5 best things to purchase in GTA Online after 10-year anniversary update

Listing best things to buy in GTA Online after the 10-year anniversary update (Image via Rockstar Games)
Listing best things to buy in GTA Online after the 10-year anniversary update (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online's current weekly update has put forward some great offers to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto 5. Rockstar Games has temporarily raised the payouts of some business-related missions and discounted certain in-game commodities. As these items are usually quite expensive, the best time to get them is before September 21, 2023, when the offer ends.

These things will continue to be beneficial in-game even after the conclusion of the anniversary event. That said, players can be overwhelmed by the number of options. To assist them, here is a list of the five best things to purchase in GTA Online following the anniversary update.

Bravado Hotring Hellfire and 4 more best things to purchase in GTA Online after the 10-year anniversary update

1) Celebrity Solutions Agency


A Celebrity Solutions Agency is one of the many businesses in GTA Online. Players can complete Security Contracts, which vary in terms of mission objective and payout, to make money from this establishment. Another way to earn an income through the Agency is via the VIP Contract, a.k.a. The Data Leaks.

It is more of a story-based contract, consisting of a few setup missions and a finale, which pays $1,000,000. Through September 20, 2023, The Data Leaks is paying double the usual in-game cash and RP. Those currently without an Agency are also in luck, as all Agencies are discounted by 50% this week.

2) Agency Vehicle Workshop


Along with all Agency properties, all of its optional upgrades are also discounted by 50% through September 20, 2023. This includes its Vehicle Workshop, wherein players can install Imani Tech upgrades in compatible cars.

These upgrades consist of a Missile Lock-On Jammer and a Remote Control-Unit. They are usually fairly expensive, but Rockstar Games has discounted them by 50% as well, until the next weekly update releases.

Besides Imani Tech upgrades, players can also equip their cars with Armor Plating in this workshop, which significantly increases the vehicle's explosive resistance.

3) Bravado Hotring Hellfire


The event also launched the Bravado Hotring Hellfire, the newest car in Grand Theft Auto 5's online mode. As the name suggests, it is a Hotring race car variant of the standard Bravado Hellfire, inspired by the Dodge Challenger SRT TA2. It is available on Southern San Andreas Super Autos and costs $1,810,000.

In terms of performance, the Hotring Hellfire can hit an impressive top speed of 124.25 mph (199.96 km/h) and has received the highest possible score under the Handling category on Rockstar's official website. Getting it will be extremely beneficial for participating in races and completing missions.

4) Bravado Buffalo EVX


The Bravado Buffalo EVX was added to GTA Online shortly after the San Andreas Mercenaries update. It is yet another variant of the classic Bravado Buffalo and just like its peers, is one of the best value-for-money purchases in the game.

It can be equipped with both Imani Tech and HSW Performance upgrades, which increase its base top speed from 119.00 mph (191.51 km/h) to a blazing 144.80 mph (233.03 km/h).

Usually, the Buffalo EVX costs $2,140,000 on Legendary Motorsport. But the car has been discounted by 20% through September 20, 2023, for the ongoing GTA 5 10-year anniversary update.

5) Hangar


GTA Online Hangars are the base of operation for the smuggler business, wherein players source crates and sell them for a profit. Originally, its resupply and sell missions only involved aircraft, but now include land-based missions after June 2023's San Andreas Mercenaries update.

Rockstar has doubled Hangar sell mission payouts through September 20, but this business will continue to be profitable even with standard regulations. Although last year's GTA 6 leaked footage did not feature any Hangars, if Grand Theft Auto 6 features a lengthy catalog of aircraft, Hangars might return as well.

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