10 Fortnite players who got famous for thinking outside the box

Famous Fortnite Players
These Fortnite players became famous because of their unique antics in the game that went viral (Image via Sportskeeda)

Over the years, Fortnite players have done interesting things to become the last man standing in a Battle Royale match. The community loves to use exploits and glitches to have fun with their gameplay.

With the game's growing popularity, beginners are joining the loop to discover more about the vast metaverse of Fortnite. But back in the day, when only a select few used to play the game, every little bug or exploit felt extraordinary.


At the same time, some players saw the opportunity and applied unique thinking to create some interesting content around the bugged Battle Royale. They quickly shot to fame as their content went viral around social media. These players are now reputed content creators that represent the Fortnite community.

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Here are 10 renowned Fortnite players who started a wave of ingenuity that helped them become famous.

Ali-A, Lazarbeam, and eight more Fortnite players who got famous for thinking outside the box

1) Dr. Lupo (phasing between islands using a Mech)


Famous streamer Dr. Lupo tried a game-breaking glitch with the B.R.U.T.E (also known as Mech) in the Creative game mode, where he could travel across several islands. He started on his main island, where he continued to jump across by activating the thrusters on the Mech.

As he continued to do so, he started to phase between objects and travel longer distances, leading to him ultimately being thrown out of the island and eliminated.

But as soon as he respawned, he was on another Creative island playground by a different creator and automatically started the game. This left the community in disbelief as they tried to perform the same glitch with B.R.U.T.E.

2) NickEh30 (flint-knock loadout)


In the 2021 Super Knockback Tournament, players got to use the unvaulted Exotic Flint-Knock Pistol in their gameplay, and the winners got a chance to win the Lazarbeam Icon Series cosmetic set.

While players were excited to drop into the tournament and rack up points to win the set, NickEh30 had other plans to create exciting content.

In a single Battle Royale match, the content creator managed to get an all-exotic loadout with five Flint-Knock pistols and used it throughout the competitive match. He recorded hilarious clips of sniping his opponents and jumping around the map with the weapon, ultimately trolling others with a pistol. Still, he managed to gather over 40 points in a single match that became famous.

3) Ali-A (diplodoculus and clickbait)


Ali-A is famous for his wild theories and alleged clickbait Fortnite videos on YouTube. But during his initial days in the game, he uttered something during a match that is now a viral sensation.

During a Chapter 1 Season 5 match, he was riding in a Golf Kart with his teammates around the desert biome when he spotted two different dinosaur statues at a POI. In excitement, he uttered:

"Look, it's a Dipolodoculus" (instead of Diplodocus).

He was trolled by his teammate, and the word went viral on social media. Years later, his Dipolodoculus meme became an actual traversal emote, riding a diplodocus as part of his Icon Series cosmetic set.

4) Lazarbeam (trolling players)


Lazarbeam was one of the earliest streamers in the Fortnite community who invented trolling in the game. He would often jump into random Battle Royale matches and troll his opponents by either camping below a Supply Drop so no one could open it or editing the floor on his teammates so they could take fall damage and die.

During a notable prank, he and Lachlan teamed up to exploit every bug in a Battle Royale match and ended up Rocket Riding around the island. Ever since, Lazarbeam has been a household name for Fortnite trolls, creating one of the funniest videos in gaming.

5) Ninja (making Fortnite mainstream)


Ninja was probably the only content creator who started streaming and creating content when Fortnite first arrived. The former Halo player quickly turned into a Fortnite pro and was a vocal advocate for the game, inviting more players from the gaming community to join the Battle Royale.

Gradually, he took the game to Hollywood celebrities and music artists like Drake, Travis Scott, Ellen, and more, while playing it on his livestream. This shot Fortnite to mainstream fame. Not to forget his stint on New Year's Eve, where he failed to get the public to floss in Times Square. Eventually, Fortnite players started tweeting as they posted videos of themselves flossing:

"Are we seeing enough movement Ninja?"

6) Clix (box fights and 1v1)


Clix is probably one of the sweatiest players in the Fortnite community. What made him famous were his wagers against self-proclaimed pros he went up against in Creative Map Box fights.

He started making his own box fight maps, where he used to battle several players for real money and often emerged victorious. This stint slowly became popular, and players started battling each other not only on the Battle Royale island, but also in the Creative game mode.

7) Muselk (Chappadoodle rescue mission)


One of the most memorable moments in Fortnite history, the rescue of the Chappadoodle is a story only OGs can tell. Famous streamer Muselk was cruising around the island in his Golf Kart when he saw a player named Chappadoodle stranded below a cliff, unable to climb back up on the island.

Muselk embarked on a mission to rescue the stranded player. Slowly, he built ramps to descend the cliff and reach the player. However, the building limit of Fortnite Island did not allow him to build the final floor that the latter could hop on. Eventually, Muselk decided to drive a Golf Kart down the cliff and asked the player to jump on its roof and hop on his ramps.

However, that stint failed, and the player was thrown into the water and eliminated. Months later, at the same POI and in the seasons going forward, whenever there is a cliff, right below it is a headstone as a tribute to the player who perished.

8) TSM Myth (Double Pump Meta)


TSM Myth was one of the earliest Fortnite streamers to spot the infamous Double Pump meta in Chapter 1. He used the meta so often in the game that he became famous for his videos as he destroyed the lobby with those two guns.

Eventually, the Double Pump meta became highly popular in the player community. Many would use two shotguns placed next to one another in an inventory to quickly fire at the opponent while switching guns as soon as the first shot went off.

9) RisingMiles (highest level and Crowned wins)


Rising Miles blew the playerbase away when Victory Crowns were introduced in Chapter 3 Season 1. By playing in bot lobbies and several Battle Royale matches, he gathered over 1000+ crown wins. He also reached over level 1000, which was unachievable for Fortnite players until now.

This shot him to fame, and several content creators used his account to make videos and applauded him for setting the benchmark for grinding Victory Royales.

10) SypherPK (Trap Tower)


The infamous Trap Tower was first invented by SypherPK using a simple Floor Trap and metal walls. During a Fortnite match, Sypher stacked up enough traps to get an idea of how to attach them to a tall tower made of metal walls.

He proceeded to build a tall tower using metal pieces and surrounded it with traps. However, he also attached a Launch Pad right in the middle of the tower, sealing it with a single door as an entry point to lure his opponents.

As soon as they saw the tower, they entered from the door and jumped on the launchpad to reach higher ground. However, they ended up being eliminated by traps.

This set up a new technique for other loopers, eventually shooting Sypher to fame. Years later, when Sypher got his own icon skin, he brought the Trap Tower as an item with Epic for a special tournament he hosted for his fans.

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