5 best GTA Online cars to buy this week (April 14-20)

Excellent cars at reasonable prices (Images via Rockstar Games)
Excellent cars at reasonable prices (Images via Rockstar Games)
Rajarshi Acharya

Nowadays, the main focus of GTA Online has shifted almost entirely towards automobiles. As such, with each weekly update, players remain anxious to learn which cars are getting discounts and which can be won as prizes.

There are some outstanding cars on sale right now, while others can be won as gifts.

Five of the best cars to acquire during weekly event in GTA Online

5) Obey Tailgater S


The Tailgater S is a decent vehicle introduced alongside the Los Santos Tuners DLC. Some gamers swear by it while playing the Robbery Contracts, which require them to use tuner cars as getaway vehicles.

This week, users will get to win the Tailgater S at the Casino Podium.

The vehicle usually is quite expensive, with a price tag of GTA$1,495,000 at Legendary Motorsport. Hence, players aren't recommended to buy one, but it's worth keeping if acquired through the Lucky Wheel spin.

Despite its RWD chassis, the Tailgater S boasts excellent traction and respectable top speed and handling. However, its weight slows it down and makes it difficult to compete with similar cars like the Calico GTF. Due to the weight, braking power is likewise mediocre, and while turning smoothly, it tends to understeer when turning a tight bend.

The benefit of the Tailgater S is that it's resistant to crashes, and the wheels do not bend as easily as similar automobiles. As a result, it's an excellent choice for getaways and general transportation.

4) Emperor ETR-1


The Emperor ETR-1 is neither extremely popular nor very rare. Users often choose alternatives owing to its GTA$1,995,000 price tag. However, it's on sale this week, and it presents an excellent opportunity to buy one.

The vehicle performs admirably for its class, outperforming several other Supercars. The big spoiler provides good traction and a lot of downforce when accelerating and allows it to maintain speed in turns.

The ETR-1 will currently cost $1,197,000 from Legendary Motorsport. Players who wish to add it to their collection should get it within this week.

3) Grotti Turismo Classic


The Turismo Classic has become a must-have vehicle for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S players. This is because the car now supports unique upgrades at Hao's Special Works, which is exclusive to next-gen consoles.

In addition, the ride can be won at the Los Santos Car Meet as this week's Prize Ride vehicle.

Gamers need to get the 1st position in 7 consecutive races from the Street Race Series to get this vehicle. It isn't an easy feat to achieve, but the reward is well worth it. The Turismo Classic has a base price of GTA$705,000, which isn't too high nor too low.

It accelerates quickly and has a high top speed. The car's handling is exceptional, with plenty of downforce and steady cornering. The brakes aren't up to scratch with more modern vehicles, but they're more than adequate compared to its Sports Classics peers.

Unfortunately, it has a small turning radius and is prone to spinning out.

2) Karin Sultan RS Classic


The Sultan RS Classic is often regarded as the best car from the Tuners category, and for many reasons. It has the fastest lap time in its class (as measured by Broughy1322), making it the best tuner for racing. Grand Theft Auto Online players can get it for less than a million GTA$ this week.

After a 40% discount, the base price is currently GTA$1,073,400, while the Trade Price is GTA$805,050. The Sultan RS Classic has the exact handling and speed as the Sultan Classic.

It is equally efficient in both on-road and off-road racing. The car has a small turning circle, 4WD capability, and above-average acceleration.

1) HVY Nightshark


The Nightshark is often regarded as one of the best armored cars in GTA Online. In terms of performance, it's almost the same as the HVY Insurgent, but one slight difference makes this car better for solo players.

The Nightshark has two driver-operated, front-facing machine guns. On the other hand, the Insurgent has a massive turret that needs a second player to operate.

The armor of this car is far more advanced than the Armored Kuruma or the Duke O'Death. A fully-upgraded Nightshark can withstand up to 27 homing missiles.

Another advantage of this car over the Insurgent is its price. The Nightshark is much cheaper than the latter car. In addition, with a 40% discount, GTA Online gamers can buy the Nightshark at just GTA$747,000 this week.

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