5 best GTA 5 mods for better graphics, ranked

Mods can significantly improve the gameplay experience in GTA 5 PC (Image via GTA5-Mods)
Mods can significantly improve the gameplay experience in GTA 5 PC (Image via GTA5-Mods)

GTA 5 on PC delivers one of the best graphical experiences the game has ever offered. Although Rockstar Games heavily promotes the Expanded and Enhanced version for its visuals, the community believes that the PC version is far superior in terms of overall graphics.

PC players also have the option to use mods to significantly improve their gameplay. The GTA 5 modding community is very active and has provided a plethora of graphic mods over the years.

This article lists the five best mods for Grand Theft Auto 5 PC that players can use to improve the game's visuals.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions. All the mods mentioned here are from the GTA5-Mods website.

Ranking HD Low End and other amazing mods to visually improve GTA 5 experience on PC

5) PRSA - PhotoRealistic San Andreas ENB


The PhotoRealistic San Andreas mod by developer L00 is one of the most popular graphics mods in the community. As the name implies, it changes the aesthetics of the State of San Andreas and provides a photorealistic vibe in the game.

The GTA 5 graphics mod primarily alters the lighting effect in the game, making it appear to be a real-life video rather than a video game. The sky, building colors, shadows, and reflections look bright and sharp with real-time changes.

4) Clouds V: New Clouds for Visual V


Rockstar Games uses volumetric clouds in Grand Theft Auto 5, which looks fantastic at times. However, as you progress through the game, the clouds become monotonous, and many players grow bored of them.

This GTA 5 mod allows players to change the sky in the game and set any weather to their liking. Modder Modojo provides 22 weather modes and 21 cloud designs that players can change at any time. Some of the weather modes are Extra Sunny, Clear, Foggy, Overcast, Thunder, and others.

Players can mix and match these modes with any of the cloud designs to customize their gameplay. While low-altitude clouds are not available in the original game, the mod allows players to enjoy them as well.

3) Insane Rain Mod


San Andreas is beautiful when it's raining, providing a relaxing atmosphere to explore the GTA 5 map mindlessly. However, many players complain that the game's default rain effect is very light. To address this issue, modder LUISDACOS created the Insane Rain Mod, which adds heavy rain effects to the game.

The mod works in both day and night modes and can produce stunning visuals depending on the location. Players can also see each raindrop as the developer made them larger. The pouring effect is stronger than usual, and the rain quickly fills the streets with puddles.

2) Realistic Lighting & Reflections ENB for NaturalVision Evolved

The Oriental Theater as seen in the mod (Image via VRSTNR MODDING TEAM)
The Oriental Theater as seen in the mod (Image via VRSTNR MODDING TEAM)

The default lighting effect that Rockstar Games provides in GTA 5 is unappealing, and many players consider it a drawback. To resolve this issue, developer VRSTNR MODDING TEAM created this mod, which transforms Los Santos into eye candy.

Although ray tracing is not mentioned anywhere in the mod description, VRSTNR MODDING TEAM claims that it provides realistic lighting, shadow, and reflection (both day and night). Players with a decent to high-end PC should try this mod for a more immersive experience.

1) HD Low End


Playing GTA 5 on low-end PCs is a difficult task, especially if the system does not meet the minimum system requirements. Even if your system meets the minimum requirements, there is no guarantee that it will run smoothly due to the nature of the game.

However, modder emirh08 created a patch that works flawlessly on low-end PCs. Based on its description, this mod will change GTA 5's settings to allow it to run on old and low-end PCs. It only changes the gameplay settings and has little effect on the visuals. This means players can get satisfactory graphics without sacrificing much in terms of performance.

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