5 best weapons in GTA Online before Winter Update 2023

5 best weapons in GTA Online before Winter Update 2023
GTA Online has some fantastic weapons suitable for every situation (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA Online has a plethora of weapons ranging from deadly rocket launchers to pea shooters. However, not everything is worth spending on and filling up the inventory.

The large number of choices often confuses the newbies who have just started the game and wish to defend themselves against the NPCs and other players.

Picking up the right weapon determines how long a player can go before dying in the multiplayer lobbies. It is also crucial to use good guns during heists and other missions to improve the chances of success.

This article lists the five best weapons players should purchase before Rockstar Games rolls out the Winter Update in December.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinion.

Five weapons everyone should pick before the GTA Online Winter DLC Update

5) Sticky Bomb

  • Damage Rating: 95.00
  • Range Rating: 10.00
  • Fire Rate Rating: 10.00
  • Accuracy Rating: 30.00

Throwables in GTA Online are a deadly range of weapons everyone should own. The Sticky Bomb is one of them that serves a variety of purposes. While players can simply throw it and then use the detonator to blow it up, there is a better way to use them.

It is a very efficient means to blow up doors or finish someone trying to flee in a vehicle. However, the range of this weapon is short, so make sure to get a little close and personal, stick the bomb on their vehicle, get your distance, and then Kaboom.

4) Bullup Rifle MK II

  • Damage Rating: 35.00
  • Range Rating: 45.00
  • Fire Rate Rating: 72.00
  • Accuracy Rating: 45.00

Assault Rifles are a great choice of weapon, no matter the circumstances. However, the Bullup Rifle MK II is the best pick in the category in GTA Online. There are many reasons why this weapon made it to the list and not the others.

First, this assault rifle deals a lot of damage without sacrificing the fire rate. It can shred enemies within seconds and has a pretty good range, making it an ideal weapon for difficult missions in the game and free roam. It has a 30-round ammo capacity, which can be extended to 60.

3) Assault Shotgun

  • Damage Rating: 77.00
  • Range Rating: 15.00
  • Fire Rate Rating: 50.00
  • Accuracy Rating: 25.00

Shotguns are deadly weapons that can pierce through armor and take out multiple enemies with a single shot. Where the Assault Shotgun lacks the spread, it makes it up with the fire rate and damage in GTA Online.

Players can easily extend the ammo capacity of this weapon to 32 rounds, along with the rapid firing capability that makes it extremely deadly during heists in online multiplayer. The Assault Shotgun also has a decent range for a shotgun, which makes eliminating targets quite easy and efficient.

2) Heavy Sniper Mk II

  • Damage Rating: 98.00
  • Range Rating: 100.00
  • Fire Rate Rating: 20.00
  • Accuracy Rating: 90.00

The Heavy Sniper Mk II is one of the deadliest weapons capable of taking out even armored vehicles in GTA Online. While it is certainly not the fastest weapon in the game, most targets will not survive the first shot from this gun.

The range and accuracy of Heavy Sniper Mk II also contribute to its power as it obliterates the enemies from far away. Players can equip a variety of ammunition like incendiary and armor-piercing. However, make sure to switch to the sidearm, as running with this weapon is slow and cumbersome.

1) RPG

  • Damage Rating: 100.00
  • Range Rating: 70.00
  • Fire Rate Rating: 5.00
  • Accuracy Rating: 10.00

RPG, or the Rocket Launcher in Grand Theft Auto Online, is a deadly weapon every player should purchase. It is lethal while having a good range as well as dealing splash damage that can take out several targets that are grouped.

This makes it much more dangerous than other weapons on the list. However, players need to be careful, as the explosion can take them out if they are standing too close. Still, the RPG is one of the most fun weapons in GTA Online that everyone should purchase.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to list all the good weapons in the game. However, these are some of them that are ideal for almost every situation that players face regularly in the multiplayer lobbies. Hopefully, fans might get to see similar weapons in the upcoming GTA 6 trailer as well.

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