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lego fortnite biome
Fortnite biomes ranked (Image via Epic Games)

There are five LEGO Fortnite biomes that you will find in the game - Grasslands, Caves, Frostlands, Dry Valley, and Shores. Exploration holds great value among players in LEGO Fortnite. The map is expansive and you will come across different biomes while on your strolls. You must carry out all your activities there, whether you want to gather resources or fight against enemies.

This article will walk you through the various LEGO Fortnite biomes, ranking them from best to worst.

All LEGO Fortnite biomes ranked

5) Dry Valley

Dry Valley (Image via Epic Games)
Dry Valley (Image via Epic Games)

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You will find yourself frequenting the Dry Valley LEGO Fortnite biome when upgrading your village. It is filled with cacti, sand, and other materials that you will need to upgrade structures and technologies in your village. Brightcore is a crucial material that can be obtained from the Dry Valley biome.

However, given the high temperatures, you will not want to stay here for too long without protective measures. The harsh climate makes this LEGO Fortnite biome sit at #5 on this list.

4) Frostlands

Frostlands (Image via Epic Games)
Frostlands (Image via Epic Games)

Like the Dry Valley, the Frostlands biome is unforgiving and you would not last for long without proper protective gear. You must have items to keep your character warm. If you get too cold, your health will drop over time.

Besides the environmental adversities, you will come across a lot of dangerous creatures that will try to kill you in a heartbeat. However, you might want to visit the Frostlands biome for the amazing resources found here. You can get Frostpine Wood, Malachite, and more in this biome.

3) Caves

Caves in LEGO Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
Caves in LEGO Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

Caves have their own ecosystem. Even they aren't actually a biome, they are too unique to not be on this ranked list. While they are not as scenic as Frostlands, you will not die from environmental elements inside this biome without protective measures.

However, there are other dangers that you must be careful about. Resources found inside Caves range from Chests to Slurp Mushrooms used for Slurp Juice.

You can also catch Legendary Fish inside caves. So, even if you cannot build a nice base in this LEGO Fortnite biome, it is still one of the best in the game.

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2) Shores

Shore biome (Image via Epic Games)
Shore biome (Image via Epic Games)

One of the best biomes to build a nice base for your LEGO character, shores are abundant in resources with moderate environmental conditions. Everyone loves to chill at the beach. The same is true for your character in LEGO Fortnite.

Besides being a comfortable place to be in, shores offer a lot of free space for you to plan a large and comfortable base. You can also wander out into the oceans and get a lot of resources.

1) Grasslands

Grasslands (Image via Epic Games)
Grasslands (Image via Epic Games)

This is the best biome in terms of comfort and availability of resources. The vast expansive plains of the Grasslands biome offer a lot of wonderful locations for your base. You start your LEGO Fortnite journey in this biome and nothing feels as good as home.

When it comes to enemies, there aren't a lot of dangers. So, you can be stressfree in the Grasslands. With plenty of resources like Granite and Wood, this biome is rightfully the best in the game.

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