5 best places in GTA Online to train strength

Time to pay a visit to the beach (Image via Sportskeeda)
Time to pay a visit to the beach (Image via Sportskeeda)
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GTA Online players can significantly raise their strength by randomly attacking pedestrians, but only with the right circumstances.

Strength is the most important stat in GTA Online. Players will not only become faster and stronger, they can also reduce damage from enemy attacks. However, training it takes a very long time in normal gameplay. Players need to land 20 punches just to raise it by 1%.

The good news is that GTA Online players have a much easier way to accomplish this. All they need to do is activate the Pier Pressure mission from Gerald. Since cops will not respond to criminal behavior, players can take the time to land a few punches on various pedestrians.

Five best locations to train strength in GTA Online

5) Vanilla Unicorn (Strawberry)


The Vanilla Unicorn is always heavily packed with pedestrians, whether or not it's day or night. Players should consider parking their vehicle right in front of the entrance. Once they go inside, they can start brawling with the NPCs. They won't be able to escape with the blocked entrance.

Pedestrians will always respawn inside the building if players go to another room. With that in mind, they should always be on the move.

Whenever GTA Online players make the first strike, they should try activating stealth mode first. Doing so will allow them to knock out NPCs with a single hit. It's also a great way to increase stealth, which can be very difficult otherwise. This same logic applies to any general location.

4) Los Santos Golf Club (GWC and Golfing Society)


The golf course is a very underrated location for strength training. Players can simply walk in through the main entrance of the parking lot.

GWC and Golfing Society counts as its own street on the map. Players can find a huge stretch of land in the upper parts of Los Santos. It's a very easy location to find since it stands out.

Once players walk in, they should maintain a close distance towards the mansion. This is where they can find golfers relaxing on the patio. More than a few NPCs can also be found near a fountain.

3) Vinewood Walk of Fame (Downtown Vinewood)


Like its Hollywood counterpart, Vinewood is heavily populated with high amounts of traffic. There are so many NPCs wandering about, especially in large groups. GTA Online players will have no issues with picking their fights.

Whether it's the movie theater or even the sidewalks, NPCs will always spawn in large numbers. Downtown Vinewood also has a low crime rate. Players don't have to worry about retaliation from armed NPCs.

2) Vespucci Beach (Vespucci)


Beaches are the most common method for strength training in GTA Online. They tend to be heavily crowded with pedestrians. The spawn rate is also very high, so players never run low on targets. Vespucci Beach is best visited during the day, since barely anyone shows up at night.

The best part about beaches is the vast open space. Players don't have to worry about running into buildings or getting blocked by something. All they need is an off-road vehicle for better transportation.

Vespucci Beach is very easy to find on the map, since it's located on the west side of Los Santos. GTA Online players should keep in mind their stamina, so there are long stretches of sand here. At the very least, they can also improve that particular stat. Strength and stamina are very useful to have in combat situations.

1) Pleasure Pier (Del Perro Beach)


Gerald's mission is located in this particular area, hence the name Pier Pressure. This is arguably the most effective location to max out strength in GTA Online. Since it's right next to a beach, it has a high volume of pedestrians.

The big difference is that players can also visit the amusement park. Players can also check out the nearby workout area. They have so many opportunities to encounter different NPCs.

GTA Online players should make sure to avoid the area underneath the pier. The Vagos and Lost MC are waiting down there, so they should be avoided. At the very least, players don't have to worry about time limits. They can focus solely on strength training for as long as they want.

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