting Impression for a 25% extra explosive damage after a 3-second delay.
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Aside from Lasting Impressions, the final column also comes with perks such as Vorpal Weapon and Explosive Light, which can deal increased damage. Lasting Impression takes priority because Vorpal can only deal 10% extra damage to bosses with Heavy ammo.

On the other hand, Explosive Light can stack up to 44% increased damage at the cost of picking up 6 Orbs of Light, which can prove to be a waste in a DPS phase.

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