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Actor, Producer & Director Sean Stone On Being A Fan Of The Mets & 49ers

332   //    19 Apr 2018, 14:15 IST

"Buzzsaw" host Sean Stone

Sean Stone is a veteran of the film world, having worked as an actor, writer, producer and director on various projects. He has appeared on-screen in several of his father, Oliver's, projects -- including The Doors, JFK and Natural Born Killers -- but has plenty of his own credits to speak of.

For starters, the Princeton University graduate co-hosted the third season of the television series Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura. He is currently the co-host of the RT news show Watching The Hawks, in addition to the host of the Buzzsaw series for Gaia online.

The next theatrical release for Stone is Fury Of The Fist, which comes out on May 25, 2018. Fury Of The Fist -- as co-produced and co-written by Stone, who also appears on-screen -- features an ensemble cast including a lot of familiar faces, including Bill Goldberg, Richard Grieco, Michael Winslow, Chuck Zito, Tiny Lister, Danny Trejo, Tommy Davidson, "Judo" Gene Lebell, Public Enemy's Professor Griff, and Bianca Van Damme. I spoke with Stone about Fury and also his sports fandom. Sean Stone can be followed on Twitter via @WatchingSean.

As a native New Yorker, how did you become a fan of the San Francisco 49ers?

Sean Stone: I was born in the middle of a 49ers playoff game against the [New York] Giants in December ‘84! My dad was more interested in the game than my birth so my mom kicked him out of the room! He was a die-hard 49ers fan so I inherited it. You know, Tony Montana is named after Joe Montana?

Speaking of Joe Montana, do you have a favourite player on the 49ers?

Sean Stone: ‘94 was a great year for us. 2012 was another great team, mostly for its defense. [Patrick] Willis, [NaVorro] Bowman, [Aldon] Smith, what an exciting core to watch. It was sad to see that dynasty fizzle out with an errant throw in the 2013 playoffs.

2017 was not a great season for the 49ers. Do you think things will improve for the team next season?


Sean Stone: 2017 was inspiring! We got Jimmy G at the helm now, and he hasn’t lost yet.

Beyond Any Given Sunday, have any of your professional projects ever overlapped with football?

Sean Stone: Nothing that I’ve made, but fun fact: I’m the kid in the stands fighting with the guy in the gorilla suit in the last game in Dallas in Any Given Sunday.

On the baseball end, I've read that you are a Mets fan. What got you into the Mets?

Sean Stone: I was born in ‘84, two years before that great ‘86 team... Platoon came out and won the Oscar that year, so the Amazin’s predicted fortuitous events. But they were the first tee-ball team I played on, so I started watching their games round ‘89 just as the dynasty was ending. It sucked to be a Mets fan in the early ‘90s. And now after 2000, 2006 and 2015, it hasn’t gotten easier!

I've also read that you are based in Los Angeles. Have you ever been to Citi Field?

Sean Stone: I got to go to the World Series in 2015 and watched the game from the box. We blew the lead in the 6th or 7th [inning]. Heartbreaking series.

Does being based in L.A. make it hard to keep up with the Mets, given the three-hour time difference?

Sean Stone: No I usually know the scores by 7:00 PM and don’t have to worry about it all night. (laughs)

Do you have any actor, producer or director-friends who are also Mets fans?

Sean Stone: Sam Pressman, producer Ed’s son, and John Schramm, a writer who also acted in my film Greystone Park. We all text about the Mets constantly.

Sports aside, what are you working on at the moment?

Sean Stone: We’re putting out a martial arts comedy on May 25th called Fury Of The Fist via theatres and VOD, so keep an eye out for it. I’m acting in it alongside great action guys like Bill Goldberg, Michael Dudikoff, Don The Dragon, Taimak, Don Frye, Cynthia Rothrock, Bianca Van Adame and Danny Trejo. I think the mix of action and comedy makes for a great night, especially when hanging with friends, kinda like watching a sports game.

You are an actor, a producer and a director, but is there one of those roles that you feel you are best at?

Sean Stone: No, I feel I’m a filmmaker at heart, and a storyteller first and foremost, so whatever fits to serve the story feels most comfortable.

Finally, Sean, any last words for the kids?

Sean Stone: Find what it is you love to do in life, and never lose that connection in your heart. It’s the kid in you that keeps you young, so enjoy whatever it is you’re doing.