5 essential tips for GTA Online players ahead of Los Santos Drug Wars update

Five things to do before the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
Five things to do before the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Los Santos Drug Wars update is on the horizon and GTA Online players are gearing up for the release. Rockstar Games has released several Newswires in the last few days detailing the upcoming DLC. Although the developer is yet to release an official trailer, players have been given a clear idea of what to anticipate in the update.

The Newswires made several direct and indirect references to the upcoming changes, which, according to reports, will significantly improve the gaming experience in GTA Online. While the update is scheduled to be released on December 13, 2022, players still have some time to iron out any incomplete preparations.

This article lists the five essential things gamers should do to fully prepare for holiday surprises.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions.

5 things to do before Los Santos Drug Wars DLC arrives in GTA Online

1) Earn as much money as possible


The Los Santos Drug Wars update in GTA Online will add a slew of new features to the game. Along with many other undisclosed surprises, Rockstar announced the addition of new vehicles and a business with the DLC.

Given the in-game economy of the multiplayer title, these items are likely to be prohibitively expensive. Therefore, players should prioritize making as much money as possible before the update goes live.

The weekly update on December 8 boosted several missions, businesses, and ventures into paying double rewards. In addition to the heists, players should grind these to make a tidy profit.

2) Do not sell any major businesses


Although a few businesses in the game are offering increased payouts, players should refrain from selling their major stocks.

The Los Santos Drug Wars update will be released on Tuesday, and the weekly offers will be reshuffled two days later, on Thursday. GTA Online players should hold their stocks in major businesses and sell them after the DLC or weekly update. It is possible that the updates will bring more offers and increase overall profits.

However, one should prioritize selling their Bunker stocks as the Gunrunning Sell Missions are offering double rewards until December 14, 2022.

3) Buy a garage


Garages are some of the most underappreciated, yet crucial properties in GTA Online. The Los Santos Drug Wars update is said to include around 50 new vehicles in the game. With so many new additions, players will undoubtedly require more storage space for their collection.

Unlike other businesses and properties in GTA Online, garages are reasonably priced and provide good value for money. Rockstar offers a variety of standalone options, and players can also add garage attachments to their existing holdings.

The apartment garages can accommodate up to 10 vehicles. Nightclubs can have three levels of garages, each holding 10, for a total of 30 spots. To store most vehicles in a single location, players can choose Office Garage, which can hold up to 60 models.

4) Set up a spawn point in Blaine County


The upcoming DLC update will primarily focus on increasing players' engagement in Blaine County, with new additions likely to be themed accordingly. The official poster for the Los Santos Drug Wars update depicts a number of elements involving the area, and with all of the new changes, GTA Online players must establish a spawn point close by.

Many properties in Sandy Shores and the Grand Senora Desert can be used as spawn points, which will cut down on travel time from Los Santos.

5) Get an off-road vehicle


As previously stated, the majority of the new update's changes will take place in Blaine County and GTA Online players should buy a good off-road vehicle for convenience. The roads in the area are not suitable for normal sports or supercars and will cause frequent setbacks.

The Declasse Draugur is currently 30% off and can be purchased for $1,309,000 with a trade price of $981,750.

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